Rachel Maddow Kills the Romney/Ryan Medicare Lie Dead In its Tracks

Rachel Maddow delivered a quick knock out punch to the Republican lie that Mitt Romney doesn’t support Paul Ryan’s Medicare voucher plan on Meet The Press.

Here’s the video:

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via Meet The Press:

RICH LOWRY: –Republicans should go on offense on Medicare, because the president, as part of Obamacare, passed $700 billion in cuts in Medicare. And Romney wants to repeal Obamacare, including those cuts.

RACHEL MADDOW: Wait, wait. Hold on. Hold on.

RICH LOWRY: So it’s–

RICH LOWRY:–so at the top– hold on. So at the top of a ticket Romney versus Obama, there’s only one of those guys who wants any cuts affecting current seniors.

RACHEL MADDOW: Wait, wait. There’s–

RICH LOWRY: That’s not Mitt Romney.

RACHEL MADDOW : -Romney versus Ryan then. The Ryan plan keeps the Obama cuts for Medicare.

RICH LOWRY: The Ryan plan–

RACHEL MADDOW: So which one is it?

RICH LOWRY: –does.

RACHEL MADDOW:The Romney or Ryan plan?

RICH LOWRY: The Ryan plan does mostly as a matter of just preserving the CDO baseline. But the top to the ticket is Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney wants to repeal those cuts. And the fact is, Rachel–

RACHEL MADDOW: Wait, that’s amazing.

RICH LOWRY: The fact is, Rachel–

RACHEL MADDOW: –Romney versus Ryan–

RICH LOWRY: If the Republicans–

RACHEL MADDOW: –on Medicare.

RICH LOWRY: –were proposing–

RACHEL MADDOW: That’s going to be awkward.

RICH LOWRY: –$700 billion. Had passed $700 billion in Medicare cuts, you’d be savaging–


RICH LOWRY: –that president for their brutality–


RICH LOWRY: –to seniors.

RACHEL MADDOW: –but you’re saying–

RICH LOWRY: And that is–


RICH LOWRY: –Barack Obama.

RACHEL MADDOW: Is Romney running on the Ryan plan or not? Is Romney accepting–

RICH LOWRY: He’s running on–

RACHEL MADDOW: He said that (UNINTEL) he–

RICH LOWRY: –his own version of those ideas.

RACHEL MADDOW: That’s amazing. Paul Ryan accepted the exact same cuts.

See how easy that was? Rachel Maddow derailed Lowry in a matter of seconds on Medicare. As soon as she spotted the inconsistency in Lowry’s talking point, Maddow pounced and it was all over for Rich Lowry. As Maddow expertly revealed Republicans have to keep the conversation on Medicare superficial, because their whole talking point falls apart as soon as it is scrutinized in the slightest.

So Republicans are going to try to sell America on the idea that the Medicare privatization plan that Romney endorsed isn’t really Romney’s plan? That unpopular thing about the vouchers? That’s all Paul Ryan. Not us, no sir. Mitt Romney would never ever implement the plan that he endorsed and urged the Senate to pass. That is seriously going to be the Republican strategy on Paul Ryan’s Medicare voucher plan.

In the same clip Bill Bennett said that if the American people would only listen to the Republicans on Medicare, they would understand the problem and support the GOP. The problem that Republicans keep running into when they to sell their privatization scheme is that Medicare isn’t broke right now. Medicare will be solvent for another 12 years. The only reason Republicans keep screaming that Medicare is broke is because they want to gut and privatize the program as soon as possible.

Rachel Maddow showed America how quick and easy it is going to be for Democrats to use the Medicare issue against Romney and Ryan. It’s simple. Obama and every Democratic congressional candidate can argue that they are fighting to keep Medicare. The Republicans are trying to privatize it.

Republicans are never going to learn that it is political suicide for them to touch Social Security and Medicare. Among the elderly, the disapproval rate of the Romney endorsed Ryan plan for Medicare is 74%. Almost 3/4 of senior citizens disapproved of Ryan’s plan.

The Republican strategy across the Sunday talk shows has been to bash Barack Obama for Paul Ryan’s Medicare cuts, while claiming that Mitt Romney doesn’t really support his own running mate’s voucher plan for Medicare. Seriously, that is their whole argument.

What they are saying to voters is, “Trust us, Mitt Romney would never take away your Medicare. Trust us.” It is very difficult to trust a candidate who won’t release his tax returns, but it was very easy for Maddow to see through the Republican smokescreen on Medicare.

Rachel Maddow showed Republicans just a teeny tiny bit of what’s coming their way this fall. And if Sunday was any indication, Romney and the Republican Party have no clue what’s about to hit them.

21 Replies to “Rachel Maddow Kills the Romney/Ryan Medicare Lie Dead In its Tracks”

  1. So, the day after romney offers up ryan, Intrade raises President Obama’s chances of beating romney by 2 points.

    Intrade now has President Obama at 59% and romney at 38%.

    The way I see it, that’s President Obama by 21 points.

  2. The Republican strategy on Medicare is BAIT AND SWITCH:

    Tell the senior citizens that a scary Black man wants to gut Medicare

    Shove down their throats vouchers aka “chump change coupons”

  3. Oh I see that Rich Lowry made it out of grandma’s basement this morning.

    Watching Rachel Maddow with Lowry is akin to watching a cat toying with a piece of twine.

  4. In the same interview, Lowery claimed that Paul Ryan supports Simpson-Bowles, but Rachel Maddow let the cat out of the bag: Ryan voted against Simpson-Bowles in the House. RM wanted Lowery to explain how it made sense for Ryan to vote against something he’s now claiming that he supports. I just love seeing smart, knowledgeable people on these Sunday news programs.

  5. ROFLMAO…you know, several Facebook friends and I have been posting on GOP FB pages for more than a year trying to tell GOP moderates what’s coming; many of them have listened and have left the party to become Demos or Indies…a comment thread on a GOP politician’s FB page goes something like this:

    GOPer: GOP BS, hypocrisy, talking point, deflection or distortion

    Lib or Pro (Progressive): blows BS, hypocrisy, talking point, deflection or distortion out of the water with facts and the truth

    GOPer: after having his/her argument eviscerated, brings the conversation thread to name-calling and further BS, hypocrisy, talking points, deflections and distortions

    Lib or Pro: blows further GOP BS, etc., out of the water again and again, which leads to…

    GOPer: more name-calling and more BS…then, the GOPer is so mad that they “block” the person who blew their argument(s) out of the water

    Here’s the problem with that for the GOP: there are anywhere from hundreds to thousands of GOP moderates looking at the conversation thread and thinking, “what has our party come to?”. These people don’t comment but they see the extremism, idiocy and ignorance of their party members. When I comment on Speaker Boehner’s page, I tell people that I’m commenting to show the moderates the truth, not to convince the nutjobs and idjits of the truth….the nutjobs and idjits are lost causes, the moderates are not.
    Many of my FB friends know that I’ve been writing about a slaughter of the GOP on 6 November, 2012 for nearly a year; the fact that there are Republicans for Obama, Tea Party for Obama, Rednecks for Obama and Rural Americans for Obama groups online out there (most on Facebook), tells you that there’s a bleak picture for the future of the GOP after Election Day. In fact, the prospects are so bleak that I made a bet with my FB friends: if the Democrats rout the GOP on Election Day, I’ll make and post a video on YouTube where I play a Southern minister “officiating” the funeral of the GOP the next day. I’ve already fleshed out most of the script and I’ve been practicing my Southern accent by reading aloud in it. But, there’s still a lot of work to do before I pay that bet off; not only does President Obama need to be re-elected, but the Demos need a filibuster-quashing 60 seats in the US Senate (easily the toughest fight), take back the US House majority, win all gubernatorial races across the country and take the majority in each state House, Assembly and Senate as they possibly can.
    There’s a good chance that my video will go “viral”; even if it doesn’t, this Progressive Non-Affiliated voter will still be happy to see the changes that will begin in January, 2013…
    btw: if the GOP does take that pasting on Election Day, expect the GOP majorities everywhere to pass hundreds of fascist and corrupt bills before they adjourn for the year and many of them clear out their offices to go back into the private sector. It’ll be very sour grapes, but, in dealing with today’s GOP, you have to act like you’re dealing with children…spoiled children who want to “take their ball and go home” because they’re not getting their way ROFLMAO

  6. Really?? I watched it this morning and I saw a very rude woman that kept interrupting the man when he spoke. She attacked before he could make a single point. When he asked her if she supported Obama’s $700 billion Medicare cuts, she studdered. Says ‘I’m not running for President’. Very biased in this story. Tell the truth!

  7. Just wanted to point out another little dishonest sleight of hand ROmney is using to fool people. Just watched the 60 Minutes piece, where Romney says the top 1% already pay a greater share than the middle class and he won’t change that. Get it? See the deception? He’s NOT talking percentages. What he means is: if a millionaire is paying more actual dollars in taxes now than someone in the middle class, then they’re paying a greater share….doesn’t matter that the poor middle class guy is paying 30% and the rich guy is paying 13%. He never talks percentages.

    Don’t be fooled, people. Watch for this.

  8. Hahaha..Lowery is a Liar just like his buddies mitt and ryan. Too damn bad he got interrupted with FACTS.

    President Obama’s cuts to medicare are not to the beneficiaries but to deadwood in medicare. Something a$$hole republicns don’t tell..shhhhhh.

  9. We need to let these people speak long enough to say what they say so it can’t be denied they said it. Interrupting them just gives them ammunition to say see those mean old liberal would let me talk.

  10. Don’t you love how these little pricks love to wag their finger at an intelligent and well spoken women?

  11. Nice job Rachel! The debates should be a knock out for President Obama and Biden. You should contact my brother sometime, Dr. Alan Curtis, founder of the Eisenhower Foundation for the causes and prevention of violence sometime for his 30+ years of research on gun and other violence as well as all of the programs he has started with methods that are proven statistically to work. See his website above to review and contact.
    Best Regards,
    Jeff Curtis – Director, USA Harvest – Food for the Hungry / Blessings in a Backpack (www.BlessingsinaBackpack.com)

  12. He kept interrupting Rachel, repetedly trying to make her answer. I am going to love this fight. Dems put on your boxing gloves no curling up in the corner. No rope a dope. You need to come out swinging.

    Fight for the people and People vote in YOUR best INTEREST.

  13. He kept interrupting her. Trying to make her answer the way he wanted.

    The GOP is going to GUT the Social Safety Net which is already shreded.

  14. Rachel for debate moderator!
    And no, the President did not take all that money out of Medicare. They cit waste, much as they would do with the defense department if the GOP would quit hiding behind their flags long enough to admit we don’t need another useless jet or ship. Or a $700 toilet? Halliburton and Qi will do just fine without more billion dollar contracts that they use to pay the CEOS and lobbyists. Go Rachel!!!

  15. Keeping It Real – how do you respond to the point Dr. Maddow made? Or are you going to ignore it and continue to prattle on?

  16. Actually you got it backwards – Lowery kept interrupting her when she saw that he had his talking point wrong. Rather than actually talk about the issue, he felt it necessary to interrupt her consistently.

    The fact is, the GOP is in big trouble with this nomination – Paul Ryan is a hateful man … but he’s pretty – he is another Palin without a tie. The GOP persists in believing that women will vote for him because he is relatively good looking and has a beautiful feeling.

    We do not vote for someone based upon looks. MEN do that but women do not.

  17. Regarding some points made here about how many Republicans are wondering what happened to their now-hijacked party, wait until they get a load of the radical GOP governors speaking ath the national convention.

    Moderates who aren’t daily news consumers are in for a rude awakening.

    Speaking of the GOP in Tampa, the Obama campaign has already purchased time for 160 ads to air on Tampa tv stations during the convention.

    Also, a group of doctors will be on a bus tour from Tampa to Charlotte between conventions IN SUPPORT of the Affordable Care Act!

    Go to WinningWordsProject.com for details

  18. Was I watching a different debate then most of you? rachel looked like a fool who couldn’t answer one simple question. She does much better on her show when she doesn’t have to debate anyone.

  19. The exact same could be said about democrats. The problem is that whenever anyone tries to talk politics with a republican or democrat, it is always brought down to, well if you are not for one, then you must be for the other. The reality is that both parties are full of it, neither is more honest than the other, and both are incredibly deceptive. Yes, even Obama. Actually you can thank a republican for at least changing the NDAA enough that if you do get arrested as a terrorist, if you are found innocent, they can’t hold you in gitmo.

  20. It’s funny how you see it differently depending on where you lean. Too bad you don’t see the simple fallacy on both sides. None of them, (obama, romney, and ryan) are actually planning to cut anything. All of them are planning to increase government spending. The Ryan plan is suppose to balance the budget when? in 20 years, that is some real draconian shit right there. As long as you pick between democrat and republican, you are going to be wrong.

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