‘Soaking the Rich’ is Not Radical, It’s Now a Mainstream Idea

Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman made the case this morning that Americans are very open to raising taxes on the rich despite protestations from billionaires — and many Republicans — to the contrary. read more

NY Times: Trump is Stuck With a ‘Team of Morons’ in the White House

In a new column in the New York Times, Nobel prize-winning economist Paul Krugman asked a question that many others have asked about Donald Trump’s White House: Why are his top advisers sticking around when it is apparent that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation has been gathering evidence of many different Trump crimes, and the president is probably on his way down? read more

Ocasio-Cortez Slams Fox News Guest Who Called Her a ‘Little Girl’

Republican political strategist and campaign consultant Ed Rollins was on the Fox Business News program hosted by Lou Dobbs and stuck his sexist foot in his mouth as he attacked Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.). The ancient right-wing operative dismissively referred to the 29-year-old Congresswoman as “the little girl” with a big “mouth.” It didn’t take long for the brilliant Ocasio-Cortez to fire back with a zinger that may go down in history as one of the all-time great comebacks. read more

Trumpcare a Disaster Because Paul Ryan ‘Just a Self-Promoter’ Who is In Above His Head

Paul Krugman warns that we should not "presume that Ryan and company have any idea what they’re doing."

Paul Krugman Warns GOP Trump Won’t Be Taking the Blame if AHCA Goes Down in Flames

"Prediction: if GOP health bill goes down in flames, Trump will deny that he ever supported it and place all blame on Congressional Rs."

Paul Krugman Lays Waste to GOP’s Half-A$$ed Obamacare Replacement

Paul Krugman described the GOP's Obamacare replacement as, "It's not Obamacare 2.0. It's Obamacare 0.5 - a half-assed attempt to preserve ACA successes without spending nearly enough money"

Paul Krugman Says Thanks to Trump America is ‘Deep Into a Legitimacy Crisis’

Listing Trump's offenses, Krugman says "If he were a Democrat, impeachment hearings would already be underway...Our whole system is now tainted"

Paul Krugman Warns Against Media Normalization of Trump

"The big risk is still that the media will start to normalize, and worse, become intimidated and obsequious. Don't let it happen!"

Dissent, Democracy, and Deliberation Are on Trump’s Chopping Block

James Madison said representatives should be able to "withstand the temporary delusion" to "give time and opportunity for more cool and sedate reflection."

Paul Krugman Explains How Colossally Stupid Trump’s Mexico Tariff Truly Is

"Oh my God. These are spoiled children playing with loaded guns...Now they're trying to walk it back...How are we going to survive years of this?"

Paul Krugman Destroys Donald Trump’s Claim to a Mandate

Clinton Trump recount

"A national 1 percent swing would have changed everything...it would have looked like a solid mandate for HRC"

Republican Attempt to Gut OCE Proves Paul Krugman Right on Unprecedented Corruption

"Corruption, scandals, gutting of ethics rules aren't new; they've been the GOP way going all the way back to Reagan. "

Democratic Opposition to Trump Already Shows Signs of Fracturing

For the second time in a week Charles Schumer aligned himself with Trump in a portent the Democrat's opposition to Trump is faltering.

Trump is a Threat But the American Experiment Doesn’t Have to End Here

We know how we feel about the potential collapse of our own republic, and what needs to be done in answer to the threat.

Paul Krugman Issues Scathing Critique of Trump’s Economic Team

"Budget director appears to be John Bircher and conspiracy theorist (but aren't they all?...Birchers want return to gold and silver, Mulvaney seems to agree."

Paul Krugman Warns the ‘1930s Show’ Has Returned With Trump’s Private Security Force

"The erosion of democratic foundations has been underway for decades, and there’s no guarantee that we will ever be able to recover."

Paul Krugman Warns of a Trump Redux of Bush’s 2003 Rush to War

Donald Trump speech

"It will either exploit a real terrorist attack or involve a US version of Falklands War -- picking a fight with foreign power to rally home base."

Larry Kudlow, Who Assured Us All Was Well in 2007, to Be Trump Economic Adviser

"Discussion of economic policy is now monopolized by people who have been wrong about everything, have learned nothing from the experience"

Paul Krugman Cites the Real Outrage in Trump’s Infrastructure Scam

Trump’s plan calls for huge tax credits: billions of dollars in checks written to private companies that invest in ‘approved’ projects which they would end up owning.

Paul Krugman Warns of Unprecedented Trump Corruption to Come

"We're about to enter, or may already have entered, an era of corrupt governance unprecedented in U.S. history."