Israeli Netanyahu And GOP React To Iran Deal Like Petulant Little Brats

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gestures while  addressing the 2015  American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Policy Conference in Washington, Monday, March 2, 2015. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gestures while addressing the 2015 American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Policy Conference in Washington, Monday, March 2, 2015. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

Most Americans have had the unfortunate and extremely disconcerting experience of being in the presence of a petulant child when they throw a temper tantrum when things do not go their way. It is a worse scenario when adults throw a fit and exhibit contemptuously rude and impertinent behavior or speech; especially when the adults are members of Congress, Republican presidential candidates, or a foreign nation’s leader. To be fair to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his petulance and insolence are borne of hubris due to Republicans giving the foreigner unfettered control over American foreign policy in the Middle East; control that ended when Barack Obama became President.

Everyone under the  Sun realizes that the one overriding reason Benjamin Netanyahu is acting like the petulant little brat that  he really is, and why his insolence is intolerable, is because he was given no authority over, and could not control, the P5+1 negotiations with Iran over the Islamic Republic’s alleged nuclear ambitions. Despite Netanyahu, and his Republican sycophants’ belief, the Israeli foreigner, his nation, or any Republican presidential candidate or congressional representative is not any kind of permanent member of the United Nations security council. Netanyahu and his Republican facilitators also do not lead the Executive Branch of government that sets America’s foreign policy, and although it has been a crushing blow to his ego, Benjamin Netanyahu is not a member of any branch of the United States’ government; he is a foreigner, a bully, and a warmonger.

Immediately after the “official” announcement that a deal had been reached between the P5+1 (permanent members of the U.N. Security Council plus Germany) Netanyahu’s office announced he would use his considerable influence to incite real congressional resistance to the deal like he did in a speech to a joint session last spring to rebuke President Obama for not allowing Israel to scuttle the U.N. P5+1 negotiations with Iran. The statement from Netanyahu’s office said that the prime minister is going to attempt to thwart the deal “with every available means at his disposal; including persuasion directed at the Congress, and American public opinion in general.”

However, Netanyahu’s considerable hubris clouds his perception of the American people who are sick and tired of America being embroiled in Middle East wars at Netanyahu’s urging. According to a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll, 6 in 10 Americans support the U.N. plan to lift international economic sanctions against Iran in exchange for limits on its nuclear program; precisely what the P5+1 deal accomplishes.

Netanyahu began his “persuasive propaganda campaign” against the deal by claiming that with the announcement, “The world is a much more dangerous place today than it was yesterday, and swore that “Israel is not bound by the agreement between Iran, the United  States, Britain France, Germany, Russia, and China. Even though Israel was given a copy of the agreement, Netanyahu lied and said “Iran will receive hundreds of billions of dollars” in a deal “that gives the Iranian regime the capacity to produce many nuclear bombs; in fact an entire nuclear arsenal, with the means to deliver it.”

It is too bad Netanyahu started running his mouth before reading the 159-page document titled “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action” that is more elaborate, more detailed, and allows for more intrusive inspections than any Soviet-American arms treaty completed during the Cold War. For the record, there will be no sanctions lifted until Iran meets several conditions such as dismantling the majority of its centrifuges, shipping most of its uranium out of country, and several other conditions before one sanction is lifted. However, that is not good enough for Republicans or their de facto leader Netanyahu who say that any deal with Iran is a bad deal because it prevents a war with the Islamic Republic.

It is noteworthy that President Obama, the man Americans twice elected to lead the Executive Branch with explicit purview to set America’s foreign policy, took a page right out of the Republican demigod Ronald Reagan’s negotiations with the former Soviet Union and said the P5+1 agreement was not based on trust, but verification. The President said,  “You know, I have a lot of differences with Ronald Reagan, but where I completely admire him was his recognition that if you were able to verify an agreement that was negotiated with the evil empire that was hell-bent on our destruction and was a far greater existential threat to us than Iran will ever be, then it will be worth doing.”

During an interview with the President, Thomas Friedman suggested that, like Republicans and Netanyahu claim, the United  Nations deal ‘might‘ give Iran a free hand to cheat without fear of any American retaliation more robust than instantly reinstating crippling economic sanctions. He asked the President, “Why should the Iranians be afraid of us?” President Obama did not hesitate to say “because we could knock out their military in speed and dispatch if we chose to,” and it is why the President said that this deal is worth doing instead of rushing headlong into another Middle East war; a war that Netanyahu, Republicans, and the military industrial complex lust for Israel to start and America to finish.

This idea that Israel, or Netanyahu for that matter, has unfettered purview of America’s foreign policy is due to conditioning borne of the Bush administration’s compliance to Netanyahu’s counsel and crusade for American war with Islamic nations. Netanyahu, as a private citizen, was an important Bush advisor in the rush to invade Iraq, and coupled with America’s continued largesse in supporting Israel’s military has the Israeli’s actually believing that they hold sway over America’s foreign policy in the Middle East. For example, the head of the Israeli Yesh Atid party, Yair Lapid, denounced Netanyahu’s spring campaign in the U.S. Congress as a “colossal failure.” Lapid said that, “Netanyahu crossed a line that caused the White House to stop listening to Israel. We weren’t even in the arena, we had no representative in Vienna, and the door to the White House was closed to us. Netanyahu should resign, because if you promise for years that only you can prevent this deal and then it’s signed, you’re responsible.”

No, the deal is the responsibility of the United Nation’s five permanent members of the Security Council plus Germany; Israel was not represented and the White House did not listen to Israel because Barack Obama is President and sets America’s foreign policy. This simple fact is completely lost on Israel, its thuggish bully leader, and every Republican reacting like petulant little children because they did not get their way, and war with Iran.

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  1. The more Netanyahu and the Republicans bitch- the more suspicious I become of their motivations.

    Apparently the two haven’t met an unnecessary war they don’t like. Particularly since such wars are the ones they don’t have to face much if any in the way of consequences.

  2. True!

    Point to ponder:
    A Republican President would have NEVER succeeded in bringing these deal making countries together, and much less–GET A DEAL!
    Why? Israel and the Tom Cotton 47 would have been calling the shots from the sidelines and Iran would have said: F*ck All Y’ALL I’M OUTTA HERE! Thank the United States pr*cks who came here and BIBI for the end of these talks AND the Deal. Now We really gonn’a make Da BOMB.

  3. keep your eyes open Netanyahu promised to use the bomb on Iran if this deal is signed. I think hes capable of it.

  4. What little support Israel gets from the World, would soon turn into nothing.

    Netanyahu promises a lot, all bombast.

  5. marvin miller:

    No way! He may be having hissy fits right now, but he would NOT dare do anything reckless, such as spite bombing. Saner heads would prevail in Israel. The world would castigate Israel. and of course Obama and the United States would threaten to take away the $$$$$$$$$$$$ subsidies that welfare country gets from us. So, money talks and BS walks. Bibi knows that.
    This would have happened IF there was a Republican President in the White House. The green light and a wink-wink would set him loose. Think about that.

  6. The fact that Bibi & Rethuglicans hate it practically guarantees that it’s a damn good deal!

    Bibi is just mad because he’s lost the Proxy for his much-wanted “War with Iran by Proxy” … namely, U.S.!

  7. I guess the Republicans must believe that if they can start WWIII they will bring about the second coming of Jesus and the Rapture and then they will be swept up into heaven while all of us sinners stay here and pay the price.

  8. People! isn’t it obvious? according to the GOP, WAR is Good! PEACE is BAD! you wonderful folks here have read my opinions many times and know that I don’t give a FU@K what republicans think! and before the idiot republicans TROLLS get to hitting the thumbs down button! let me give YOU more fuel for the fire! YOU AS$HAT republicans are never correct! YOU dumb BAST@RDS haven’t been correct about ANYTHING since Eisenhower! and since the 1980’s, the OLIGARCH’s have hijacked YOUR party! they’ve MIND RAPED you BIG TIME! they’ve used YOUR WHITE PRIVILEGE to encourage YOU to even vote against policy that would benefit YOUR dumb AS$ES! when the OLIGARCH’s pulled out FUX NEWS to further make YOU even bigger idiots and bigots! They even brainwashed YOU into believing that traitorous B-rated hollywood actor RONNIE REAGAN was jesus! and AYN RAND had good sense, I got news for you ROMPER ROOM republicans! america is starting to wake up! and that means NO MORE GOP! say BEDTIME FOR BONZO!

  9. Bibi is not the President of the US no matter how much he likes to think he is. Many, many Americans are tired of sending US taxpayer dollars to Israel, when that money could be used better here at home.

    Bibi needs to “humble himself in the sight of the Lord” and just stfu.

  10. Israel already bombed them once…. this guy was a co-founder of the Project for a new American Century…. He and Jeb Bush.

    We will have the United States of Israel if a Republican is elected president. We need to find a way to permanently discredit the neo-con pre-emptive philosophy, remove crooks like Condie Rice from her post at Stanford, and pick up Vince Bugliosi’s case against them all for murder (the Iraq war with no basis) .

    These are only outrageous because the media and the far right have worked tirelessly to legitimize this position. The rest of the world is shocked by our provincial war mongering cheered on by Israel…

    Their right to exists does not translate inthe USA being required to endorse every political position they have …..

  11. Netanyahu is Prime Minister of Israel; it is his duty to protect Israeli interests. Is that hard to understand? You fail to mention: the lack of surprise inspections (24 day lead time) & “military centers” off limits to inspectors. Arranging snap-back sanctions should be as easy as putting toothpaste back in the tube. Opposition to the deal is not a partisan position in Israel. Isaac Herzog (leader of the anti-Netanyahu opposition) has publically condemned it. Key figures in the Israeli peace camp such as David Grossman threw in their support of Netanyahu on this one particular issue. That may give you cause for reflection. America has been through all this before with North Korea. Curb your enthusiasm!Then there is the BIG LIE, that the alternative to an agreement was war, when the alternative was always continuing sanctions until Iran agreed to a meaningful deal. American liberals have simply stopped thinking about Iran;for them it became a game of “Screw Israel and the Republicans

  12. Netanyahu’s prognostication skills are clearly lacking. Remember, he said removing Sadam Hussein would stabilize the region. How did that turn out, Bibi???

    Everyone criticizing this deal are the exact same geniuses who said Iraq had WMDs, Obamacare is a job killer, and marriage equality would lead to riots in the streets.

    How can they be so wrong about so many things and keep getting re-elected?

  13. Netanyahu can “use his considerable influence to incite real congressional resistance to the deal” all he wants, it won’t make a bit of difference.

    Neither Netanyahu nor the Republican congress can do anything to prevent this agreement from going forward. Congress has no constitutional authority to interfere with political agreements made by the president with foreign governments. In fact the Republicans have made asses of themselves by claiming they will do everything in their power to stop this agreement. They better get it through their heads, THEY DO NOT HAVE THAT POWER.

    And the more Netanyahu attempts to “use his considerable power” to influence our congress the less influence he has. The majority of Americans resent foreign interference in their law making. He is only cutting his and Israel’s throats because we are seeing exactly what he is trying to do.

    My advice is, if you want a war with Iran, go fight it yourself.

  14. There is world-wide support for this deal, and Iranians are waving the American flag, rather than burning it, and The Party Of No is angry?

    Heck of a job, Reichwing….

  15. Republicans do not believe in diplomacy because it takes intelligence, patience, conviction and trust in the process, all of which are attributes they do not have.

    They can rant and wave all they want and asshole Bibi can threaten and whine all he wants but all they are doing is showing the world that they have no place on the stage with the big boys.

  16. Though it is Netenyahu’s duty to protect Israel’s interest, it is our duty to protect ours…and, as permanent members of the UN Security Counsel’s, the planet’s. Now, get that through *your* head.

  17. This has never been a game. Fear monger Netanyahu burned his bridges when he spoke to Congress. Not only did he piss off millions here, he also angered the other countries that were involved. I think the countries came then to the table with a new vigor that they would reach agreement.

    We also will not forget Tehran Tom’s letter and the 47 who signed it.

    Actions do have consequences.

  18. I’d think Netanyahu could do one helluva lot better job protecting Israel by not sounding like a bloodthirsty war hawk.
    Yeah we’ve been through all this with North Korea, and guess what? We’re still here, and North Korea is just as effective as it’s always been.
    And I resent your mischaracterization of American Liberals. I’ve no problem with Israel defending themselves against the endless attacks from Islam in general, and the Palestinians in particular.
    But Netanyahu is and was talking about attacking Iran, with a Bu$h-esque “We’ll do it alone” if we have to.
    Since 1949 Israel has been sucking at Uncle Sugar’s teat to the tune of $121 Billion dollars. If Israel Attacks Iran, that will dry up.
    It’s time for some peace making for a change. And I as a military veteran do not see the need for more American blood to be shed over Israel’s squabbles.

  19. What exactly don’t they like about the deal? They are bitching at the United States, Obama in particular is getting a barrage of the little petulant boys’ tantrum speak, with Bibi leading the pack of 47 you know who’s.
    They were NOT part of the Deal making team nor country (Israel out!) But even before the deal was settled they were bitching that it was: Not a Good Deal. How the F*ck can you tell a deal is no good when it hasn’t even begun to build? And even now, how many of them have read the dayuum thing?

  20. Source: McClatchy

    Iran nuke deal depends on most intrusive inspection system ever

    The success of the historic accord reached Tuesday to prevent Iran from using its nuclear program to secretly build weapons will hinge on the most intrusive international monitoring system ever devised by the U.N. nuclear watchdog to detect cheating.

    Designed to scrutinize every part of Tehran’s program, the system will rely on scores of U.N. inspectors, satellite imagery and intelligence from the United States and other nations. Remote cameras, tamper-proof seals and other sensing devices would send encrypted data from Iranian nuclear facilities, including sites that have been off-limits, via the Internet to the International Atomic Energy Agency’s headquarters in Austria.

    Read more here:

  21. Well Berel you have all the names of the players right that much I will give you HOWEVER…the rest of your comment is nothing more than a $carah Paylin word salad…with a glass of Mogen David. Your tell was ubiquitous boiler plate slam on the only people in this nation AND world who have their poop in a group!…the Liberals and Democrats. I suppose your one of those Jews who believes that Hitler was a Liberal ala’ Ben Carson and every other idiotic conservative moron eh’.

  22. This coming from you the one who didn’t even know that a woman was shot and killed by an illegal in San Fransisco a week after it was headline on all news channels. No, you came out and called people “asshats” and “lazy” then disappeared into silence when you realized that yes you are that “stupid”.. Stop with your N Korea nonsense.. They are broke and shut off from the civilized world which is why they can’t advance their program. BIG difference between that and an oil rich sponsor of terrorism that just got billions of their money back.. And as for Netanyahu, that guy might be the only chance you have of not watching your family and friends melt in front of you when the ” trusty” Iranians bomb a town near you in years to come you ignorant dope..

  23. If that’s their thinking, they had better read their New Testament as well as The Old Testament. They definitely wouldn’t be the ones going to Heaven.

  24. Moongrim, I wish there was some way in a free society to let the war mongers of our country have their war. Only with just them doing the fighting. Every one of them Mothers Fathers grandfathers and grandmothers, even children, fight!! when they are all gone, eliminated, then we step in and talk peace!
    If this was possible, say a place where the sign says “Sign up here for your war. How many would actually even show up? Any one want to bet there would be zero?

  25. What a load of codsswallop you’re unloading here Wonton/dipthong. You’re the one who was too damned lazy to give me a citation. I knew perfectly well what you were talking about, but like every other fear monger- you were just talking out of your ass.

    North Korea is just like a republican it’s all bombast and threats, and no credibility.

    So now you’re claiming that all that stands between Nuclear Armageddon and us is the “Brave and Valiant” Netanyahu?

    Dude I don’t know what the fark you’ve been smoking but you really need to stop sucking Israeli ass. If you’re so hot and bothered about Israel, move your own ass out to it.

  26. The problem GSB, is that those who have the biggest hardons for war- are often those who have never had to fight one.

    Witness Dick(head) Cheney and his Puppet George W. Bu$h.

  27. Wonton, be the first to sign up , will you? Be the first to give all for your war but remember to get all your family signed up. You Know, Mother Father grandfather grandmother children..we all know the world needs to be disinfected, from all the war mongers. Your family can be the first??

  28. Bibi prefers to attack unarmed Palestinian women and children, schools and hospitals. You know, people powerless to fight back.

  29. I was thinking the same thing, how the hell do you know whats in the bill if it hasn’t been drafted yet, and how do you know anything if you haven’t read it, and if they do read it they won’t understand…The President didn’t do this alone, and its as if they have forgotten the other countries involved in this deal…lol..they have been left behind, they don’t have any plans at all. That’s what you get when you stay too long at the

  30. Berel, did you watch the press conference,
    the president addressed just about all the drivel you are speaking, from the 24 day situation to anything and everything the
    reporters asked. What would be your better solutions. The other nations who are boycotting Iran will not continue the boycott if the rethugs stand in the way of a deal. The Iran is free to pursue as many weapons as it wants to!

  31. FF…Before 911. People were saying, What’s with these Israeli Art Students selling Paintings all over America?

    I was working in a Shop near San Francisco, the students came in and were more concerned with the building and it’s architecture than they were selling any paintings!

    QUESTION: Who desired a cushion by weakening Iraq?

  32. Agree Moongrim, and that was my point. These people love war, they make money and their children all attend college, while the working class have children killed wounded,and left with nothing.
    Now if, these war mongers knew their children and family’s were in the midst of a war, would the out come be different? What gets me most is…all these people who love war, claim to be Christians!!!

  33. You know The way you two carry on perhaps a nice rub down will soften your heads woops I mean cool your heads

  34. Israel with Bibi in charge, plus our republican traitors, is one of the biggest threats to peace in that region. The gop wants WAR, as long as other people’s kids fight it. Profits are what is in it for them. Cheney is speaking up for Halliburton profits. He never fought in Viet Nam, yet has never hesitated to seek war with any country who seems too weak to fight back. President Obama is too intelligent, too peaceful for the gop. Every last one of the unqualified contenders on the gop team wants WAR. Jeb! has his brother’s warmongers waiting on the sidelines for when he is placed into the WH just like W was. The “smart one” in a very shallow gene pool.

  35. This man Netanyahu is unbelievable! And far too anxious for a war, one wonders if he was really in Washington to pick up his personal payoffs from the American M/I complex, he certainly burns through enough armaments messing up those poor Palestinians.

    Old men make fat money off of wars they send other peoples children out to die in. With the level of ‘foreign aid’ we give Israel they should have killed the Palestinians with kindness by now, but there’s no corporate kickbacks in it. I wonder where Bibis children serve/d in their time? Bet they’re very safe.

  36. One more reason to keep a Republican OUT of the White House!
    This deal would have stalled, sputtered and withered away…IF we had a Republican President, a Republican Secretary of State and Republican “Experts” in the Deal.

    Those Republican are obstinate warmongers. They seem to kiss Bibi’s ass at a moments notice. Bibi has said before, I can control those Americans, only IF there’s a Republican President.

  37. The US had no choice but to make a deal. After antagonising Russia and China and Iran having readily accessible trade links to Russia. There was no way they could successfully attack Iran without turning it into a major war with military supplies coming from Russia and China via Russia and the Caspian Sea which US forces would not be allowed to interdict without retaliation from Russia.
    Israel was quite content of course for tens of thousands of Americans to die fighting to suppress opposition to Israeli expansion.

  38. Subject: Israels Nuclear Capabilities,why worry about Iran, our worries should be about israels temperment
    Why so much secrecy?They also have the capabilities of building a Atomic Bomb!

    Stockpile[edit]The State of Israel has never made public any details of its nuclear capability or arsenal. The following is a history of estimates by many different sources on the size and strength of Israel’s nuclear arsenal. Estimates may vary due to the amount of material Israel has on store versus assembled weapons, and estimates as to how much material the weapons actually use, as well as the overall time in which the reactor was operated.

    1967 (Six Day War)– 2 bombs;[100][101] 13 bombs[102]
    1969– 5–6 bombs of 19 kilotons yield each[103]
    1973 (Yom Kippur War)– 13 bombs;[65] 20 nuclear missiles plus developed a suitcase bomb[104]
    1974– 3 capable artillery battalions each with 12 175 mm tubes and a total of 108 warheads;[105][106] 10 bombs[107]
    1976– 10–20 nuclear wea…

  39. Israel Nuc Weap continue;
    2004– 82[124]
    2006– Federation of American Scientists believes that Israel “could have produced enough plutonium for at least 100 nuclear weapons, but probably not significantly more than 200 weapons”.[2]
    2008– 150 or more nuclear weapons.[125]
    2008– 80 intact warheads, of which 50 are re-entry vehicles for delivery by ballistic missiles and the rest bombs for delivery by aircraft. Total military plutonium stockpile 340–560 kg[126]
    2009– Estimates of weapon numbers differ sharply with plausible estimates varying from 60 to 400.[127]
    2010– According to Jane’s Defense Weekly Israel has between 100 and 300 nuclear warheads, most of them are probably being kept in unassembled mode but can become fully functional “in a matter of days”.[128]
    2010– “More than 100 weapons, mainly two-stage thermonuclear devices, capable of being delivered by missile, fighter-bomber, or submarine”[24]
    2014– Approximately 80 nuclear warheads for deliver…

  40. Israel NUC Weap continu

    2010– “More than 100 weapons, mainly two-stage thermonuclear devices, capable of being delivered by missile, fighter-bomber, or submarine”[24]
    2014– Approximately 80 nuclear warheads for delivery by two dozen missiles, a couple of squadrons of aircraft, and perhaps a small number of sea-launched cruise missiles.[129]
    2014 – “300 or more” nuclear weapons.[91]

    The Israeli Air Force possesses Lockheed Martin F-16I Sufa (“Storm”) Multirole combat aircraft and McDonnell Douglas/Boeing F-15I Ra’am(“Thunder”) strike fighters
    (Wonder where they got these)

  41. …you might consider this:
    …most Republicans never served; and none of thier families served, so for them the “Costs of war” morph into the “OPPORTUNITIES of war”…all the deaths are abstract to them, to be swept under the rug of “Collateral Damage” or ignored entirely…
    …there are none so blind as those who not only will not see, but refuse to see…
    Likud and Bibi I’ve known about since the early 1980s; I logged then that they sounded like psychotic assholes* and they have done nothing to change my mind…
    …so FLUCK AIPAC and the Republicans who have sworn fealty to Netanyahu over our own President…they should be forcibly removed from office and forced to emigrate permanently to Israel…
    *At the time; I never thought the Israeli people would elect these murderous bastards*

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