GOP Governors Slash Education To Grow Their Ignorant Base 


Americans who have lived longer than 30 years are likely aware that fascist Republicans and their corporate money machine have had enormous success whittling away at the idea that America is a representative democracy despite counsel from a Founding Father on how best to preserve the nation. Thomas Jefferson knew, and said, that “an educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.” However, because Republicans depend on “the widespread ignorance of objective reality,” their fascist threat to democracy is only succeeding due to the abundance of ignorance and gross stupidity of America’s uneducated citizenry.  Subsequently, Republicans are building on their success and slashing education funding at a record pace to produce an entire population of stupid conservative voters.

A couple of years ago a survey asked 1,000 Americans to take the U.S. citizenship test and surprisingly, only 38% of them failed miserably. The number is obviously higher today and at the rate Republicans in Congress and particularly red states are slashing education funding, it is not going to get better any time soon; if ever. Republicans could not exist as a viable political party without overwhelming numbers of ignorant, and frankly intensely stupid, Americans, and announcements from at least three Republican governors over the past month inform they are intent on adding to the number of Republican voters by creating the next generation of stupid Americans.

The latest Republican to announce severe cuts to education is Illinois’ Governor Bruce Rauner. Rauner told lawmakers that “It’s time to make education our top priority again – and that’s what this budget does.” He promptly cited the benefits to education in his “turnaround budget” that slashes $209 million from the state’s higher education budget. Rauner said the education cuts are just one of several “difficult choices no one wants to make,” and then stressed the importance of filling the gaping $6.2 billion budget hole the state faces in the coming fiscal year. His turnaround budget plan includes no effort to raise taxes, close corporate tax loopholes, or raise revenue in any way; a typical Republican fiscal scenario playing out in red states across America. Illinois Republicans have spent the past four years giving the rich and corporations generous tax cuts that created the “gaping $6.2 billion budget hole.” It is exactly like the Kansas “trickle down” model that stupid Kansas voters continue supporting as their governor Sam Brownback proposes more education cuts.

Barely a month ago, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal told conservatives in Washington D.C. just how incredibly important public education was as a fundamental pillar of America’s democracy. Jindal asked the audience, “Why is it important to fund and support public education? Because if we want to keep the republic we have, we need an educated population with critical thinking skills. I always hear from parents, from the Chamber of Commerce, from business groups that we’ve got to fund education.” Jindal’s funding solution was immediately cutting the state college budget by over $300 million; or about a third of the system’s total budget.  Even Louisiana Republican Senator David Vitter slammed Jindal’s gifts to the rich and corporations and accused him of “exacerbating the state’s outrageous deficit woes by recklessly expanding tax breaks for the wealthy.”

Another Republican governor, Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, announced education cuts to the tune of $300 million he claims is crucial to try and make up a $650 million budget shortfall. Like Illinois, Louisiana, Kansas, and Arizona, the state is suffering major revenue shortfalls due to Walker’s $2 billion in tax cuts for the rich. Walker is currently pushing for more tax cuts for corporations that will put the state budget further in the red. Walker won re-election despite the state’s budget woes and it is due to stupid voters; Walker’s education cuts will increase the number of ignorant voters he, and Republicans, depend on to stay in power.

Newly-elected Arizona Governor Doug Ducey is pushing at least $75 million in education cuts in his budget to “help address this state’s $1.5 billion revenue shortfall.” In typical Republican fashion, like Jindal, Walker, Sam Brownback, and Rauner, Ducey claims his education cuts are necessary to “preserve major business tax cuts” and “protect taxpayers by rejecting calls to address the budget shortfalls by raising taxes.” Ducey says that cutting education funding and preserving tax cuts for corporations are the only reasonable solution to Arizona’s red ink and they are fair because they “ask all areas of government to share in the work to develop and find savings.”

This list of Republican governors and state legislatures slashing education funding to continue providing tax cuts for the rich is long and demonstrates why Nobel prize-winning economist Paul Krugman said, “Republican charlatans and cranks have gained increasing favor in the party, despite, or maybe because of the fact, that they get things wrong.” Krugman makes a valid point, but he held back from stating the obvious; Republicans are gaining favor due to ignorance among the electorate that continues supporting Republicans despite the incredibly stupid fiscal decisions they have made over the past thirty years.

Republicans understand that, as Jindal said, an “educated populace with critical thinking skills is crucial to maintaining the republic.” However, Republicans have no interest in maintaining the republic as a representative democracy any more than they want a well-educated citizenry with critical thinking skills to know when they are being crushed by corporate fascism. Many Americans wonder aloud after every election why a preponderance of voters in Republican-controlled states perpetually vote against their own best interests and by extension their freedoms; it is sheer stupidity.

As much as one grieves to state the obvious, it is because too many Americans are beyond ignorant; they lack critical thinking skills borne of stupidity. The “widespread ignorance of objective reality” is better stated as “willful rejection of objective reality;” not ignorance, just sheer stupidity. It means that although Republican voters see and feel the effects of Republican economic and fiscal policies favoring the rich at their expense, they continue supporting conservatives.

If the Republicans’ storied trickle down scam was an exciting and novel fiscal policy, one may understand how ‘ignorance’ might play into the support from Republican voters. But for dog’s sake, Republicans have been pushing the same failed agenda for over thirty years and despite the damage to the population, stupid conservatives continue electing Republicans. And, to increase the number of stupid people, Republicans hasten their horrendous cuts to education funding. They know that ‘an uneducated citizenry is a vital requisite for their survival as a party intent on rule by corporate fascism,” and tragically they are seeing their efforts reach fruition.

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  1. Here’s my question:
    Will appeals to racism, homohate, misogyny, cross and flag be sufficient to keep the votes coming in once Social Security, Medicare, ObamaCare, unemployment aid, wages, etc. are rolled back or eliminated?

    …or will even the most ignorant, stupid grifter come to appreciate the Democratic platform?

    But by then the ballot process may be so corrupted
    that it wouldn’t make a difference, would it?

    We are doomed.

  2. Who needs a edukation?
    Who needs an edumacaition?
    Who needs a edukashun?
    Who needs book lernin’ anyways?

  3. Republicans and the Taliban cannot afford to educate their supporters. Any thinking person would see how bankrupt these groups are and would never support them.

  4. Imagine: The U.S.A. with “herds” of uneducated “human-beasts” waiting, fighting and dying to become “trained” and utilized for the “tasks” of labor and pleasure by their “wealthy masters” and “owners”. Can you imagine this happening? It appears that the GOP does!!! This is no joke!!! WHAT A DEAL THEY HAVE FOR US!!!

  5. I always hated that song because there were too many people my age at that time wanting to point to it as a reason to not go to school…

    that one and Paul Simon’s Kodachrome…

    at a time when people need to actually be seriously educated and able to think for themselves these songs were terrible…

    remember the times… VietNam War… Nixon… don’t trust authority…

    belittling education just sucked…

  6. Docker, you said it well.

    Unfortunately, I think we have already turned the corner to no return. Hope I’m wrong, but it looks bleak.

  7. My grandparents and by proxy the Parental would always tell me and my brothers to arm ourselves with education. Sadly only two of us heeded their words, but it’s difficult to keep that up against a tidal wave of stupidity and indignation coming from a majority of the populous you reside with that seem to only care about superficial bs and going against their own best interests that would actually help them.

  8. Of course they would quickly “Put Out to Pasture” all of the “unfit for service” humans among their herds. They could then sale their hides to make lamp shades etc…

  9. This process is called “Helotization”. It began under the Nixon administration,was grossly accellerated under Reagan, and Bush II put the frosting on the cake. Furthermore, the entertainment industry and the press — now fatally intertwined– have long been enrolled in this Gleichshaltung.

    It is up to each of us to enlighten whomever we can, yet this is not a safe endeavor. The helotized have been primed to react to cognitive dissonance with violence– primed, and increasingly armed. Corporate complicity? Why have places of business allowed openly-armed gunsels to terrorize their patrons? Why has Kroger made clear it prefers them to their paying customers? These are Brown Shirts in the making, and we will be lucky if they don’t show up at the polls in 2016.

  10. Blue States are doing better than Red.
    Do you think it good we divide our country?

    I’m tired of every Dem President being ravaged by the RightWing!
    The same hatefulness they showed President Bill Clinton and put our whole country through!

  11. I eagerly await the day when democrats cut loose republicans, and leave them to their deficit, to be split up among republican voters… It will be funny when their debt starts to increase at nearly triple the rate (without the large Democrat tax bases to rely on…) All while Democrats balance the budget, cut unemployment to under 2%, have world class healthcare for low cost to all, massive tech advances, great business profits, and more!

  12. We should not give up hope. A great Educator in Brazil named Paulo Freire was able to educate common peasants in Brazil using a method called liberation theology. We can overcome the fascist takeover of this country by using his techniques. When things get bad in this country and the poor brainwashed right wingers have decide whether to eat or pay the cable bill to watch fox. They will choose food.

    We need a million Paulo Friere’s to infiltrate the red states and educate the people like Paulo did. Between now and 2016 we need to activate and educate these people they are voting against their best interests.

  13. I never liked that song, either, and for the same reason you don’t JCBlues. I was a teen in high school when that song came out and gave fellow students the excuse to rebel against education. I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to keep themselves dumb.

  14. The Libertarian/Religious Right “Alliance” (their own website) to dismantle public education (or to otherwise screw with it):

    Note the signatories to that idiotic “proclamation”: Cato, Ron Paul, Religious Right hate groups…

    So WHY are they doing it? Let’s let Ron Paul and Pat Robertson explain: “Pat Robertson and Ron Paul Agree Progressives Use Public Schools to ‘Indoctrinate Children'” (VIDEO):

    They even made a movie for tea-nut voter consumption: “Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America”

    What would the right prefer to teach our children?

    Answer: “Ron Paul Curriculum Launched by Reconstructionist Gary North [Ludwig Von Mises Institute “scholar” and “Biblical Capitalism” author] and Neo-Confederate Thomas Woods”

  15. Do you actually believe Republicans will stay in that State? Heck no. They’ll migrate into “Blue” States and enjoy the benefits of Democratic policies but mitch and moan all throughout.

    There are plenty of Republicans in CA, too, despite it being full of “Meckseekuhns” and being a “liberal State”. They LOVE the weather, the higher wages, the higher payouts in SSI and other social services, the jobs, and the fast-growing economy -but they continue to vote Republican, tell US to “go home”, and remain a pain in the @$$ as much as they can.

  16. Notice that the religions who rely on interpreting a written text to their followers are in distress.

    Euro-Christianity, Islam and Judaism are all falling away as the Web makes them irrelevant.

    Euro-Christians have been trying to hijack our Constitution as another ‘sacred’ document, complete with Colonial ‘saints.’

    They are beginning to contemplate the ramifications of a ‘word wide Web’ that does not recognize borders, distance or time. Where everybody gets to comment.

  17. The Kinds of Things You Might Learn in an Oklahoma AP History Course

    So the Oklahoma Legislature has voted overwhelmingly to ban an Advanced Placement course on American history because it contains too many of the “negative” aspects of history and is not overwhelmingly “positive.” In its place, the lawmakers propose replacing the course with a farrago of blather, half-truths, and right-wing religious propaganda.

    One could say, “Only in Oklahoma.” But not. Already it’s spread to Texas. And look for other state legislatures to take up the torch, so to speak.
    Read More

  18. John Stuart Mill said, “Conservatives are not necessarily stupid, but most stupid people are conservative.”

    That explains the Republican base. Gerrymandering reinforces that base.

  19. ignorance is bliss…

    its the same as the people that turn off their brain and quote some out of context bible scripture or Koran verse or any other platitude in response to a question that requires thinking…

  20. Count me in as well. I think that if you live in a more affluent state you can see this as an academic argument (no pun intended), but when you live in the deep red states and see the abject poverty and the senseless turning of poor society against the even more poor society with this weird promise that voting R somehow makes them better than those “socialists” it’s difficult not to believe that the battle is long over and the sane intelligent ones have lost it to the undereducated Bible and gun clingers. Oh yes I DID say that.

  21. Proof that the GOP are trying to destroy public education isn’t a accident! if you can create a voting block that’s mind numbing ignorant and top it of with a irrational FEAR and Hatred of ANYTHING that isn’t conservate white male!! you’ll have a well trained flock of sleep!! BTW just try reading the post from RIGHTIES that come here!! these people are jaw dropping ignorant!! right Miss @charlie??

  22. The legacy of California liberal governor Pat Brown 1959 – 1967
    Pat Brown’s legacy includes
    Fair Housing act, Fair Employment Act, Master Plan for Higher Education, Hiway Expansion, The California Aqueduct
    Pat Brown taxes everyone, citizens and corporations, fairly
    Due his legacy, California public schools were the envy of the nation, then came governor Reagan….
    The history and future of the California master plan for higher education

    Edmund “Pat” Brown Is Dead at 90; He Led California in Boom Years

  23. The legacy of California liberal governor Pat Brown 1959 – 1967
    Pat Brown’s legacy includes
    Fair Housing act, Fair Employment Act, Master Plan for Higher Education, Hiway Expansion, The California Aqueduct
    Pat Brown taxes everyone, citizens and corporations, fairly
    Due his legacy, California public schools were the envy of the nation, then came governor Reagan….

  24. only two possible reasons for this approach to education ….. 1. to the gop/tplibertarians, ‘ignorance is bliss’ and they want us all to be blissfully ignorant, easy to manipulate and gullible [this is proven by all but the 1% of their base] or, 2. they are creating generations of future police cadets

  25. don`t you think that is something good in people ? why sit around and spread gossip about people you don`t know? if we would take time to build people say thing instead of act like you are perfect.i still like the old saying if you can`t say something good about a person keep your mouth shut.

  26. I agree with you completely; I only have one thing to add concerning how these conservatives have gotten away with doing what they do so easily and that is due to the fact that we as progressives don’t have a party that is really fighting for the progressive values that this country once had. I mean as a collective party not just some people here and there fighting for values that we hold dear and know that the majority of the country will be help is our values are pushed. We need a collective movement that fight for and don’t run away from Progressive policy’s

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