Jeb Bush Flip-Flops And Finally Decides That The Iraq War Was A Bad Idea

On Thursday, Bush finally relented and joined others in the GOP field in admitting that the Iraq War was a mistake.

Bush Campaign Shows Signs Of Unraveling As Jeb Drops To 4th Place In GOP Race

Jeb Bush has dipped to 4th place in a recent poll, and he also seems to be losing out to other candidates on the fundraising front.

Sean Hannity Helps Rand Paul Find Excuses For the Things He Used to Believe

Ah, the comforting embrace of Sean Hannity, where "that was then" is answer enough to questions about issues that affect millions

Does Ted Cruz Actually Think He Can Win in 2016?

"I am running for president and I hope to earn your support," Ted Cruz tweeted last night. Does he really think he can get it?

Alaska Legalizes Recreational Marijuana, Prompting Sarah Palin’s Town To Ban Pot Brownies

Libertarian-style conservatism has its limits in the town that launched Sarah Palin's career. They draw the line at pot brownies.

Police Describe Austin Shooter As Homegrown Terrorist With “Hate In His Heart”

Larry McQuilliams, who fired off over one hundred rounds of ammunition in Austin Friday, was a homegrown extremist with racist views.

Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann Are Under FBI Investigation For Several Federal Crimes

A new report revealed that both Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann are under federal investigation related to numerous potential crimes that were committed during their 2012 presidential campaigns.

After Receiving Endorsement From Michele Bachmann, Veteran GOP Congressman Loses In Primary

Rep. Ralph Hall (R-TX), 91, was seeking his 18th term in office this year. It appears that the oldest member of Congress will be forced to retire in January as Hall was defeated on Tuesday in a Republican primary runoff election.

Treasonous Republicans Warp the Constitution To Justify Nullifying Federal Laws

Republicans persistently claimed they, and only they, adhere to the constitution regardless they routinely disregard or misrepresent the document to fit their extremist vision under Republican rule.

Tea Party Steals our Money, Wants to Sell National Parks to Subsidize their Greed

The tea party wants to sell what doesn't belong to them, stealing our heritage to enrich themselves and the corporations that own them

Ron Paul Talks Religious Demagoguery with Pat Robertson

Ron Paul joined Pat Robertson on the 700 Club to show his Religious Right bona fides and his new homeschool indoctrination program

Agendas Are Being Outed as Ron Paul Is Using Edward Snowden’s NSA Leak To Raise Money

The agendas behind the NSA leak story are starting to revealed as Ron Paul is using Edward Snowden to raise money to help grow his organization.

Why Conservatives are Wrong When They Say Liberalism Will Fail

Conservatives have convinced themselves of libearlism's illigitimacy; now they have convinced themselves liberalism will fail

An Anti-Romney Backlash is Brewing at the Republican Convention

There may be a Revolution within the RNC. The RNC is violating Robert's Rules of Order and is being broadcasted on the Interweb.

Romney’s Fail Causes Conservative Call to Vote for Ron Paul for Jesus

On the heels of Romney failing to consummate his relationship with conservatives properly, they are calling on their fellow Republicans to vote third party for Jesus.

How Many Otherwise Socially Liberal Men Have Abandoned Reproductive Rights?

Some of Ron Paul's otherwise socially liberal followers are an example of men who have turned their backs on reproductive rights.

Sen. Rand Paul Says He Didn’t Know Obama’s Views on Marriage Could “Get any gayer”

Sarah Jones says Republicans must evolve or die. Rand Paul chose a third option: third grade: "[he] wasn't sure [Obama's] views on marriage could get any gayer"

The Republican Presidential Field Hits A New Low In Obama Hate

A general review of the debate lies and hateful Obama references of the three remaining viable GOP Presidential candidates.