Jailbird Kim Davis Will Accompany Ohio Republican to State of the Union

Km Davis

Hey, “party of law and order” voters, if you really want to get some love from the Republican party, try being a jailbird. Better yet, try being locked up for denying rights and liberties to other citizens.

Yes, that’s right people. The country’s most infamous county clerk Kim Davis will be hosted at tonight’s State of the Union by none other than Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), according to Matt Fuller reporting at the Huffington Post. You might remember Kim Davis as the woman who refused to uphold the actual laws of this country in favor of imposing her religiously based bigotry upon law abiding citizens. That is to say, the thrice divorced Kim Davis refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples– you know, because Davis believes they are ruining marriage. Unlike divorce.

From “I didn’t invite anyone” to “I found out today,” Jordan danced around the Huffington Post’s questions until he called his office and found out that yes, he was hosting Kim Davis, denier of civil rights and liberties.

“And I’m being totally honest with you,” Jordan told the Huffington Post, “That’s — Family Research Council asked us, her family wanted a ticket, and we said ‘OK.'”

Hmm… Jordan seems a little reluctant to be seen with the Kentucky conservative heroine, seeing as he claimed he didn’t know who he invited to the State of the Union until Huffington Post got tipped off that they had given the tickets to the Family Research Council, who had in turn thought that Kim Davis’ family best represented the Family Research Council. Can’t say I disagree on that one.

Republicans should be proud of their newly embraced jailbird for anti-freedom… and with Jordan being the Chairman of the Freedom Caucus, well, the two go together like Republican ideas do. To think Davis used to be a Democrat!

Things got a little more polished as time went on, with the Hill obtaining a statement from Jordan with more confidence:

“Kim Davis used our ticket. Our staff heard from the Family Research Council that Ms. Davis and her family hoped to attend the State of the Union address and so we offered a ticket.”

The party of law and order has become the party that worships jailbirds and killers — which is totally fitting, seeing as they are currently being led by a man who wants to steal freedom from almost all Americans so that he can “Make America Great Again.” Republicans are all for using their base’s willingness to fall for anything until it comes time to stand publicly with these same people– and then it’s all cool distance and “I don’t recall”.

Nothing really says Freedom Caucus like celebrating those who deny freedom to others in the name of religion, eh? Wave that flag.