Donald Trump Can’t Figure Out Why Jews Support Obama

I find it funny that Donald Trump does not understand why so many of America’s Jews are Democrats and support Barrack Obama. He told Michael Savage last Wednesday that,

“I have many Jewish friends that support Obama and I say, ‘why?’ and they can’t explain why. They support him, they give him money, they give him campaign contributions.” Trump said, “This is the worst enemy of Israel.”

Savage asked The Donald, “How could Jewish people give money to this man who may as well be working for the Muslim Brotherhood in terms of Israel?”

Well, obviously, President Obama is not working for the Muslim Brotherhood or against Israel, and American Jews know this. This is your typical Beckian ploy of demanding, shrilly, “Why are people not talking about this?”

Well, because you made it up.

Nor is Obama the “worst enemy of Israel.” Rather, the opposite is the case, and Obama has done more for Israel’s security than any other president. Refusal to let Israel dictate America’s foreign policy does not make him anti-Israel.

Another reason Jews support Obama might be that it is because Obama is not part of the Party that harbors anti-Semites, including Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul. That says Jews need to be converted, as evidenced by the RNC’s trip to Israel with the American Family Association. According to the AFA, Jews do not even have First Amendment rights.

You think maybe Jews don’t see this as a good thing? As a Heathen, I’m in the same boat. Why would I vote Republican?

And it’s not just a bunch of RNC members going to Israel, but some very prominent Republican figures, as Right Wing Watch reported the other day:

After dozens of members of the Republican National Committee went on a trip to Israel sponsored by a notorious hate group that has repeatedly claimed that that Jewish Americans have no First Amendment rights and argued that Jewish immigrants should be forced to convert to Christianity, Rick Santorum and Bobby Jindal are now taking part in a visit to Israel organized by an organization with similar views.

So we’ve got at least two presidential hopefuls, Santorum and Jindal, palling around with a group that says Jews don’t have First Amendment Rights. Another past presidential hopeful, Rick Perry, also pals around with the AFA.

How dense does Trump have to be to not understand any of this? Possibly, his Jewish friends simply do not want to call him an idiot to his face. Possibly, he refuses to comprehend their reasons.

The AFA isn’t the only problem, as we see in the claim that Jews are, in conservative heroine Ann Coulter’s words, “unperfected” Christians.

That assertion came about, reported Fox News at the time, when Coulter appeared on “advertising guru Donny Deutsch’s CNBC show ‘The Big Idea.'”

In response to a question from Deutsch asking Coulter if “it would be better if we were all Christian,” the controversial columnist responded: “Yes.”

“We should all be Christian?” Deutsch repeated.

“Yes,” Coulter responded, asking Deutsch, who is Jewish, if he would like to “come to church with me.”

Deutsch, pressing Coulter further, asked, “We should just throw Judaism away and we should all be Christians?” She responded: “Yeah.”

Coulter deflected Deutsch’s assertion that her comments were anti-Semitic, matter-of-factly telling the show’s obviously upset host, “That is what Christians consider themselves: perfected Jews.”

Retired General and FRC Executive Vice President Jerry Boykin agreed with Coulter last year when, as RWW reports, “he said that Jews who convert to Christianity are ‘fulfilled Jews,’ claiming that missionary efforts should focus on Israeli Jews, who can learn from their Arab Christian neighbors”:

And they expect Jews to vote Republican – why? This is like asking blacks to vote Republican, or Latinos, or women. Just because ignorant Red Staters vote against their own self-interest does not mean everybody else is clueless enough to do the same thing.

Some of us have been liberally “eddimicated” after all. We are not ideological victims of Fox News’ hellish “Murica,” thanks to the public schooling conservatives are trying, for obvious reasons, so hard to destroy.

Donald Trump can’t figure out why Jews support Obama. That is because there is no room for Jews in conservative “Murica.”

Fortunately, we don’t live in Murica, but in America.

And no, Jews are not Christians, but then neither are their Religious Right critics. The United States Constitution does not establish America as a Christian nation for Christians, so we all have First Amendment rights. Even liars and hypocrites – and anti-Semites.

So keep using them, GOP. We will cast our votes appropriately.

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  1. His Jewish friends know WHY they support Mr. O, but they don’t want to get into a discussion with Trump. Who is bullheaded and about as extreme as they come. Why even keep the conversation going with that man?

  2. This country is in for a rough time with these right-wingers. I see every day what the propaganda is producing and it is unsettling to say the least.

    I have people I grew up who used to be sensible decent people, but they became “Christians” and changed into some hateful, ignorant caricature of their former selves.

    I also keep several right wing sites on my FB news feed so I can see what is being posted, most of it is truly disturbing. The level of ignorance is mind-boggling.

    If these people were just uninformed it would be one thing, but they are also very misinformed. The things they believe are so bizarre, it is as if they are living in a completely different world.

    I don’t know what it’s going to take to turn this trend around, but if we don’t do something to stop those who would destroy anything remotely resembling the America our founders envisioned, we have to do something, and soon.

  3. Trump is a fool. The gotp shows its ignorance again by letting this idiot speak for them. Mr. Bankruptcy strikes again.

  4. They deliberately seize on whatever feeds their rage and malice. I had a friend of many years turn like that, too. She wound up leaving brick chips and Wesson oil in my driveway and praying for me to get sick.

  5. Trump has Jewish friends who are way too smart to buy into his crap!!?? Maybe because they love America.

  6. “Donald Trump Can’t Figure Out Why Jews Support Obama”

    Could it be because Donald Trump appears on the radio show of a rabid neo-Nazi who abandoned Judaism and became SAVAGE? I know that’s one reason.

  7. The answer to Trump’s question is respect. Jewish Americans, like the other groups Hraf mentioned in this post, tend to not associate with those who disrespect them or to vote for them. GOP/TPers have yet to learn this. They’re constantly demanding respect but give none in return. The recent incident in which Giuliani, Jindal, and Walker have been knocking themselves out by questioning the president’s Christianity and love for America is a prime example of how GOP/Ters deliberately disrespect others and think nothing of it. If anyone said the same thing about them, they’d be demanding an apology sooner, rather than later, and they’d never let it go. Giuliani has gone crawling to the Wall St. Journal to try to walk-back his earlier comments. He’s wasting his time. He’s damaged goods, thanks to his hubris, evil nature, and foul mouth. He enjoyed the adulation he received when he attacked the president, and now he has to deal with the widespread condemnation and ridicule.

  8. why? because we ‘jews’ cant hang in your goyim country clubs, and frats. because you goyim still try and proselytize us into your sick xtian cult. because you gentiles hate the jews unless its to complete your sick meme of the final countdown in the middle east. because jews don’t want to hang with you rw plastic jesus [pork/ shrimp] sucking fat slobs. because the goyim hate science and our commie schools like UOC, Stanford, and others. because you still think we take goyim babies and use their blood for the matzo…. there are way more….

  9. They did not become real born-again Christians, Terry. What they became were followers of men. There’s no way a real Christian would align him/herself with those who think using violence is the solution to any problem, worship at the feet of the wealthy, lie endlessly, are warmongers, disparage the poor, neglect the health and education of our kids, deny healthcare to the uninsured, and care very little about our elderly citizens. The New Testament speaks of these so-called Christians losing their way by following shysters. Many of the movers and shakers in the GOP/TP have bastardized Christianity, are selling it to millions, and they’re getting rich doing it. Millions more of them believe in the ideology of Ayn Rand than they do in the teachings of Jesus Christ, and it shows in their words and actions. They can spend as much time in churches as they please, it won’t make them better people because their sickness and hatred for others have deep roots in their hearts.

  10. I can see why a person with the morals of Trump could NEVER understand decent people. And by far, the huge majority of Jewish people are good, decent, honest people. Just like ALL groups of people have a core of good with a few bad ones. Or we would have never lasted this long.
    But what we see and hear is what people like Rupert Murdoch wants us to believe is the norm. But most see what Murdoch really is and are NOT impressed that much. Endless lies and distortions for more wealth is just a tool..but power over others is the goal.
    A few and is twisted human nature that causes the greedy monsters to never have enough. To be driven to deny other people a good life. All my life, the minute I hear someone make a blanket statement about “anything” a bell rings in my brain. Those types are in a position they think they are in total control. But when the chips are down and decent people are driven to act, good wins.

  11. Perhaps we need to stop being deferential to ‘belief’ systems attempting to hi-jack our government.

    Euro-Christianity is a pretty low bar to set for ourselves. We can do better.

  12. That Obama is not white is for jews just the proof that for non ango-saxon it has a place in the democratic party too.

  13. No Donald they CAN explain why they support Obama…YOU are just too stupid to understand why OR just too arrogant to accept any thing other than what YOU DEMAND people believe….you Putz!!

  14. Netanyahu Hid Speech to Congress from His Own National Security Advisor

    It appears that President Obama was not the only one whom Israel’s Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, kept in the dark about his plans to address Congress on March 3. An Israeli outlet is now reporting that Netanyahu also concealed secret negotiations with John Boehner from his own National Security Advisor, Yossi Cohen.

    This merely confirms what most observers have suspected: Netanyahu’s speech is not about security, but rather the two-fold chance to embarrass Obama while creating valuable political optics in advance of Israel’s March 17 elections.

  15. I doubt he has any real friends — just people who tolerate and suck up to him because he has money. His own wife always looks miserable.

  16. I think he defines friends as those who scream at him less than the usual. His wife, he believes, must love him since she says nothing…

  17. Couldn’t agree more; the God I serve cares about the poor, the needy and those who need help. Anyone who claims the be Christian whilst caring only about their bank balance may need to revisit their Bible…

  18. There is a poem in our prayerbook, saying, “I am a Jew because…..”. If you read it, it sounds pretty much like a Democratic party statement. That’s because both the Democratic Party and the Jews believe in the concept of charity, helping the poor and suffering, helping someone to help with themselves The Republican Party, if it had such a poem, would talk about how they Hate anyone who was not born here, is not rich, and does not lie like they do. Jews have been around for 4,000 years. How old is the Republican Party?

  19. We also have a strong sense of Social Justice, since we have rarely experienced it ourselves, anywhere around the world. The FBI recently reported 600 Anti-Semitic Acts during the past year. That is a pretty high number, I.e., 12 per month and 1 1/2 per week. And you wonder WHY we help other minorities going through the same thing? Blacks who turn on their President are misinformed traitors, and as the President said to the former New York Mayor, “I feel sorry for them!”

  20. All of this bs is coming from self proclaimed, though not actual, Christians. And who do all Christians worship? JESUS! A JEW! So in the eyes of those like Coulter, the AFA, ava others like them, JESUS WAS AN IMPERFECT CHRISTIAN!? Would Jesus have to come back to earth and convert from Judaism to Christianity to become that “PERFECTED JEW?”

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