Koch-Republicans Remember Soldiers’ Sacrifice With A Veterans Healthcare Coupon Scam

On Memorial Day, besides celebrating the unofficial start of Summer vacation, Americans are supposed to remember the ultimate sacrifice made by the men and women that served in the nation’s armed services. What is often overlooked is the sacrifice made by those who served their country, survived, and were fortunate to make it back home to what is increasingly an ungrateful Republican Party. Republicans, by the way, that are Hell-bent and duty-bound to Israel to send more Americans to fight and die in the Middle East according to a twisted ideology that there is never a time America should be at peace.

When George W. Bush committed crimes to take America into an unnecessary war of aggression against a Muslim nation at Israel’s behest, any opposition to putting America’s brave soldiers in harm’s way was condemned as “not supporting the troops.” What has been an increasing revelation since the start of the Iraq War was that Republican support for the troops comes to a screeching halt the second service men and women are mustered out of the military. Since Barack Obama has been in office, Republicans have predictably blocked each and every Democratic attempt to increase funding for Veteran’s services whether it is better access to healthcare or providing assistance to find living-wage jobs.

In the 2012 general election, Republican presidential candidate Willard Romney floated an idea favored by the Koch brothers of giving America’s Veterans a limited dollar amount coupon to get healthcare privately they received for free through the Veterans Administration. Now, another Republican, Jeb Bush, is the first GOP presidential candidate thus far to propose that the best way to show appreciation to America’s Veterans is the Koch brothers’ plan to privatize the VA and issue a set dollar-amount coupon to be redeemed at private hospitals, private doctors’ offices, or health insurance carriers.

Bush said, “I know it has a pejorative for some, but I’m all in on the voucher thing … empowering people with the equivalent of a voucher that gives you the same economic benefit of receiving care inside of a clinic or a hospital.” Like all Republicans, Jeb Bush is a rank liar and obviously indebted to serving the interests of the Koch brothers. This is not Bush’s first foray into the coupon-care proposition for Veterans, one that began back in February at the direction of the Koch-funded group, Concerned Veterans for America.

The Koch group began seriously pushing its Republican lackeys to create a “premium-support private insurance option” for Veterans healthcare services when drastically underfunded VA hospital could not provide timely services to Veterans. The privatization scam amounts to a yearly-issued, and set amount, coupon to purchase healthcare services at a private hospital or doctor’s office, or use as a discount card to purchase a private insurance policy.

There are two specific reasons Republicans and the Kochs want to issue what amounts to a discount coupon to Veterans to use for healthcare. One is because the Kochs see a prime opportunity to make more money from the nation’s Veterans, and two; it is an easy means of eliminating part of the federal government they hate with religious conviction. It is noteworthy that the cost-effective, highly-successful, and wildly popular Veterans healthcare system is the only completely socialized part of the federal government and the Koch-Republicans want it eliminated immediately. That they deprive Veterans of quality healthcare is a value-added bonus only Republicans that hate troops once they are finished serving can celebrate.

While Republicans envision punishing over 8 million veterans enrolled to receive a wide range of services through the VA with a coupon and higher out-of-pocket expenses, the Kochs see potential profits from privateers. Privatization means corporations will profit from the annual “89.7 million outpatient visits” and over “236,000 health care appointments per day” of Veterans at no charge because they served their country and survived. 
The Koch goal, like all GOP privatization scams is leaving over 8 million veterans, tens-of-thousands with combat-related injuries, without coverage or services; it is the how the GOP supports the troops after they send them to fight unnecessary wars of aggression.

Private hospitals, community clinics, and private doctors cannot match Veterans health centers’ provided services because they are not uniquely equipped to deal with specialized care for combat-related injuries like amputations, psychological disorders, and traumatic brain injuries. However, Republicans or the Kochs are not the least bit concerned with offering care to Veterans. Not when they can provide a coupon for Koch profit and privatization for Koch’s libertarian ideology; Veteran’s health and welfare has never entered into the equation. The Veteran’s coupon scam is sponsored and heavily promoted by the “special interest Koch lobby” Concerned Veterans For (Koch’s) America that betrays its ‘concern’ for America’s Veterans by pushing privatization. Privatization that real Veteran’s advocacy groups such as AMVETS, Disabled American Veterans, Paralyzed Veterans of America, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars are all adamantly opposed to because they believe Veteran’s deserve more than being subjected to a pathetic healthcare coupon scam.

Veterans, and the groups they belong to, understand that sending more than 8 million of America’s Veterans, many of them older and sicker than most Americans, particularly those requiring highly-specialized care for rare and complex health problems to private insurers, private doctors, and private pharmaceutical companies is an abomination. They know what the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office concluded was that handing out discount coupons for Veterans’ healthcare will create certain chaos and de facto healthcare rationing on a grand scale. In fact, the CBO gave the same assessment to privatizing Veteran’s healthcare as they did Paul Ryan’s scam of transforming Medicare into a discount coupon. Privatizing the VA with a coupon, like a coupon for Medicare, will do nothing but create a “dramatic shift of health care costs onto patients.” Apparently America’s Veterans have not yet paid enough through their service to America so the Koch-Republican plan is making them pay more for the rest of their lives; another way Republicans support the troops.

According to a Rand Corporation explanation in 2012 of how, “‘Socialized’ or Not, We Can Learn from the VA,” the Veterans health care system “delivers care as good or better than its private sector counterparts; all while doing a much better job of controlling costs for American taxpayers.” The Rand study revealed that the Veteran’s health care system delivered a consistently higher-quality of care than “the national sample of private hospitals and doctors on all measures except acute care” in which each sample was comparable. In every other aspect the Veterans received better care on all counts including screenings, diagnosis, treatment, and access to physicians and services on follow up.

Among chronic care patients of which especially older and disabled Veterans make up a larger share than in the private sector, the Rand study reported that VA patients received over 70 percent of recommended care compared with under 60 percent in the national sample. The difference was substantially greater with preventive care where VA patients received 65 percent of recommended care compared to patients in the private national sample receiving preventive care less than 45 percent of the time. Privatization means less care all the way around for higher costs to taxpayers and Veterans that the Koch-Republicans pant to enact and the Republican candidates for president will be pushing leading up to the 2016 general election regardless the opposition from those it will impact most; America’s Veterans.

The GOP and their money machine portrays a coupon for Veterans the same way they portray a coupon for Medicare; a major cost saving measure that provides incredibly better service. However, as far as cost savings, the socialized Veteran’s healthcare system has always outperformed the private sector by a wide margin. The CBO calculated that after adjusting for changing cases as younger veterans have, and are, returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and require healthcare services,  the VA’s average health care cost per enrollee grew by about 1.7% from 1999 to 2005; an annual growth rate of 0.3%. During the same six year period, Medicare’s per capita costs grew by 29.4 % or an annual growth rate of 4.4 %. However, in the private insurance market during that time premiums for family coverage jumped by more than 70% according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Republicans’ call for privatizing the VA means substandard care, more expense, and higher costs to Veterans who fought Republican wars. President Obama and Democrats have attempted to increase funding for Veterans, but Republicans blocked any increase that could improve the Veteran’s health system and make it even more successful and popular than it already is. Republicans and the Kochs want Veterans healthcare services slashed through privatization and make the Veterans bear the brunt of the expense. It may be a day to remember those that made the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country, but it looks as if Republicans intend on making those who fought and survived continue making sacrifices for the rest of their lives or until the next Republican war of aggression.


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  1. Thank You for the above. I’ve followed this Koch privatization scheme in the past and it is very disturbing how they have been manipulating the very core, the heart, of our military service support promise over to their vast empire. With lots of help from the Rs they finance.

    We need to do better. Vets and active military need to pay attention.

  2. It’s nice idea brodie, BUT…

    Look at George W. Bu$h. Got himself a cushy Guard position. Never showed up for at least half the mandatory meetings. And when it looked like he was going to be sent to Vietnam, got himself ‘relieved’ so he could help his Daddy.

    The 1% would go, and end up in positions of Power, example: McCain.

  3. We as a nation need to get rid of the koch scumbags once and for all.Charge them with treason and send them to federal prison. They care share a bunk which they will like.

  4. I would like to know how many actual veterans work for “Concerned Veterans For (Koch’s) America” and how many of them rely on the VA for their healthcare.
    Another case of I got mine and you can go bugger off?

  5. The ”facist” NOT libertarian koch brothers make me vomit!! when are americans finally gonna WAKE UP!!?? these koch brothers are the sons of the FRED KOCH, co-founder of the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY!! when are americans gonna WAKE UP to the FACT that the BUSH family had PRESCOTT BUSH supporting HITLERS NAZI party!? the republican party has been a ANTI AMERICAN party since the 1920’s!! FDR warned us about them!! they’re the “ECONOMIC ROYALIST” these FACTIONS, HATE democracy!! they HATE FREEDOM! and with citizens united, their DREAMS of making “THE COMMON MAN” slaves or serfs is becoming a reality!! and unfortunately 15 to 20% of americans are too horrifically IGNORANT and RACIST to see that they’re cheerleading for ALL our destructions!! BTW HAPPY Memorials Day

  6. Thank you @Sugapea, for those of you who wonder WHY, 99.999% of my post are so emotionally charged, it’s because this country COULD be so much better! so much more!, the USA COULD be a beacon of light! But it’s these DAMN wanna be conservatives! these OLD- SCARED- typically racist republican FREAKS! and corporate america, who NEVER misses an opportunity to keep the average american at each others throats!! rupert murdoch and roger ailes with their WEALTHY SAUDI prince financing them don’t care about america PROGRESSING! they are enemies of american! SAUDI prince ALWAEED, LOVES what FUX NEWS does to simple minded americans! just read @roberts mentally ill post! The Roman Empire, MOSTLY fell from within!! the jackals are at the door! and the GOP is ushering them in.

  7. Yes Sugerpea, Europeans are laughing at us, have been. I have relatives in Europe. They asked the questions, how can the Americans be so stupid to put these jerks in office?? and why do they hate POTUS? Europeans see the racism and they just can’t wrap their heads around it.

    I just tell them, I’m a liberal and I hate the situation as much as anyone. They really know how stupid a lot of Americans are.

  8. No, we need to draft the Republican chickenhawks to go fight these wars!

    If they want war so badly, THEY can go fight!

    It’ll make up for the way they couldn’t be bothered to serve their country when it was THEIR time to serve!

  9. Rin> I agree whole heartedly!! I get my medical care through the VA, and will be the first to admit, it needs HELP. However, for all it’s faults, it is MUCH!! Better than ANY Private Care.!!!! I have NO IDEA why a veteran would back this STUPID FREEKING IDEA!! Just another case of the COCK BROS. ide, cut funding for a govt. serv., they can’t do it, so they point out that govt/. can’t provide serv./ they can. BULLLLLLLLLL SH*T! Same with Post Office, Medicare, etc. I have been approved for Non VA Care, but NOW they have a PRIVATE COMPANY wetting them up. Well after 6 phone calls[ them calling me] they sid they can’t find a Neurologist near me. I said “WHAT????” Huh, Savannah, Macon, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Augusta!! Just some, probably COCK BROS. company ripping off the govt. to do a job that they actually can’t do. I Hope ALL Service Members and Veterans will WAKE THE HELL UP AND FIGHT THIS CRAP LIKE WE FOUGHT ON FOREIGN SOIL< LIKE OUR LIVES DEPEND ON IT——- Cause they DO!!!!!!

  10. Knight4444, I love it when you get on a rant. You write, what I believe.. I think also many others. Keep it up and one day.. maybe, more will wake up.
    I also love the post from above about the Kocks and Bush’s all true!
    American’s have a very bad habit of not paying attention to history and being fooled over and over again by the brightly shining objects flashed by the rethugs.

  11. W cut the deployment wages for the military in 2003, in the middle of a holiday weekend, when nobody was paying attention.

    It was never re-instated…

    Instead, the military deployments continued on, breaking up families and minds, here & there.

    The industrial military complex, the Kochs and the GOP, want ongoing wars as it is a huge source of their wealth (and bank-rupting the nation)

    The military gun-owners vote for them, just because the of NRA propaganda & brain washing, focused on a single issue, they manage to get enough votes to take over.

    Also, the military take pride of taking orders and follow thru, trusting their leaders to watch their backs…
    But, their leaders and the nation are not as dedicated to the contract as the military men and women are.

  12. Knight — you know, when I first started perusing this site, your rants drove me nuts — not the substance of your points, but the random capitalizations, etc.

    After being here a while, I’ve come to realize that what you’re saying is 100% RIGHT ON! (see? I did it too! Ha!)

    Thank you for putting into words what I so often want to say!

  13. Sandra, the Conservative/Republican cabal has this backroom saying in regards to our servicemen and women…”Use them and Lose them”

  14. The Europeans were way ahead of us in race equality as far back as WW1! They held no prejudices against blacks or any person of color while in the U.S. blacks were being lynched for walking through a white district.

  15. @SarahG and @Gsb, THANKS! I truly appropriate the kind words, and about my OVER use of capitalizations? I think it’s because in the 1960’s our house had lead paint in it and I LOVED munching on paint chips!

  16. Art Pope A Kochsucker mini me has truly screwed NC

    North Carolina: Legislators Plan to Give $1 Million to Rightwing Lobby
    “A lot of people are justifiably outraged at the House budget provision that gives $1 million (and delegates public duties) to the conservative school privatization lobby group, Parents for Educational Freedom of North Carolina (PEFNC). As Rep. Rick Glazier — who tried to amend the budget to shift the money to fund teacher assistants — said yesterday (as reported by Raleigh’s News & Observer):

    “This is the first time that I believe in the history of the legislature that we’ve done what this is asking. We’re giving $1 million of taxpayers’ money to an entity to then choose the charter schools to fund. … It is not our job to take away public funds and give them to a private entity to make public decisions.”

  17. I learned 17 years ago that my military leaders most certainly did not have my back.
    At which point it was agreed upon by us both that I should depart my enlistment.

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