Geraldo Rivera Tells the Black Community That They Shouldn’t Be Concerned with Living


Geraldo Rivera

Listen, all you black people who are objecting to black men being killed by police officers, Geraldo Rivera is talking on Fox and he thinks you shouldn’t worry about living so much. Okay? The real issue here is that black men should be better fathers.

Geraldo Rivera, speaking on the set of Fox News’ Hannity, went on to explain that in the black community, they can only motivate when they are the “victims” so they have a “victim” mentality. This from the people who have made up several fictional stories in which they are persecuted by the black man in the White House, and by “persecuted”, I mean they accuse him of doing things other white Republican presidents really did to their political opponents.


Watch the December 10 edition of Fox News’ Hannity here courtesy of Media Matters:

Geraldo Rivera feels that LeBron James should wear “Be A Better Father” t-shirt instead of “I Can’t Breathe”, because the black community has a “victimization mentality”. It’s hard to be a better father if you’re dead, but I guess this point escaped Geraldo’s vast exploration of Opposite World.

Apparently, in Fox world, a “victimization mentality” is when folks get upset because the police choke a member of their community to death, as happened to Eric Garner by a police officer.

And a “victimization mentality” is not when white people on cable news fantasize — so consistently that they begin to believe it — that they are Jesus Christ being persecuted by the mere fact that some minorities exist and want the same rights as white men (recognize that wealth/fame/power equalize to a large extent).

Yes, a “victimization mentality” is not the same as fetishizing imaginary insults and spending years weeping and screaming hysterically about things like the IRS persecuting you, when in fact the IRS was just doing their job of trying to hold you to the law.

On Fox, if conservatives are held to the law, they are righteous victims being persecuted by evil liberals. But if the black community wants to live, they are beholden to a victim mentality.

Totally rational.

See, if black people wear t-shirts saying “Be a Better Father” instead of “I Can’t Breathe”, this will magically solve the police problem, and it’s not as if white men suffer from being absent fathers. Sure, a large number of white women are dealing with deadbeat father syndrome and the Republicans have their own former elected official — former one-term Republican Congressman Joe Walsh — who made deadbeat fatherhood on par with sainthood while whining that he wasn’t allowed to use the “n word” – but see, that’s cool, because they are white and police officers aren’t targeting them.

And sorry not sorry, Fox, but according to Single Mother Guide, 2/3 of single mothers are white:

According to U.S. Census Bureau, out of 12 million single parent families in 2013, more than 80% were headed by single mothers.
Today 1 in 4 children under the age of 18 — a total of about 17.5 million — are being raised without a father and nearly half (45%) live below the poverty line.
About two thirds are White, one third Black, one quarter Hispanic. One third have a college degree, while one sixth have not completed high school.

Also, single mothers aren’t taking the most from the government, contrary to Fox News’ paranoid rantings. It’s actually the Fox audience. The Washington Post reported in 2012, after Mitt Romney’s contempt for half of America comment, that 53 percent of direct cash entitlements go to people over 65 years old.

All the Fox News anchors need to wear a T-shirt ordering their fellow Foxites to “Be a Better Father!”

When a Fox News person is talking, it’s a safe bet that they are projecting.

20 Replies to “Geraldo Rivera Tells the Black Community That They Shouldn’t Be Concerned with Living”

  1. Geraldo should be parachuted into Saudi Arabia wearing a pigskin suit with an anti-Islamic message written in Arabic hung around his neck.

  2. These Fox morons don`t need t- shirts. They should have swastikas tattooed to there foreheads. That would show where they are really coming from.

  3. Fox news and anyone who watches that channel is problem. Their racists views are polluting the minds of Americans. Fox is more of a crazy teabilly reality show than a serious news outlet.

  4. I dare any of these Brownshirts to take their opinion to the street where these protest are taking place and say half of their racist statements and repeat it.

    When they were protesting at the Rockfella Center ALL of them was MIA hiding in their studios (incl. Rivera). Ask Anderson Cooper how it feel when he came face to face with them.

  5. It’s always the people that don’t know the first thing about the Black Community (other than distorted tv shows) that have all the answers on how to fix it

    @#$%^ Geraldo…

  6. To expect any type of cogent behavior from Geraldo or Fox propaganda channel is like expecting the sun to rise in the occurrence that in the alleged minds of Fox and their viewers would prove that indeed the world is operating according to their agenda.

  7. Geraldo RIVERAAA, should also advise his PUERTO RICAN fellowmen, that THEIR men should be better fathers to their countless children with different ‘BABY MAMAS” , and tell those Mama’s that only one father would do. How do I know this? I live in New York and know this to be a fact. I was once a property manager for a housing developer in the Bronx and I saw first hand this phenomena. Three or five kids in a household—each one with a different father! So Rivera, they were Puerto Ricans…your countrymen. So, talk about that.

  8. The line under Geraldo’s screen grab is a joke as far as Conservatives are concerned. I have a new quote of my own concerning this..”Education is the best Vaccine AGAINST Conservatism”

  9. Now Thomas…you know that your Factual statement regarding Puerto Rican families is going to be called a “Liberal Plot or lie or whatever their peezy little minds can manufacture. This kind of non responsible father hood happens in all races but it only matters if they are black in Fox News Reich Wing world.

  10. Exactly! Joseph Uhl.
    That is my point. He brings that up to smear the images of the black community on solely that issue, when in fact, as you say, this un-responsible fathering is found in all races, ethnic groups all over the world, it is NOT happening JUST with Black males. And to be fair and balanced, Rivera should have pointed that out too, OR not BRING THAT TOPIC UP AT ALL in the context of the issue that was being discussed. Fatherhood was NOT the topic. But the Ar$$e kissing, hypocrite Rivera chose to demean Lebron and all the good black fathers out there with that asinine comment.

  11. I remember when Geraldo Rivera was a newscaster in NYC years ago. So, where does he get off making such blatantly irresponsible statements?

    To me, it shows that he is just as ignorant today as he was then.

  12. LMFAO, does anyone wonder why Canada won’t allow FUX NEWS to broadcast there??!! FUX has a very simply formula, scare white people to death with their own racist beliefs, and anything, I mean ANYTHING the president says, just say the complete opposite and quickly proceed into their “OH US PO WHITE FOLK” monologue!! and last but not least, trot out the blonde hair blue eyed 100lb runway models!! See these knock knee bimbo’s is FUX NEWS way of getting their over 70 white male on RED ALERT!! hell, it’s cheaper than viagra!!

  13. BTW any news organization that has geraldo on it’s payroll tells you exactly all you need to know about them!! seriously?!! and for our resident republican apologist who surely will drag their butts in here to defend geraldo and FUX NEWS!! enlighten us on what big story or brilliant piece of journalism he’s brought forth?? lately HUH? what? you didn’t say “CAPONE’S VAULT” , did you???!!! LOL

  14. Geraldo is such a @– kisser and s–t eater, he’s become overloaded with methane from all the BS he consumes. I’d keep my distance to make sure I am not near him when he finally self-immolates. I doubt he will ever regret his life, just like the rest of the Fox slime.

  15. Geraldo’s got a nerve! He should be advising Puerto Ricans on how NOT to be fathering kids out-of wedlock with multiple women here and in Puerto Rico. And how about while he is at it, advise the women that it is better to have one father for all their children NOT multiples.
    Take that in your pipe and smoke it Geraldo. Stop throwing stones. Look in your own closet first.

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