How the GOP Is Using Racism, Bigotry and Fear to Try To Win the Midterms

It is very clear that all Republicans, but especially President Donald Trump, are growing increasingly desperate as the midterm elections grow near.

While they had initially planned to base their November campaigns on the great economy and the wonderful benefits of their tax plan, they have discovered that those ideas aren’t working. read more

White House Melts Down After The New York Times Exposes Trump For Emboldening Racists

The administration can whine all they want, but this president has poured gasoline on America's racial divisions.

California Passes Bill Urging Congress To Censure Trump For ‘Racist’ Charlottesville Response

"The leader of the free world can’t continue to use language that legitimizes the actions of extremists groups that promote hate."

GOP Congressman Calls Out Trump For ‘Failing’ To Strongly Condemn White Supremacists

"The president needs to be crystal clear that hatred has no place in our society, but he is currently failing at it."

Hate Is Rapidly Spreading Across The Country After Donald Trump’s Election Win

Trump racist

This is the mess Donald Trump created. Before he takes office, he must clean it up.

Maine Gov. LePage Says People of Color Are Enemies That Should Be Shot

"Maine Governor Paul LePage is a manifestation of the people who put him in office. This is an issue of racism being acceptable.”

Old Angry White People Defeated The GOP Establishment At Its Own Game

Republican propaganda unknowingly convinced old angry white conservatives that Trump is the only man to implement the conservative agenda.

Jailbird Kim Davis Will Accompany Ohio Republican to State of the Union

The country's most infamous county clerk Kim Davis will be hosted at tonight's State of the Union by none other than Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH).

Trump’s Extremist Bigotry Against Muslims Is Now The Republican Moderate Position

Maybe now it is time for sane Americans to stop laughing or shaking their heads in disgust at Trump and follow President Obama and other Democrats in addressing Trump's open hostility against any non-white and non-Christian for exactly what it is; patently un-American, hate-filled bigotry and genuinely inhumane.

GOP Voters Are Encouraging Trump’s Mean-Spirited Campaign So Expect It To Continue

Trump has tapped into the resentment of angry voters who above all else, are mad that they have to apologize for the way they treat others.

GOP Voters Are Still Turned On By Trump’s Politics Of Insult And Division

A new CNN poll has Trump soaring to his highest numbers yet, as GOP voters continue to embrace his politics of division and derision.

GOP Candidate Matt Bevin Bets On The Bigot Vote In His Bid To Become Kentucky Governor

Kentucky gubernatorial candidate Matt Bevin has tied his hopes on becoming the state's next governor to being proudly for anti-gay bigotry.

Mat Staver Says Transgender Rights Will Destroy Objective Reality

Mat Staver's "moral objectivity" is anything but objective, and seems to be based on what he needs to be true in any given situation

Extremist Conservatives Echo The Dangerous Movements of Decades Past

There is a gross misconception among the people and pundits alike that extremism in the Republican Party is limited to one wing of the conservative movement.

A&E Says We Must be Tolerant of Hate But Not of Gays, Gives Robertson his Job Back

By caving in to hate groups A&E has sent a clear message that haters are to be tolerated, but not those who are the victims of that hate.

Hate Group Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Glee Star Cory Monteith’s Funeral

Glee suffered a tragic loss when one its stars died in Canada, and it prompted hate group Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) to launch a barrage of anti-gay hate and, plan to picket the actor's funeral.

President Obama Maintains His Dignity When Faced With Racist and Bigoted Attacks

It is a sad commentary that a man of President Obama's stature, intelligence, and even-keeled resolve has been the subject of such rancid racism in a country like the United States.