Mitt Romney Was The Biggest Republican Clown in Tonight’s CNN Debate

Mitt Romney the Clown, copyright protected for PoliticusUSA by LaArtista
Mitt Romney the Clown, copyright protected for PoliticusUSA by LaArtista

The battle between Newt and Mitt was fierce in tonight’s Jacksonville, Florida CNN Republican debate!

Self-deportation started the night off. That ought to give you a clue right there as to the level of discourse. Santorum is worried about illegals stealing our Social Security cards, but I ask, what does that matter if a Republican wins in 2012? Social Security will be privatized by any and all of them and hence worthless.

Wolf Blitzer suggested that only a few folks offered to self-deport when it was an option, but that didn’t stop the very important discussion regarding self-deportation. Romney says no one will round up “Americans” but he corrected (or self-deported?) himself. He meant that no one wants to round up illegals. He showed some compassion for illegal immigrants. That might play in Florida, sir, but it won’t play with your base!


All the Republicans were pretending they weren’t for rounding up illegal immigrants, which was a smart move in Florida, and I think they all deserve a prize for pretending to be compassionate for a night!

Newt was very concerned about English being our official language, which was odd given his promise to put Sarah Palin in his administration, but whatever. Newt said that Romney was the most anti-immigrant among all the candidates, justifying his ugly ad against Romney. Romney was appalled by the over the top rhetoric! It hurts Republicans to be on the receiving end of their own rhetoric and certainly we can all understand why that is so.

Newt pretended he didn’t want to deport people like Grandmas, but that’s not what he told Laura Ingraham years ago. No one called him on this, of course. To be fair, Newt supported aspects of the DREAM Act years ago before a Democratic took office and says he supports aspects of it now. Newt’s two faces make Mittens look like a unified person!

Newt pretended to be compassionate for illegal immigrants to great cheers, but Mittens took his thunder by saying, “Our problem isn’t 11 million grandmothers!”

Santorum suggested that we must not stand with the Marxists of this country (that would be you) and somehow this means you’re with us or against us and illegals need to go! There’s nothing practical here, since it was Bush who kicked down the borders for cheap labor for his buddies, and we all know that he was “with” America, at least as much as he could be given his family’s ties to our enemies.

But the worst moment was after Romney pretended he didn’t know his own ads again (distancing himself from a nasty Gingrich ad). Moments later the moderator Wolf Blitzer corrected him, announcing that it was his ad. The audiences’ loud ooh/boo was damning.

Then Newt attacked Romney for owning investments that made money off of foreclosures. Romney’s eyes looked like a little lost boy. He announced stiffly that he doesn’t make his own investments and doesn’t know what he has in his portfolio!

Romney then stuck the Newt knife into back into Newt by announcing that he, too, had the same investments in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The audience was beside itself as the gladiators circled each other, blood dripping from their portfolios.

Santorum defended Mitt and Newt for being rich and smart, and urged everyone to stop playing petty politics of personal destruction. A pause while we wonder if he realizes that he’s a Republican who does that every day. Ron Paul managed to use Fannie and Freddie to work in a dog whistle in about affirmative action.

Newt announced that Mitt was unaware of his ads and his investments. That sorta hurt, because it made Romney look like a helpless idiot to the Republican crowd who covets an alpha male in words (but a coward who hides from the draft in deed) who will pretend to be a “decider.” Poor Ron Paul tried to steer us to what was really important, but he was roundly ignored by everyone but the audience.

The audience booed poor Wolf Blitzer when he was holding Newt’s feet to the fire regarding his accusations about Romney’s Cayman’s accounts. Newt tried to wiggle out of it by sneering at Wolf that he should ask questions that were pertinent to the American people.

This is the moment that stood out for CNN (a backbone for once?). Wolf shot back something like, “You’re the one who said this, Mr. Speaker.”

Newt never seemed to recover from Wolf standing up to him and denying him the ability to run the narrative.

The truth is that none of the Republicans want to talk about their personal finances or money made by lobbying or what taxes they pay. The audience booed poor Wolf again when he asked another question about taxes. Yes, it’s dirty to ask Republicans about their ethics and if they are playing by the same rules as the rest of us. Naughty Wolf!

Newt wanted America to know that he is not upset about Mitt’s low tax rate. He wants everyone to pay Mitt’s low rate! How he will pay for the wars he wants is anyone’s guess, but I guess his plan is the usual Republican plan: Pass it On to the Next Democrat.

Ron Paul went for the dirty with talks about the 99%, Wall Street, and the transfer of money to the wealthy. He didn’t think taxes are the answer though. “There’s a big difference between those who earn money and those who rip off the government.” Ouch, Dr. Paul!

An audience member who is unemployed asked about what they would do for her in terms of health insurance. She was offered the “opportunity” to be employed, and her question nicely gave the candidates a chance to bash Obama for the Affordable Health Care Act and try to hang Mitt on RomneyCare.

Romney tried to pretend he knew what happened to Americans who lose their health insurance when they lose their jobs, suggesting that you might not have the same insurance and might lose it. I can tell he’s never had to make a COBRA payment. But in the end, this issue wasn’t the hot button illegal immigration was during this debate.

Newt employed great stage craft tonight in playing a fighter, though someone needs to remind him that Obama got Osama and he might need to leave his “Obama is appeasing our enemies” for the base. He didn’t manage to knock Romney out by any means, but Gingrich has a way with a live audience.

As tempting as it is to nominate Wolf Blitzer with clown of the night for his gagalicious softball question about whose wife would make the best first lady, as far as I know he is not a Republican candidate of record (anything could happen in this race). FYI, Santorum wins this for having the most kids, which is apparently the indicator of worth for women in the Republican Party.

But, Wolf actually asked two hard questions tonight which is a huge step for CNN (aka: the B List Tea Party Network), so, I’m going to have to nominate Mitt Romney as the Clown of the Night.

Newt hit Romney hard, and while Romney fought back, his lame excuse that he didn’t invest his own money faltered. He sounded too tenuous. He explained that he did this to keep from having a conflict of interest (from what, we don’t know, as he is not an elected official). Romney might win Florida, but he showed us tonight exactly why he is going to be weak in a general election.

Romney was on the defensive tonight and his voice wasn’t strong. It’s not as if he couldn’t have anticipated this line of questioning! Did he really have no idea when he started this run that his tax returns and financial investments would be an issue? Today, he got busted for errors in his tax returns. He had to know this was going to come up. Blaming problems on his trustee was weak, especially for someone who is running to be the leader of the free world.

This, on top of Romney’s denial that he was behind an ad that he was behind, made him look weak and sleazy. And that’s tough to pull off standing next to Newt Gingrich. Even Romney calling President Obama’s State of the Union “Groundhog Day” and his suggesting that Obama is anti-America won’t save him from clown of the night. It’s easy for him to stand up to Obama because Obama isn’t in front of him.

Romney’s sense of entitlement to the nomination combined with his weak public persona make him the clown of the night.Romney needs to learn to publicly embrace the mean! It’s a winner in his party, and he just doesn’t have it.

16 Replies to “Mitt Romney Was The Biggest Republican Clown in Tonight’s CNN Debate”

  1. Santorum has a quiverfull.

    I thought Newt was set back quite a few times. He wins my clown of the night, but for me he won that award the day he started running so basically its honorary. And again we must remember Newt lied about not saying spanish is a ghetto language.

    High point for me? God waiting thousands and thousands of years for Jefferson and Madison to come along and give us rights

  2. Didn’t Paul hit Gingrich on his claim that the deficit was lowered on his brief watch? I wasn’t home, but read a recap. About time someone called Newt for the liar he is. It’s too bad that Mitt has allowed himself to change direction so many times. No one in this country trusts either one of them now. Not that either has a prayer against Obama anyway. The man is pushing the right buttons at the right time. The interesting thing to me is that, had the GOP worked WITH him and helped straighten out the country, I really think Obama would not have run again. I think he and the family would have happily returned to Chicago. Screwed yourselves again, GOP. Why am I not surprised? And now Sarah is all in a snit because Alaska Airlines is removing the ‘prayer cards’ they used to serve with lunch in first class. Of course, these are “christian” prayers. And of course Sarah has to act incredulous, and I’m certian will blame the President, just like Brewer did. Morons all.

  3. Somehow, I thought Spanish was the language of Cervantes, Lope de Vega, Calderon, Ruben Darío, Jose Martí, García Lorca, Isabel Allende…

  4. Yeah Paul hit gingrich good with just a few words. the Grinch did not have a slick comeback, he couldn’t even wrinkle his nose. Paul hit him like a red headed step child

  5. and how bout that NFL style grand montage opening? that pre game was total cage match production…. and who doesnt love a good food fight….

  6. They lose with either one! These debates are pathetic. Their stupid hits at obama that keep getting fact checked and proven lies are just sad.

  7. what difference does it make? Spanish, English, French, German are just a few of the languages derived from Latin.

  8. These “debates” are a huge waste of time, since they do nothing but reinforce all the reasons no one in his or her right mind would vote for any of these clowns. They are a bunch of chicken hawks who would have no problem sending other people’s kids off to yet another pointless war, namely against Iran. They are wealthy folks who have no clue about what everyday Americans have to deal with, and they are on exactly the same page when it comes to what they call “solutions.” Those so-called solutions have been tried and found seriously lacking. I’m glad someone else has the intestinal fortitude to watch them and report back, because I simply can’t stomach any of these buffoons.

  9. Does anyone seriously believe one of these clowns could successfully debate the current president? Our calm, intelligent, well-spoken, informed president?

    I say bring on more debates! They’re free, two hour commercials for the Obama re-election team.

  10. NO, they are not. French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, are all Romance languages, from Latin. English, German, Dutch, etc., are Germanic. However, all are Indo-European.

  11. I watched the majority of the debate but bailed when the best wife for first lady question was asked. I notice one common thread in all of these candidates: not one of them is as knowledgeable on economics, foreign policy, immigration, or any other subject as they should be. IIRC, it was Romney who suggested a public-private partnership for space exploration without knowing that this is something that President Obama has already proposed. Newt came off as clueless with his proposal to have a base on the moon by 2020. He hasn’t a clue where the money will come from to fund the project, and he knows it won’t come from increasing taxes on the 1%. Santorum came across as someone who knows he’s behind and is trying to make some progress any way he can, and Ron Paul was largely ignored.

  12. That was hilarious. Newt had no idea how he was going to pay for it except through prize money. And if it is private based moon base it wont be owned by America, it will be owned by the corps that got them there

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