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rachel maddow democrats not the tea party

Rachel Maddow Has The Highest Rated Non Fox News Show On Cable News

rachel maddow democrats not the tea party

MSNBC may be canceling their liberal shows, but one show that won’t be going anywhere belongs to Rachel Maddow, who had the highest ratings of any non-Fox News show in July.

According to TVNewser, “CNBC’s Shark Tank is the ninth highest-rated program among the key demo, finishing ahead of all other non-FNC content. MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show finishes No. 15 as the highest-rated non-FNC program among total viewers. Maddow is also MSNBC’s highest-rated show in the demo, finishing at No. 19. Nancy Grace is HLN’s top show in both viewers and the key demo. Varney & Company leads Fox Business Network in both categories.”

After the cancelation of Ed Schultz’s show, there has been a lot of concern among liberals that MSNBC would dump all of their liberal hosts including Rachel Maddow. The ratings demonstrate that Maddow is the one ratings draw on the network. MSNBC executives have consistently taken the wrong lesson from Maddow’s success.

Instead of trying to find smart hosts who have charisma and put the news first, the network has tried to copy Maddow’s format by labeling her a wonk. Rachel Maddow is a policy wonk, but she is also very entertaining. Maddow never gets too deep into policy, and keeps things moving on her show.

The reason Chris Hayes has not been successful at 8 PM is that he isn’t entertaining, and his show tends to drag. MSNBC will end up dumping most of their “nerd” shows, which will only help Rachel Maddow stand out more.

It is well known that MSNBC considers only two programs safe. The network loves Joe Scarborough for some odd reason, and Maddow remains the face of MSNBC. NBC considers Maddow too “partisan” to be promoted to Meet The Press or any of the broadcast network shows, but her ratings demonstrate that even when she is buried by a horrible lead in, demand is still high among liberals for the kind of program that Rachel Maddow delivers on MSNBC.

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