Does Ted Cruz Actually Think He Can Win in 2016?

Texas Ted Cruz
“I am running for president and I hope to earn your support,” Ted Cruz tweeted just after midnight last night. Hold onto your horses? Not so fast.

Cruz will make himself the Republican Party’s 2016 frontrunner today when he officially announces his candidacy for president, if only because he will be the only Republican actually running for president, at least for a day or two.

It is a status not likely to endure long, if only for Cruz’s extreme positions on nearly every topic of importance, from domestic to foreign, from economy to war. In all these areas, Ted Cruz is not only America’s worst enemy, but his own.

Amy Kremer, formerly of the Tea Party Express, can say that Cruz “will excite the base in a way we haven’t seen in years,” but from the perspective of non-ideologically blinkered, it is difficult to imagine what Ted Cruz thinks might make him an attractive presidential candidate.

Or even a legal candidate, given his Canadian birth and all the fuss his own party has raised over Barack Obama’s birth. Even Forbes has taken note of Tea Party hypocrisy where Cruz’s birth is concerned. But this is just one problem out of many for Cruz.

We already know that each and every Republican loses to Hillary Clinton in polls – repeatedly. We already know from past elections that extremism does not sell in presidential races. You can win locally as a racist, as a neo-Confederate, as a secessionist or immigrant- or he-man-woman-hater, but you don’t get to the White House that way.

So what will Ted Cruz, an extremist’s extremist, be thinking, when he announces today at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, that he is running for President in 2016?

Neither party likes him. He has angered Republicans and Democrats alike with his grandstanding. And if Rand Paul’s father, Ron Paul, is a liability, how much more so will be Cruz’s religious extremist father, the self-appointed Educator-in-Chief for the American Negro?

Julian Zelizer a professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University and a New America fellow, makes the point in a CNN op-ed, that Cruz “has spent much of his short career in Washington blasting the “mushy middle” of his party (which might be news to most Democrats).”

That is indeed a surprise. After all, Cruz is hardly the only Republican in the 114th Congress who wants to eliminate the Department of Education and the IRS. This “mushy middle” is in reality a group of extremists themselves. Their only failing, apparently, is that they’re not as extreme as the Cuban Anarchist.

Zelizer compares Cruz to Barry Goldwater, whose defeat in 1964 gave rise to a movement that led eventually to Falwell’s Moral Majority, and then the Religious Right. It’s an apt comparison. Goldwater’s “extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And moderation in the pursuit of justice no virtue,” brought him defeat.

Indicative of the Republican inability to learn from defeat, Zelizer writes that, “Although Goldwater was clearly wrong when he ran in 1964, Cruz thinks that the times have changed.” What is difficult about analyzing his chances is that NONE of the potential 2016 Republican contenders is a moderate.

Jeb Bush is always put forward as contrast to people like Cruz, and Zelizer does it himself, but Jeb Bush is a guy who, as Right Wing Watch has pointed out, “endorsed a Georgia religious discrimination measure that is so extreme that the state’s former GOP attorney general, who once defended bans on gay sex at the Supreme Court, came out against it.”

Bush said from the steps of the Georgia Statehouse, “I don’t know about the law, but religious freedom is a serious issue, and it’s increasingly so, and I think people that act on their conscience shouldn’t be discriminated against, for sure.”

Words that put him on a par with Cruz for religious extremism. In other words, we shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that Ted Cruz is uniquely unsuited to the White House. Yes, Governor Jerry Brown of California singled him out in calling him “unfit” for the White House, but most Democrats probably recognize Bush’s own unsuitability, due more to being a Dubya redux, than to his religiously fueled bigotry.

But if Bush will give us a war because he is all essential ways his brother, so, too, will Cruz, as Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski pointed out. It isn’t that Cruz is a religious bigot and Bush is a warmonger and Chris Christie is corrupt. Rather all those weaknesses exist in each and every Republican contender.

There isn’t a lot to choose between them, whatever public perceptions tell us. The difference is that people like Bush and Rand Paul make an attempt to sound moderate, while Cruz has no filter on what comes out of his mouth.

Zelizer notes that, “This coming election will be tough for Republicans. As all the experts have shown, the electoral college math does not favor the GOP. Some experts have predicted that Democrats have over an 80% chance of winning the Electoral College.”

Which is, of course, why Republicans are fiddling with the Electoral system in Red States, in the hopes of jury-rigging a Republican victory in 2016 out of a losing vote count. And why not? They have proven they can do it, and our current 114th Congress is proof of that.

The conclusion Zelizer comes to is that,

Monday, Cruz will bask in the spotlight of his announcement. But Republicans are going to have to really think hard about whether they want to put all of their electoral eggs in this volatile basket which, at least based on the history, has a very slim chance of winning.

It won’t be me, it won’t be the liberal media, it won’t be Cruz’s birth or the mainstream media that is Cruz’s biggest enemy as we march toward the Republican primaries. It will be Ted Cruz himself, as he struggles to identify with more than his extremist base on virtually any issue at all.

39 Replies to “Does Ted Cruz Actually Think He Can Win in 2016?”

  1. He’s just running long enough so he can get those socialist Federal Matching Funds.

    The goal, besides feeding this chronic need for media and personal attention, is to:

    Travel around the country with family and friends, enjoying the finest each state has to offer, while doing so on OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY.

    The other objective is to plug family and friends into the OPM trough too.


    But the real objective is to hold out long enough to get those SOCIALIST Matching Federal Funds… so they can really cash out with a booty.

  2. He knows he won’t be elected President, but he doesn’t care. It’s all about that mean, mean green. It’s his only goal so he wins, and wins big.

  3. He’s not even a attractive …(whatever you call it), muchless a candidate. The only people in a large quantity that will vote for him is Texas. The idea of him would be funny, if it wasn’t quite so frightening.

  4. Exactly! Look at $arah PayMe, still grifting after all these years. Nobody in her family has a job, they are all paid by SarahPac, There’s money in “them there Pacs” What a racket. The repubs. allow anyone to run, the dems. prefer only serious, intelligent people to run. These Pacs are nothing but money laundering scams, no wonder the gop likes them so much. Rafael had better keep his father locked away someplace at least until he raises substantial money for them. Huckerbee paid family mambers over $400,000 from his Pac. Some people have more money than sense, to donate to these grifters.

  5. Cue the Circus music! I give this evil grifting clown til’ the end of this year before he quits or is “forced out by that evil Liberal Media” If these Conservatives are so loved by god and so popular why do they always fall back on blaming liberals and the alleged liberal media?..Why…because THEY HAVE NOTHING!! Nothing but hatred and ignorance and not the courage to admit any wrong.

  6. Ted is not based in reality. But he is a grifter. Look at Newt Gingrich. He got rich running for President a gazillion times.

    Ted knows the party of white males will never elect a “CRUZ” as president.

    On a side note: Wanna see RWNJs heads explode, Democrats should nominate a “CASTRO” brother – President Castro [WINK]

  7. Finally, the clown car leaves the big top with its first passenger. First up-Calgary Cruz and his Shutdown Express. Months of speculation end as more and more morons will pile in over the next few weeks. Things to look for-the indicted candidate, Rick Perry, Rand Paul trying to overturn Kentucky regulations, Bush III and TRUMP!!!! New this year on the trail-“Where’s your diploma?” starring Rand Paul and Scott Walker.
    Popcorn futures are on the rise.

  8. And so it begins. Well folks, let’s all just take a moment to enjoy the fact that for the next two years, we’re going to be inundated with ads. And more ads.

    And more ads.

    And then some more ads, with lies on both sides going every which way against their own party during the primaries.

  9. Well it doesn’t get any funnier than this.
    Rafael Edward Cruz enters the race to the yellow brick road. I know we will be hearing Green Eggs and Ham for sure. His father will come along for the ride.

  10. He’s running for the ATTENTION. He’s running to the test the extremists’ crazy waters, what’s out there—then when he is sent packing, he will start a new group outside of the TeaBaggers. He will call it the Holy Cruzers Party for all Eternity.

  11. How can he run for President when he was born in Canada? And how come the media has not asked that question?

  12. So let me get this straight. Barack Obama who was born on US soil was asked to present his birth certificate and then we he finally presented it, was told that it was fabricated and what not, but CRUZ who was born in Canada is perfectly eligible to run for president, no questions asked?

    So then as long we preserve white supremacy all is ok, but any other colors of the human race are not welcome nor eligible to lead America, even when they are eligible and meet all requirements.

    If this is not backward thinking I don’t know what is.

  13. The question is not whether Cruz “believes” he can win. He is motivated by the belief that he is “chosen” to win and, as such, everything he does will lead to that conclusion, even shutting down the government, etc. God will take care of the consequences. So there is no such thing as a set back for him. And his meteoric rise in the Republican party has only proved to him that he is right. I think that reality will burst his bubble as his election team and backers realize that he is impervious to actually making strategic decisions.

  14. Ok. He has my support to win the Republican nomination. I’d love to see that happen. Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have to run. Any Democrat running would have a clear path to the White House.

  15. Teodoro Cruz will be Cruzing for Bruising….
    His Ego will deflate once the real in-fighting begins with the rest of the wannabes. His extremism will nullify any further progress through the process. He will most likely “flame-out”. Maybe? ;)

  16. The dangerous thing is, if people don’t vote in 2016 a republican could potentially win the presidential election and then what..? People have to vote in 2016, I mean are Americans really going to sit at home after all the crap that has gone on? People especially young people need to be motivated to vote in 2016 in huge numbers! Voters need to send a clear message in 2016.

  17. You would think that would be an important question but nooooooooooooooo our esteemed media was all a flutter because he didn’t use a teleprompter. We are so screwed

  18. I have a quiz for all of us sane people here;Can any of you name a bigger fucking asshole than this idiot and his equally fucked up father? Where’s your birth certificate Rafael? Currently waiting for the hypocritical right wing nutjobs to request such information. Unbelievable…..Unfuckingbelieveable.

  19. A damn close second, but I don’t think Ron thinks Rand is the messiah. Although………..

    I nominate every single Bush. All of them.

  20. First he has to get permission to actually run, because he is NOT a “naturally born Citizen” of the United States of America, as he was born in CANADA!

    He MIGHT have gotten a “pass” on this…but since the GOP made such a stink over the remote possibility of President Obama’s place of birth, I see no reason to allow Cruz to slide through!

    Why isn’t Cruz’s nationality an issue with the GOP? Because he is WHITE!

  21. Delusional. He needs to check the polls which BTW are abysmal. He is an immigrant born in Canada and is against immigration. Why’s no one questioning his “natural citizenship” as they did President Obama? This clown will never win the primary…not even close. Just the Tea Party fav. Pathetic and nauseating.

  22. Republicans can win 2016. Nominate a woman (professional, business, family, socially minded, not necessarily a politico), Prior to her nomination campaign, she will announce who her VP nominee will be a woman, ( ethnic; African American or Latina). As a team campaigning for nomination as The GOP team, they will certainly communicate their own professional opinions, but also communicate very clearly that they will only follow direction from the majority of the American electorate as they enact policies. Americans are educated, understanding, and compassionate and can be trusted to give direction. Present such a scenario to the American voter and the GOP(American Public)will win..

  23. @Ann. Much like Michelle Bachman who claimed God told her to run for POTUS. I would love to have been a fly on the wall re. her discussion with God following her failed bid.

  24. Evidently his revival tent must have burned to the ground and he wants to turn the lopsided Congress
    into his crystal cathedral. Most educated voters can
    recognize a snake oil salesman when they see one.
    Teabaggers see their “Moses” in this ass-clown! Go

  25. Wow. You do realize that every word you just wrote is currently anathema to Republican leadership (if you can actually call it that…)? Every so-called ‘moderate’ candidate (translation: anyone who occasionally sounds sane) is immediately crucified as a RINO, at the very least. Nearly ALL ‘moderate’ Republicans are out of government on a national level – ALL replaced by ludicrous fanatics or professional politicians so callous they have ‘adopted’ the extremist rhetoric to retain their seats. ANY candidate who espoused such hideous things as ‘logic’ or ‘common sense’ or ‘science’ or didn’t scream ‘GOD’ and ‘FREEDOM’ in every other paragraph was primaried by people who could.
    Where have you been?
    What have you been smoking?

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