The GOP Tax Scam Is Backfiring With Their Biggest Donors

Everybody knew the GOP tax scam passed last December was not needed.  The economy was doing just fine and didn’t need a stimulus.  The government deficits were already too large, and the U.S. needed more revenue, not less revenue from taxes.  And certainly the super-rich beneficiaries of the tax cut bill didn’t need any more money.  The concentration of wealth among the super-rich has never been greater in this country.  The rich were already getting richer, and didn’t need any more help from the government to feather their nests. read more

After Cutting Taxes For The Wealthy, GOP Senate Delays Disaster Relief Bill

Republican senators will head home for a long holiday break proud of the tax relief they passed for their donors, while those still recovering from deadly natural disasters see no relief at all.

GOP Governors Slash Education To Grow Their Ignorant Base 

Because Republicans depend on "the widespread ignorance of objective reality," their fascist threat to democracy is only succeeding due to the abundance of ignorance and gross stupidity of America's uneducated citizenry. Subsequently, Republicans are building on their success and slashing education funding at a record pace to produce an entire population of stupid conservative voters.

Paul Ryan Proposes Massive Tax Cut For the Rich That Adds $100 Billion To Deficit

In his first proposed tax reform legislation as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, deficit hawk Paul Ryan's tax plan benefitting big business and the wealthy will increase the deficit by $100 billion over ten years.

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback Is Stealing More From Children And Retirees To Fund Tax Cuts

Brownback's latest trickle down approach to make up for gross revenue shortfalls "crippling the state's finances" include cutting classroom funding for schools by another $127 million, cutting state payments to pension funds by $446 million, and stealing about $350 million from the state's transportation department funding.

Despite Obama’s National Economic Success Republican State Economies Are Failing   

Republicans ran on, and won big with, their claim that the GOP is "the party of solutions" founded on conservative pro-growth economic policies, deregulation, and tax cuts for the rich they claimed were more successful than anything "hapless" Democrats or Obama could ever hope to achieve. This is despite the President's nearly five-year job growth record, world-leading GDP growth, and increased revenue paying down the nation's debt at a record pace.

Kansas Tea Party Experiment Fails As Brownback Supports New Tax Hikes

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback's attempt to make his state a model for Tea Party governance has ended in abject failure.

2nd Court Slams Brownback For Underfunding Education To Expedite Kochs’ Tax Cuts

Now that Republicans control both houses of Congress, Americans should brace themselves for a serious Koch-style assault on revenue and government agencies. Last year, Mitch McConnell told Kansas Governor Sam Brownback that Republicans were panting to enact a Koch-Kansas economic assault on America that Brownback imposed by giving the rich monumental tax breaks at the expense of the state government and residents. At the time, McConnell swooned over Brownback’s trickle-down massacre and told him “It’s exactly what we want to do here in Washington, but we can’t do it yet only controlling the House.” With control of the House and Senate, Republicans can proceed with the same reckless abandon for the government and it is probable that like Kansas, public education is in for some seriously major funding cuts. read more

Paul Ryan Plans A CBO Rubber Stamp For Trickle Down Disaster

Paul Ryan is quietly working behind the scenes to make sure the next head of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), Congress's objective eye in all matters concerning fiscal policy, is an ardent proponent of the Koch's Americans for Prosperity economic agenda.

Democrats Listen to Liberals, Hitting Republicans for Their Dangerous CDC Cuts

Democrats listened to liberals. The DCCC blamed House Republicans for cutting funds to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in online ads starting Monday.

Sam Brownback Insults Kansas Voters By Treating Them Like They Are Gullible and Stupid

It is beyond dispute that Republicans take advantage of their supporters' stupidity, and Brownback must believe Kansas voters are the stupidest people in the nation

Republican Economic Policies Are Creating a Downgrade Frenzy In States Across The Country

The pattern is unmistakable; Republicans are ill-prepared to manage finances or an economy whether it is at the state or federal level and the reason is always the same; they oppose any measure to bring in any sources of revenue.

Barack Obama Is Nothing Like The Tax and Spend Liberal That Ronald Reagan Was

In nearly every respect, President Obama is nothing like the tax-and-spend liberal Ronald Reagan was, and is not even close to the gun control crusader Reagan proved to be.

It’s Time to Kill the Absurd Notion That Cutting Taxes on the Rich Grows The Economy

Ronald Reagan has been dead for over nine years and it is time to kill his absurd notion that cutting taxes on the rich and corporations produces a balanced budget, create jobs and economic growth.

Republicans Use Extortion In Their Latest Attempt to Transform America

The conservative movement has called for war on government to transform the nation to fit their vision, and they have used extortion to induce Republicans to use extortion to achieve their goals.

John Boehner Confesses That He Rejected Obama’s Budget Offer Without Reading It

Speaker John Boehner admitted that rejected Obama's budget proposals immediately, and revealed that he did not have time to read them in their entirety.

The Republican Class War Has Contributed Greatly To America’s Growing Inequality

The Republican class war has, for well over a decade, contributed greatly to income inequality that hastens America's rush to oligarchy, and the primary driver is trickle down tax cuts.

Republicans Return to the Scene of the Crime and Threaten to Hold The Debt Limit Hostage

Republicans are threatening to hold the debt limit increase hostage and they can hardly wait to present their ransom demands to President Obama.

Vindictive Republicans Are Out to Punish Obama and America with Austerity

Republicans are megalomaniacs who will continue punishing the people for re-electing President Obama to raise taxes on the wealthy by holding the economy hostage to enact austerity.

The Republican Austerity Bomb is the Real Threat to America

Budget negotiation drama is getting more intense as the fiscal cliff or 'austerity bomb' approaches. The stakes for the poor couldn't be higher