Rachel Maddow Has The Highest Rated Non Fox News Show On Cable News

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MSNBC may be canceling their liberal shows, but one show that won’t be going anywhere belongs to Rachel Maddow, who had the highest ratings of any non-Fox News show in July.

According to TVNewser, “CNBC’s Shark Tank is the ninth highest-rated program among the key demo, finishing ahead of all other non-FNC content. MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show finishes No. 15 as the highest-rated non-FNC program among total viewers. Maddow is also MSNBC’s highest-rated show in the demo, finishing at No. 19. Nancy Grace is HLN’s top show in both viewers and the key demo. Varney & Company leads Fox Business Network in both categories.”

After the cancelation of Ed Schultz’s show, there has been a lot of concern among liberals that MSNBC would dump all of their liberal hosts including Rachel Maddow. The ratings demonstrate that Maddow is the one ratings draw on the network. MSNBC executives have consistently taken the wrong lesson from Maddow’s success.

Instead of trying to find smart hosts who have charisma and put the news first, the network has tried to copy Maddow’s format by labeling her a wonk. Rachel Maddow is a policy wonk, but she is also very entertaining. Maddow never gets too deep into policy, and keeps things moving on her show.

The reason Chris Hayes has not been successful at 8 PM is that he isn’t entertaining, and his show tends to drag. MSNBC will end up dumping most of their “nerd” shows, which will only help Rachel Maddow stand out more.

It is well known that MSNBC considers only two programs safe. The network loves Joe Scarborough for some odd reason, and Maddow remains the face of MSNBC. NBC considers Maddow too “partisan” to be promoted to Meet The Press or any of the broadcast network shows, but her ratings demonstrate that even when she is buried by a horrible lead in, demand is still high among liberals for the kind of program that Rachel Maddow delivers on MSNBC.

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  1. If they dump all of the Liberal programming but Rachel Maddow. Then in my opinion she should start some negotiations with Free Speech TV on her own and abandon MSNBC.

  2. I have always enjoyed Dr. Maddow’s show!

    She is a savvy journalist and intense interviewer.

  3. Simply stated! She is the Best and I love her! However, Melissa Harris Perry is trying too hard to be like her! Tell her to be herself, she comes across better! Just my opinion!

  4. Then she’d be on at 4pm pacific.

    Does anyone else have issues typing on this site? It seems to lag behind my typing.

  5. like to see her flex a little muscle and stand up for any of her collegees she considers worth standing up for

  6. She may run a successful TV show, and I love her work and her Jedi Knight like ability in debate skills; but since when has any Conservative allowed something liberal and successful free rein?

  7. Main problem with MSNBC………They had an excellent program lineup several years ago with Olberman, and they were beating Fox News in the ratings. Would be curious to know, if the programming director is a Republican; or some wealthy Republican is bitching again about the network being to liberal. Same damn thing happened on CBS with Dan Rather. Daddy Bush made a HUGE stink, because Rather investigating report on his idiot son, GW Bush. I already block Fox News, if our news continues down the road with their right-wing crap……I’m disconnecting from cable all together, and will encourage as many people I can to do the same.

  8. Clearly msnbc has been bought by the Republican corporations. Maddow is a concise journalist and an honest one. I wish she would run for Congress.

  9. Rachel may be entertaining, but she is also imparting real news while doing so. She’s intelligent, concise, does her research and leads into a story so that the listener has a better understanding of the issue rather than just one or two word sound bites. Personally, I really like her.

  10. We have been watching Rachel since mid-2008 and feel better informed because of her way of presenting stories. However, there is one thing that we really wish would change – there are far too many “breaking news” segments that eat into her otherwise great reporting. If we wanted to watch breaking news, we’d tune into CNN. It seems like these segments go on and on and are quite repetitious during her presentation. Of course she is probably beholden to management’s control on this.

  11. Rachel keeps me sane. She is an excellent journalist, she leads one into a story, laying out the concise details in such a way that draws one in. I love her humor, she makes me laugh out loud, which is a good thing in this crazy and sometimes depressing world. Don’t take her off, I will stop watching MSNBC! I also enjoy the Cycle.

  12. I like Rachel, but you obviously have not experience true journalism done by iconic people like Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite. Nothing today is a shadow of what real journalists did before they all became hookers for corporate America.

  13. If MSNBC cancels all its “liberal” line-up except for Rachel,
    what will the line-up be? “Lock-Up”, “Caught on Tape”? Will they be keeping “The Last Word” with Lawrence?
    Cancelling “The Ed Show” will kill the voice of the American blue-collar worker, and their needs: union bargaining rights, safety, arbitration..etc. We need voice from both sides, we can’t make informed choices with one sided points of view.
    Rachel Maddow is a PhD from Cambridge University in the UK, in Polical Science.

  14. If MSNBC cancels all its “liberal” line-up except for Rachel,
    what will the line-up be? “Lock-Up”, “Caught on Tape”? Will they be keeping “The Last Word” with Lawrence?
    Cancelling “The Ed Show” will kill the voice of the American blue-collar worker, and their needs: union bargaining rights, safety, arbitration..etc. We need voices from both sides, we can’t make informed choices with one sided points of view.
    Rachel Maddow has a PhD from Cambridge University in the UK, in Political Science.

  15. By “liberal media” they mean “fact-based.” Chris Hays, O’Donnell and Ed always produce shows that delve into information that is usually ignored by Faux News and CNN. Sure, there could be some changes in the line up but I would keep them all maybe shuffle line-ups. FOX news does not serve the people well because it lies too much and misrepresents facts and is too intent on being against anything the President does. MSNBC deals more with issues that impact most Americans and presents information voters should really have to make critical decisions. CNN is just mouth-piece for Israel and the military industrial complex. It will be a struggle to find out true information since Al Jazeera has been banned from the airways except for Al Jazeera America which is becoming FOX light.

  16. Last summer when Israel was annihilating Palestinians, actually, a very big war …. Maddow didn’t utter a peep.
    Not once.
    She’s an arse-kisser and not so brave … talking fast isn’t the same as having integrity.
    Americans pay for Israel’s military, it borrows money to hand over to Israel and as s American citizen and tax payers, we deserve the right to be informed about what our govt. is doing around the world and … done (killing and destroying) in our name.
    It’s us that sends those white phosphorus bullets to Israel to shoot unarmed Palestinian civilians with.

    It would be heaven to have Olbermann back but the fithy rich Republican neocons who run NBC/MSNBC can’t cope with his honesty.

  17. Sure hate to see Ed go. We’re also losing Jon Stewart on
    the comedy channel very soon. This election cycle ain’t
    gonna be the same without ’em. If only they’d give
    Keith a mic somewhere on tv to speak for those of
    us who smell what the baggers are cookin’. Rachel’s
    program is without a doubt MUST see sustenance
    for poli-sci junkies like most of us here. Roll on Ms
    Maddow! One love.

  18. Chuck Todd doesn’t hide that he’s a republican. He gives softball questions to republicans on his show. So explain how Rachel Maddow would be too partisan?

  19. And it appears almost all the pundents from Faux Noos have what degrees- either non or the college of Hard nocks.

  20. I LOVE Rachel but lets be honest, shall we, FUX NEWS intentionally set itself up by offering it cable channel as BASIC CABLE!! MSNBC? NO!! so common damn sense says FUX NEWS will draw more viewers because it’s FREE!!! roger ailes isn’t STUPID! he’s a disgusting POS! but business wise, he’s not! So for Rachel to be running with FUX is an accomplish! BTW lets be brutally honest now, most boarder line moderate republicans won’t watch Rachel because she’s not just a LIBERAL! it’s because she’s apart of the LGBT community , KEEP IT REAL or KEEP IT MOVING!

  21. Brian,
    I’m old enough to have seen/heard both of those excellently talented REAL NEWS PEOPLE.
    The world’s viewers are a different sort in a different world today.
    The typical viewer/listener of today is seeking to be entertained rather than legitimately informed.
    This is why almost everything on TV or radio is “entertainment” based.
    We can easily ascertain this by looking around us at the type of average person walking around today.
    In those Q&A pieces on late night TV, of any 10 questions asked, one might be able to give the correct reply.

    BTW-Do you remember who opened with,
    “Hello, Americans. There’s good news tonight”?

  22. America has clearly moved socially left over the past decade and yet Fox News still has the highest ratings.

    What’s wrong with this picture!

  23. I&I forgot to mention earlier that there are many of us
    right coast dwellers who have much love and respect
    for our left coast bruddahs ‘n sistahs. Hated to see
    yet another oil spill in Cali. And the drought making all
    the fires, mercy. Been asking Jah to send plenty rain
    your way…especially blessing the emerald traingle.

  24. So “NBC considers Maddow too ‘partisan’.” How interesting, since she deals only in facts–and facts have a well-known liberal bias. Maddow only appears to be “partisan” because the rest of the media leans so far to the right that it’s pathetic. Maddow isn’t partisan–she’s fair, she’s honest, she’s factual, and she’s damn good at what she does. If that makes her “partisan,” then you need your eyes and ears checked, NBC.

  25. Nothing wrong with that picture;

    There are those who spend their lives in front of the Idiot Box.

    And then there are those who are out doing something constructive with their lives.

  26. She has a Ph.D. in political science from Oxford, so she’s clearly Dr. Maddow. My Ph.D. is from a American institution so my cap is tipped to her…

  27. Rachel must stay or you will lose people that tune into her every night.now there is Joe Scarboro very annoying man. Idon’t know how Mika stands him she must be a Saint. I Probably spelled her name wrong sorry

  28. Said exactly what I thought when I read it. How can they possibly call her too partisan when the have Chuck Todd on. I guess what they really mean is that she’s not right wing enough.

  29. I don’t know who Rachel has on her staff or how she recruited them, but she and they are brilliant!

  30. Not forCongres , but the Senate for six year term and some very important committees,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  31. I turned my ex-republican mom onto Rachel Maddow…& she likes her, then I switched over to Brer-Fox NewsyNews, & after 5 minutes I thought she might have a heart attack laughing so loud…we determined she should avoid Fox, & watch Rachel more often.

    She Loved the ‘attack owl’ story, but after 8 decades she is soured on politics. Rachel is getting a bit long-winded lately, as if we are idiot children though.

    They could have a chunk of wood on MTP, and that would be an improvement…

  32. i hope you can have ed schultz on your show every day. the only reason they took ed off the air is because he tells the truth, not like fox. the gop has their own chanel,to spew there crap, why cant the dems have theirs. msnbc im sure has been paid off like every other business. this country is so corrupted its unreal. rachel, you have big shoes to fill, you are the only one left to tell the truth. the american workers need you now, more than ever. i am so worried about our future it isnt funny. what is wrong with people that little to nothing and still vote republican, they cant be that dumb. the gop has taken so much away from them, and they still vote for them. you really have to push bernie sanders, he is the only honest one running. it hasnt been easy for our family, but were making it, i am worried about the people that have it even worse, what is going to happen to them.please, please help the american people, with every thing you can do. i hope you dont get the boot 4 doing yo

  33. The suits are simply too stupid to think they’ll keep the audience when these people leave.

    We watch them for a reason!

  34. I agree, and MSNBC will keep loosing viewers all together.News and commentator’s analysis is what viewers want. So far, Madow’s alone will not pay the bill.

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