Extremist Conservatives Echo The Dangerous Movements of Decades Past

One isolated case of group extremism, no matter how severe, is not a movement. There have always been extremists causes in America even though they are seldom embraced by a major political party; except of course the McCarthyism of the 1950s. Even two extremist movements do not necessarily constitute a trend toward a specific ideology, although when they are embraced completely by a political party it should be cause for alarm or at least close monitoring. Tragically for America, and with little notice, Republicans have embraced a rash of extremist ideologies and tactics that are identical to the rise of the Nazi movement in Germany and the American people are seemingly oblivious.

There is a gross misconception among the people and pundits alike that extremism in the Republican Party is limited to one wing of the conservative movement. However, it is glaringly evident that establishment Republicans have embraced several extremist agendas that were hallmarks of the Nazi movement’s rise to power in 1930s Germany. This agenda did not begin when Americans elected an African American man as President, but it has escalated rapidly since Republicans tapped into the racial animus plaguing this nation.

The specific aspects of the Republican march toward Nazism are extreme xenophobia and racism, Christofascism, attacks on unions, and corporate fascism; all facilitated by a willing media propaganda campaign. The parallels are beyond refute beginning with the propaganda campaign against any and everything contrary to what the Republican fascists consider “conservative purity;” multi-culturism, ethnic diversity, religious freedom, and the U.S. Constitution.

Despite America being a nation of immigrants, the Republican establishment has become a vile and rampant medium for xenophobic hatred of anything they define as foreign, other, or “un-American.” As Hrafnkell Haraldsson elucidated here, the speakers and sponsors of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) demonstrated a severe hatred of any and all people who are not white, not Christian, and not conservative. It is true Republicans have transformed their typically substantial distaste for non-whites into a raging hatred, but it now extends throughout the party to include Hispanics, African Americans, Asians, and particularly any American of Middle Eastern descent; whether they are Muslims or not. Immigrants are simply a representation of all things not white.

In fact, Republicans and their ardent supporters are the personification of a xenophobe; a person with unreasonable and extreme hatred of that which is perceived to be foreign, strange, or “the other.” Americans have witnessed it in the Republican movement manifested in the relations and perceptions of the in-group (white conservative Christians) towards an outgroup (Hispanics, African Americans, Muslims, non-Christians, liberals) including  overwhelming suspicion of its activities, outright aggression, and a dangerously rabid desire to eliminate its presence to secure “American purity.” In Nazi Germany it was “Aryan Christian purity” that led to the Holocaust, slaughter of Gypsies, homosexuals, and various non-Christian and non-Aryan groups.

Although the concept of “Christofascism” began as a counter to “Islamofascism” popularized by conservative media after 9/11, it actually had its beginnings in Nazi Germany. Like raging xenophobia, a particularly potent Nazi propaganda tool, Republicans have wholly embraced Christofascism with a vengeance to incite their supporters to demand the ideology as a means of governance.  According to its dangerous tenets, Christofascism is an extremely virulent and very lethal movement that “disposes or allows Christians to impose themselves not only upon other religions, but on other segments within a culture and political parties which do not fall in line, bow down, and march under the banner of radical Christianity.” In America the movement is made up of both the extremist religious right and the all-powerful United States Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

Everything from the attack on women’s reproductive rights, bans on contraception, attacks on education and entertainment, and the blatant discrimination of the LGBT community are the results of Christofascism. It is true no politician, judge, or victim has the courage to cite religious motivation of Republicans denying other Americans their freedom and liberties guaranteed in the Constitution, but make no mistake; it is the direct result of Christofascism and nothing else. If religion is the opiate of the masses, like Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels in Nazi Germany, Republicans have kept their acolytes drug-focused on “imposing themselves and their bastardized version of Christianity on all segments of American society according to Dominionist theology’s well-laid plans.

The recent concerted attacks on unions by Republicans around the nation, although not yet outright bans, are on par with Adolf Hitler’s. In fact, the Republican attacks have been ongoing over the past few years with so-called ‘right to work‘ legislation that the Koch Congress is intent on imposing nationally. Republicans have always been anti-worker’s rights, and they have successfully convinced their supporters that other Americans’ worker rights are why they are suffering; Hitler and Goebbels would be proud of the Republican machinations. It is noteworthy that a Republican-Koch hero, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, likened school teachers, firefighters, street sweepers, and law enforcement officers to murderous extremists in ISIS that he handily defeated in battle as if the public sector workforce is an imminent existential threat to other Americans; only because they negotiated for decent wages and working conditions.

For too long in this country it has been a mortal sin to not only cite the theocratic takeover of government, but to identify the parallels between the conservative movement’s agenda and that of the Nazi rise to power in 1930’s Germany. That reluctance to identify the most serious threat to America as a democracy and the people as free has to end now. Republicans have had a free ride imposing a Nazi-style fascism on America only because they have had little-to-no pushback due to fear of being criticized for violating an absurd Internet meme; Godwin’s Law. Sod off Godwin.

In great part, Republicans have been wildly successful due to the population’s ignorance of history, and in part because of willing accomplices in conservative media and religious corporate conservative purists on the nation’s highest court. It is worth noting that the High Court has aided and abetted Republican fascism by deconstructing the religious clauses in the First Amendment, eliminating the people’s voice by destroying electoral integrity, and granting corporate fascists a greater voice than the people in governing.

What is happening to America is not one isolated case of conservative extremism or one specific wing of the Republican Party. It is a concerted, well-executed conservative attack on America as a representative democracy and funded by Charles and David Koch. Unlike 1930s Germany there is not one mesmerizing orator inciting hatred for “the other” or imposing extremist Christianity on the people or abolishing workers’ rights. It is the entire Republican movement funded by a dirty cabal of fascist ideologues that studied and followed the tactics that allowed Adolf Hitler to impose Nazi ideology on Germany. Sadly, they are close to seeing their vision for America reach fruition while Americans slept and the Founders’ wept.

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  1. Five types Republicans and examples of each.

    Ne’er-do-wells – Folks that have lived an advantaged and privileged gilded life without experiencing severe disappointments, tragedies or even tested by adversity. This type is very common among white effeminate males with the southern effete being particularly active in the GOP. Their mode of life has given them little opportunity to come in contact with others outside their elite status. Ex: Koch brothers, Mitt Romney, Donald Trump, Chris Christie, Lindsay Graham and Jeb Bush.

    Philistines – Rather than read books Philistines prefer to get their political views from bumper stickers and Fox News. Best known for loving America while hating Americans they demand the blessings of freedom and liberty for themselves but don’t give a damn about freedom and liberty for others. Also think that the poor have too much money, ketchup is a vegetable, women cannot get pregnant by legitimate rape, global-warming is a hoax and that trees cause…

  2. As always,clear and correct.

    I would argue, however, that ‘christofascism’ is much older and pervasive. It is also exclusively European. It is exclusively the cultural construct of European males and reflects their values and world view.

    It draws its authority by claiming inerrancy for 17th century translation-by -committee of a bastardized 4th century document. It relies on 13th century icons to define its god as white and male.

    Inerrant white males drawing authority from written texts is a great religion for warriors. Who ever wins has the right interpretation.
    The Christian Pope declares all lands discovered by Christians to be christian lands.

  3. Been noticing the Republican tactics since 1980. This is the way Hitler did his evil, with the intent of spreading his evil empire around the world. I feel very concerned for our children. Very concerned.

  4. Great article. Saying that Americans are oblivious to the situation is the biggest problem I think we have in turning this around. I don’t understand why people are oblivious to it. If we don’t put it out there and get their attention, it will be too late, and there will be a lot of misery for us.

  5. The GOP Nazi Brown Shi(R)ts and their (N)azi (R)epublican (A)rmy are the number one threat to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and what it stands for. In my opinion. They will enslave and kill us all for their evil antichrist masters!!!

  6. You couldn’t be more correct — we saw it here in OK earlier then most when the likes of Sally Kern who is married to a preacher and another hard right preacher from my area got elected to the OK House and it has gone downhill from there.

    We had a GOP Chair who believed in Character First which should be enough to scare anyone. He was replaced in the next election in 2008 by a really good guy who was conservative but not hard right. He stepped down to run for office and won and since then OK GOP has gone so far hard right they are going to fall off the earth. Instead of lawyers in our legislature, we have a lot of preachers after the last election who are farmers and other things in addition to preaching at evangelical churches. It freaks you out to deal with these people and unfortunately GOP leadership in OK sucks. Before their bills didn’t clear committee — today Kern’s bills make it out of committee. She calls herself a religious zealot. Scary!

  7. On point article! I believe for the 2016 elections, the Koch brothers game plan is to start a civil war, a religious war, a environmental war, pitting neighbor against neighbor!
    Look at what the Koch keystone pipeline has successfully partnered with the FBI to label landowners, ranchers and anyone else against the Keystone as domestic terrorists. Everyone should be afraid of their power. See link.

  8. WARNING: The GOP will now attempt to legally (by making “LAWS”) put us “all” into their corporate prison “death camps” and blame it all on Obama. If the GOP offer you a free train ride in a crowded cattle car and a shower after that. Don’t take them!!!

  9. Also, it’s confirmed that RW extremists/activists were the root cause of the affordable care act website problems.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the RW were also responsible for the uptick in railroad accidents carrying crude! The RW extremists have been told Warren Buffett owns the railways encouraging sabotage and trying to make the argument for the Keystone pipeline to be built!

  10. Excellent observations!
    I am 65 and I’ve been politically active for 50 of those years.
    During the Nixon times, I saw and knew things about the conservative party, that NO ONE would ever believe if it were revealed.
    Eisenhower saw it, Goldwater saw it, and many others. They were powerless against it.
    McCain knows all of it, but he, like so many others has embraced the treachery of the Profits over People meme that was ushered in so many years ago.
    If Lee Atwater could speak……….

  11. Actually, if one should crack open a history book, which is rarely done these days, a person would find that all the verbiage about relates to the Liberal, Progressive, Democrat Party. Your leader is taking you down all the stairways of Socialism, Communism, and Fascism. Should you study any history, you will find that every civilization since the end of the Roman Empire that has espoused any of those three has failed and the existing countries that espouse it now are all failing. Perhaps there will come a day when you all may wake up to reality.

  12. I wondered the same thing with the train derailments. These people are extreme, throw in losing a chunk of money on a failed to implement pipeline, corruption ensues, retaliation results.

  13. You proved you know nothing of history. Fascism, communism, and socialism are different ideologies Founded in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Rome had nothing to do with them. Rome fell because of excessive military spending and the rich hoarding gold and silver causing the value of coinage to become worthless. The rich ruined Rome like the rich are ruining the United States.

  14. John, reading your post this morning made me, think of a conversation I had with my Daughter this weekend.
    It mirrors what we discussed.
    The only difference I see, what will happen in our country ? The masses of Americans, still are not in love with the Koch’s or don’t know or understand what their goal really is. American’s do not as a whole get what a Dominionist is or what their plans are.
    The German people fell in love with Hitler while the other side kept quite and out of the line of interest and turned their heads. Until very late in WW2. The discussion lead to, Will this happen to us.

  15. I’ve got 5 years on you, Moongal16 (I’m 70) and, like you have been interested/involved in politics from a very young age. The apathy that I see on the part of many folks in the country as far as what is happening is truly scary. This right-wing “takeover” has been going on for many years, quietly, from the small to the large. They set out to take over local governance first, then state, then federal and by golly they’ve pretty much done that.
    Wake up those who do not agree with this philosophy and get out and vote, not only in national elections, but local and state elections. If there is a candidate that you truly believe in, get out and work for that person to get elected. There is still time to turn this around, but that time is truly running out.

  16. If only you could really articulate your positions with examples and facts instead of regurgitated talking points from Fox and right wing media your comments would not be so ridiculous and LoL.

    I study history and the only people I see who are leading us down a bad path are your corporate masters the Kochs and the other billionaires and their brought and paid for repugteakkk politicians.

  17. Obviously you’ve never opened a history book yourself.

    Socialism, Communism, and Fascism are 3 DIFFERENT ideologies.

    However, the tea bag/repubs share many of the ideologies:
    1. They are anti-abortion.
    2. They are very supportive of the death penalty.•
    3. They oppose the separation of church and state.•
    4. They believe religious doctrine should be taught in school.•
    5. They tend to believe women should have fewer rights than men.•
    6. They oppose “multiculturalism”.•
    7. They consider homosexuality as evil and believe gay marriage should be outlawed.

  18. I have to say that while a few of the comments seem way over the top, the article itself and most comments are all too spot-on.

    It’s especially worrisome that so much of the judiciary, including the Supreme Court, is in the clutches of the radicals. And, this is something that can’t be quickly reversed.

    I also think that many Christians think having a Christian state religion would be a good thing because they don’t have a clue about what Dominionism really is. They need a HUGE wake-up call.

    Sometimes I think too many Americans haven’t done any real thinking in so long that their brains are covered with rust. Better shake that off – and soon.

  19. “Republicans have embraced a rash of extremist ideologies and tactics that are identical to the rise of the Nazi movement in Germany . . .”

    Fascism has a powerful effect on the disenchanted. I had a difficult time with the skin-head movement, and their way of dancing. Like Republicans today, they bump, and slug, and push, and pounce, as a way of communicating their angst.

  20. Find some folks who grew up in Hitler’s Germany and ask them about the Hitler Youth and why they joined. Then watch the documentary “Jesus Camp”.
    Rmuses’ observations and conclusions don’t seem so far fetched.
    I could comment further but why bother. Being a fatalist, I believe the die is cast. Tough shit for my great grandchildren…….

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