Three Billboards Provides Guidance for Addressing Hate in Trump’s America

In a political moment when the American president not only stokes the fires of sexism, racism, and the hate they represent but also seems to embody these values, Martin McDonagh’s 2017 film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, in its thoughtful, sympathetic, and loving approach to understanding hate, could not be more timely. read more

Trump Supporters Demand That Barack Obama And Hillary Clinton Be Jailed

It is easy to see why Trump will be going to Missouri for his next rally, as his supporters in the state have voiced a demand that both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama be jailed.

Archbishop Attacks Girl Scouts For Being Incompatible With Catholic Values

The archbishop's complaint reveals the Church’s patriarchal mindset that women, young or old, are the clergy’s property to control

Trump Owns The Midwest, Leads GOP Rivals In Iowa and Missouri

The Iowa and Missouri post-debate polls reveal that Donald Trump remains in a strong position atop the GOP field in two key Midwest states.

Satanists Use Hobby Lobby Religious Freedom To Defend Missouri Women

This time around, the subject is once again abortion and instead of New York, Missouri Satanists are assisting a woman seeking a religious exemption from Missouri's religious 72-hour abortion waiting period because the Christian law violates the Satanist's "deeply held beliefs about bodily autonomy;" something Christian fanatics cannot comprehend or countenance for any woman.

Black Votes Matter: Ferguson Adds Two African-Americans To City Council

With higher than normal turnout, Ferguson, Missouri added two African-American representatives to the city council on Tuesday night.

President Obama Acknowledges Ferguson’s Racist Police Practices Not An “Isolated Incident”

In a Friday morning interview, President Obama made it clear that Ferguson, Missouri's racist police practices are not unique.

ACLU Files Lawsuit Claiming Racial Discrimination In Ferguson School District Voting

The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit Thursday is a St. Louis federal court in which it claims the Florissant-Ferguson School District is practicing racially discriminatory system in its election process.

Tea Party Nation Says #Whitelivesmatter

According to Judson Phillips, because a black youth shot at a police officer, and the black youth killed, #whitelivesmatter

Bill Clinton Says Eric Garner “Didn’t Deserve To Die” For Selling Untaxed Cigarettes

In an interview with Fusion that will air in its entirety Tuesday evening, former President Bill Clinton told interviewer Jorge Ramos that Eric Garner did not deserve to die for the minor crime of selling untaxed cigarettes.

Key Witness Who Corroborated Darren Wilson’s Testimony Exposed As A Total Fraud

On Monday, The Smoking Gun published a lengthy report exposing "Witness 40," a woman who testified before the St. Louis County grand jury who corroborated all of the main details of former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson's story regarding his encounter with unarmed teenager Michael Brown in August.

Republican Media Is Responsible For Muslim Child and African Americans Being Murdered

African Americans are not the only victims of media incitement to murder as was borne out on Thursday in Missouri as a sign of the success of Republican media's successful 13-year fear mongering campaign.

Ferguson Decision Is Another Sign Of American Apartheid

America is not a civilized society and the concept of equality for all its citizens is exactly that; a concept. In fact, what America really has always been is a nation founded on the principles of apartheid, or the policy of racial segregation and political and economic discrimination against non-whites.

Bryan Fischer Literally Demonizes Michael Brown, Saying He was Demonically Possessed

Fischer said, "the chances were very good...there was a demonic presence...inside Michael Brown" I don't think so. I think we all know what the problem is

The Ferguson Grand Jury Decision — A Social Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941, the date of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor is not the only " horrific event that can be characterized, as it was at the time by President Roosevelt, as "A date which will live in infamy." Add Monday, November 24th, to that infamous roster.

Attorney For Michael Brown’s Family States That The “Process Needs To Be Indicted”

When discussing how the legal system continuously seems to not work when it comes to men of color being killed by police officers, attorney Benjamin Crump said, "The process is broken. The process needs to be indicted."

Police Arrest Reporter Covering Ferguson Protest For Walking On Sidewalk

While covering a protest in front of the Ferguson police station Saturday night, reporter Trey Yingst was arrested for failure to disperse. Witnesses say Yingst was on the sidewalk at the time.

Missouri Governor Says He Will Use National Guard In Ferguson After Grand Jury Decision

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon held a press conference near St. Louis Tuesday afternoon to discuss contingency plans surrounding Ferguson in the wake of the upcoming grand jury decision regarding the shooting death of Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

Church Decides To Raffle Off AR-15 Rifles To Boost Attendance

Just when you thought you have seen everything, this pops up. A church is leading their flock to Jesus by bribing, I mean raffling off two Black Rain AR-15 semi-auto in Joplin, Missouri.