Key Witness Who Corroborated Darren Wilson’s Testimony Exposed As A Total Fraud

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On Monday, The Smoking Gun published a lengthy report exposing “Witness 40,” a woman who testified before the St. Louis County grand jury who corroborated all of the main details of former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson’s story regarding his encounter with unarmed teenager Michael Brown in August. TSG was able to identify “Witness 40” as Sandra McElroy, a 45-year-old St. Louis resident who has a history of making false statements and previously interjected herself in a high-profile case in the St. Louis area. McElroy’s testimony has been used by a number of conservative pundits, most visibly Sean Hannity, to bolster their support of Wilson’s account.

Earlier this month, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes showed how often Hannity has pointed to “Witness 40’s” testimony as the absolute truth.



After St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch announced Wilson would not be indicted in the shooting death of Brown, he publicly released all of the evidence and testimony from the grand jury proceeding. News outlets started sifting through all of the pages. Outside of Wilson’s own testimony, it was noticed that there was really only one other witness who fully supported his story: “Witness 40.” However, right off the bat, it was apparent that there was something awful fishy about her testimony, especially how she ended up on the street at the exact time Wilson shot Brown, despite not living anywhere near the neighborhood.

What makes TSG’s report so damning isn’t that it shows how ludicrous McElroy’s testimony is, as others have already ripped it apart, but that it identifies her and questions why someone with her mental issues and criminal past would even be brought forth by the prosecution to speak to the grand jury. What good would her testimony be other than to help the accused’s case? After being initially questioned, wouldn’t a prosecutor know that she was a complete fraud and not even bother putting her out there to give her testimony? It would seem McCulloch only wanted her up on the stand to lend even a slight bit of credence to Wilson’s account.

In their report, TSG pointed out that Fox News and others have clung to McElroy’s testimony to refute that of Dorian Johnson’s. Johnson was Brown’s friend who was with him when Wilson stopped them for jaywalking on Canfield Drive in Ferguson. The sleuthing site also provided details on how they were able to accurately identify McElroy.

While the “hands-up” account of Dorian Johnson is often cited by those who demanded Wilson’s indictment, “Witness 40″‘s testimony about seeing Brown batter Wilson and then rush the cop like a defensive end has repeatedly been pointed to by Wilson supporters as directly corroborative of the officer’s version of the August 9 confrontation. The “Witness 40” testimony, as Fox News sees it, is proof that the 18-year-old Brown’s killing was justified, and that the Ferguson grand jury got it right.

However, unlike Johnson, “Witness 40”–a 45-year-old St. Louis resident named Sandra McElroy–was nowhere near Canfield Drive on the Saturday afternoon Brown was shot to death.

Though prosecutors have sought to cloak the identity of grand jury witnesses, a TSG investigation has identified McElroy as “Witness 40.” A careful analysis of information contained in the unredacted portions of “Witness 40″‘s grand jury testimony helped reporters identify McElroy and then conclusively match up details of her life with those of “Witness 40.”

TSG examined criminal, civil, matrimonial, and bankruptcy court records, as well as online postings and comments to unmask McElroy as “Witness 40,” the fabulist whose grand jury testimony and law enforcement interviews are deserving of multi-count perjury indictments.

Throughout the body of the report, TSG gives details of McElroy’s life, through public records and social media activity, to prove without a doubt McElroy is indeed “Witness 40.” They also show how McElroy involved herself in the high-profile case of Shawn Hornbeck, a St. Louis boy who was kidnapped and held hostage for more than four years by Michael Devlin before being rescued in 2007. After Hornbeck’s rescue and Devlin’s arrest, McElroy spoke to local news station KMOV and claimed that she had known Devlin for 20 years and had gone to the police after Hornbeck went missing to tell him she had seen the boy with Devlin. She also claimed that she knew that another missing boy from the early ’90s was taken by Devlin. Police regarded her claims as completely fraudulent.

It appears that McElroy did the same thing with the Ferguson case. With it being a very big case, and her sympathies lying with Wilson, McElroy decided to put together false testimony and claim she was a witness based solely on public accountings of Wilson’s story. She fabricated a diary in which she documented her travels to Ferguson to get to know black people so she wouldn’t be so racist anymore. (McElroy has a long history of making racist statements.) She then gave an incredulous account of how she ended up on Canfield Drive the very moment Wilson shot Brown, claiming she saw Brown rushing at Wilson like a football player, just as Wilson had claimed.

Once again, one has to wonder how a crazy racist with a criminal past and a penchant for lying to get attention somehow finds herself testifying before a grand jury in one of the most explosive cases in recent American history. How in the heck does a prosecutor, who is supposed to be trying to get an indictment against the accused, allow somebody to spin obvious fairy tales to bolster a defendant’s story? Of course, we all know why — McCulloch planned from the get go to throw this case and make sure Wilson never saw a trial.

One would like to see this bombshell about “Witness 40” lead to something, like perhaps another grand jury proceeding with another prosecutor. But, it seems like the political machine in St. Louis and Missouri won’t let that happen.

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  1. At the very least, it’s either a case of prosecutorial misconduct, or staggering incompetence. If the latter, he should be removed from office. If the former, he should be charged with malfeasance, and then removed from office. Any case he handles going forward should automatically be suspect. Time for the Missouri judicial system to give a hard look at his previous cases.

  2. I am reasonably sure that if this information is factual and corroborated, Eric Holder will have something to say about it.

    I also believe that grand juries should be abolished. They really serve no purpose.

    How many black accused are given the benefit of grand jury review before being charged?

  3. If this is true, then this is derelict of duty on the prosecutors part. The DOJ should intervene ASAP! This smells of collusion, and it stinks!

  4. Must be a Republican, she’s got lying down to a science, just like Willard the rat guy Romney. What a miscarriage of just-us.

  5. DOJ needs to get Wilson in a real court of law, not the kangaroo MO court system with all its unlawful practices.

  6. The Brown family should bring defamation charges against the media that promoted and repeated the lies of a fake witness. Is there any video of this woman in the area at the time? Hannity also jumped on the Bundy bandwagon real fast without fact checking anything. Just more proof if Hannity is talking, hes lying.

  7. If heads don’t roll over this, then we are truly screwed. The DOJ should be all over this, and who knows, they might well be on it.

    The thing that gets me is, this DA should be fairly well-educated and should have known that on such a high-profile case, his attempts at getting by with such a blatant disregard for the truth would not go unnoticed.

    Of course, even the educated right-wingers aren’t exactly known for their smarts.

  8. “Outside of Wilson’s own testimony, it was noticed that there was really only one other witness who FULLY SUPPORTED his story: ‘Witness 40.'”

    Did McElroy put together her perjured testimony solely from media reports? Or was she coached?

  9. This is a poorly written article. The problem with this story is that it does not explain how Witness 40’s testimony was false. It said she had a problematic history, but the story would be much more believable if it pointed out facts that disputed her story. For example, the story says that she was nowhere near the scene of the shooting, but does not say where she was or how that information came to light. I am not saying Witness 40 testified truthfully; I am saying that this story claims she was a fraud, and then gives no evidence about that other than her problematic past. I would like to see the actual evidence.

  10. That she was not where she said she was and therefore could not have seen what she said she saw is sufficient to support a charge of felony perjury. Now, it might be useful to know if she was in a Hy-V picking her nose, but her not having been at the scene of the event is sufficient.

  11. Just read her testimony the investifatirs even knew she lied. They questioned her about her very inaccurate details. Read it you can tell just by reading what she saying is lies and he knew that. So he used only her testimony of lues. She admitted she called the blacks some pretty awful names on Facebook showing her blatant prejuduce towards blacks. And favoring white wildon. I hope they lock her and that mccullum racist together. That should make them happy to be with their own kind. May they both rot in hell for lying to defend a white cop murderer!

  12. I’ve got to break myself of using the “N” word, so I think I’ll just RANDOMLY drive over to Ferguson where lots of the “N’s” live.
    Yeah, that’s it! I’ll start RANDOMLY and drive there RANDOMLY.

    Well, here I am in Ferguson. Don’t know how I got here. Guess I must have RANDOMLY done it.

    Hey! There’s a white cop just RANDOMLY pointing a gun at a big black “N” who is charging the cop like a ….what? Football player. Yeah that’s it; a football player.

    Well, guess I’ll just RANDOMLY drive on back home. Wait! Was that a gunshot? Oh well, probably just a RANDOM thing. Happens all the time in these “N” neighborhoods.
    Probably “N’s” RANDOMLY shooting “N’s.”

  13. What an amazing cover up. Cops and courts do it all the time. A known person with questionable activities and motives are called as witnesses to verify a defendants testimony (cop) or hang a defendant with the promise that some of their activities will be overlooked by the police department. Yes, you see confidential informants put on the stand over and over and all have criminal activities. Yes, police departments DO play this game. Lawyers are not above using them as well as prosecutors.

  14. Perhaps we should hope this expose would result in another Grand Jury by which the target for indictment would be Witness 40 and Prosecutor McCullough for obstruction of justice just for starts

  15. It is witness 10 that McCulloch relied upon, Justin. Everyone knows W-40 is a nut case, so going over that does no good. INVESTIGATE WITNESS 10….!!!!

  16. From the moment I read this person’s “diary” I had the feeling it was written well after the event, not immediately after. It just never rang true.
    I hope the DOJ is fast tracking this.

  17. The Prosecutor knows who this woman is, just as the police and firefighters know who arsonist are. They get paid to burn down unwanted property when some one doesn’t want to pay the taxes on old property they don’t want anymore. There are police in my family and my Nieces husband is a Chicago firefighter, so the prosecutor knows this woman which is why she was there, He briefed her on what to say…sheese!!!that’s why the stories, hers and Wilsons, are pretty much saying the same thing. I want to know how in the world is someone going to turn around while someone is shooting at them and race back to the person firing at them..the fight or flight case is to flee away from the person shooting at you, that’s everyone. Would you turn around and run toward the person shooting at answer..HELL NO…

  18. I believe the lady told two different stories about how she just happened to be there. The first time she said she was just popping in on some high school friends that she hadn’t seen or heard from in over 20 yrs but had no addresses or phone numbers for them. The second story she told was that she was going out to black communities to learn not to call them niggers and treat them like people. Her date book gave her a different location that Ferguson. And, finally, according to residents who live on that street, the description she gave of leaving the area is wrong because the street is blocked off and has been for over a year. so….

  19. And it’s about time somebody or some organization put a stop to Hannity’s game. He is a jerk. It served his purpose to believe this Witness40 just as he believed and stood by Bundy at the ranch. Again Pie in his face! Credibility of Hannity and FOX again, down the drain.

  20. It happened on both sides.

    Witness 22, whose testimony was at first damaging to Officer Wilson, admitted she lied when pressed by investigators. Eventually telling the grand jury, quote: “I just felt like I want to be part of something…I didn’t see what I told the FBI…”

    Testimony from witness 35 might have helped lead to an indictment of Officer Wilson, testifying that Michael Brown was, quote, “on his knees,” when shot in the head, by Wilson. However, it wasn’t true. The witness admits to making that story up.

  21. In states where there are grand juries, ALL people who are indicted are indicted by grand juries. It’s not an either/or thing. Either a state indicts by grand jury, or it indicts by preliminary trial.

  22. In Florida, a grand jury indictment is required for a charge of first-degree murder or of rape of a child. All other crimes can be charged by information. I believe many other states proceed similarly. Criminal trial in the federal system requires a grand jury indictment for any criminal offense.

  23. How did she know what Darren Wilson was, or did say? It was not made public until after the final decision was made. She wasn’t there when he told it. How is it, her testimony and his match up. However, if there was even a shred of evidence to indict that man, he would have been indicted. Eric Holder was not there because he was for Darren Wilson’s acquittal. That story has to be false..

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