Donald Trump Advises Automakers To Kill Jobs To Increase Corporate Profits


There is little doubt that Republicans will do anything to increase the profits of their corporate masters, even if it means deliberately killing jobs and sending more Americans into the ranks of poverty. It is just what Republicans do, and this week Donald Trump revealed one of the GOP’s tactics to increase income inequality, kill jobs, and force more Americans to work for poverty wages. Trump’s revelation comes on the heels of a new report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that explained why there is such crushing income inequality in the U.S., and how to combat it with great effect. It is likely that, unbeknownst to them, the IMF also explained why Republicans attack labor unions with such venom and why they work tirelessly to keep wages in America so despicably low for tens-of-millions of hardworking and highly-productive American workers.

Donald Trump may not have realized he was revealing what may be the most dastardly GOP-corporate tactic to force Americans to work for poverty wages. When Bush-Republicans crashed the economy in the Great Recession and killed tens-of-millions of Americans’ jobs, corporations and businesses did not hire new workers, patiently waited for President Obama’s economic recovery, and then hired desperate workers for poverty wages. Now, according to Republicans and corporate bosses the Kochs, it is the American workforce, specifically those earning decent wages such as Detroit autoworkers, that is destroying business profits; because their wages are just too extravagant.

Using that argument, Donald Trump proffered a typically Republican plan to help the big three automakers increase their profits without moving their manufacturing operations out of country to pay less-than-poverty wages in Mexico. Trump said U.S. automakers should shift production away from Michigan to other American communities where autoworkers would make minimum wage, receive no benefits, and sink into poverty. It is a “destroy jobs and starve workers” until they are willing to work for slave wages  plot so typical of corporatist Republicans. He said, “You can go to different parts of the United States and then ultimately you’d do full-circle — you’ll come back to Michigan because those guys are going to desperately want their jobs back; even if it is earning less. We can do the rotation in the United States — it doesn’t have to be in Mexico. After Michigan loses a few plants, all of sudden you’ll make good deals in your own area.” Good deals in Republican corporate-speak means hiring unemployed auto workers desperate for a job to work for poverty wages and no employee benefits. This is exactly how corporations have thrived after the Great Recession and President Obama’s recovery gained steam and why the income gap continues widening.

As is typical, there is one major problem with Trump’s GOP-corporatist “plan;” auto workers will make the same union wages wherever they build automobiles in the United States according to the labor contract negotiated between their union and domestic automakers. That is the beauty of being a unionized auto worker in America; “Although wages are lower at non-union U.S. plants owned by foreign automakers, hourly employees for Detroit’s Big Three are paid the same no matter what state they’re in, under the terms of United Auto Workers contracts.” Obviously Trump was unaware of that fact or he would have said what Republicans typically say about labor unions; unless Republicans attack them like they are ISIS and condemn them as terrorist Nazis, America is going to perish.

There is a reason Republicans go to great lengths to destroy unions and keep wages at poverty levels; it is the best way to increase income inequality and raise the top one percent’s share of income. That was an “unbelievably startling revelation” in a recent report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that stated; “the decline in unionization is related to the rise of top income shares and less redistribution, while the erosion of minimum wages is correlated with considerable increases in overall inequality.” Not only is the IMF stating the obvious and something any non-Republican with a pea-brain comprehends, the organization described the economic policy and goal of corporatist Republicans and their funding mechanism the Koch brothers.

According to Inequality and Labor Market Institutions, “a steep decline in union density is followed by a 8% increase of top incomes and a 3% decline for workers’ share; if de-unionization weakens earnings for middle- and low-income workers, this necessarily increases the income share of corporate owners, CEOs,  and shareholders.” According to an economist and co-author of the report, Florence Jaumotte, “declining union strength is associated with less income redistribution, likely through a reduced influence of unions on public policy benefitting the labor force.” The report also revealed what Republicans deny religiously; it is a well-established fact that “Unions help raise wages, both for organized labor members and the community at large;” what semi-intelligent human beings recognize as one of the greatest benefits of a strong labor movement; “prevailing wage.” Although the IMF has never been a champion for anyone other than big business, it did readily acknowledge that its findings proved that “higher unionization and higher minimum wages help reduce inequality.” It is something that Republicans and their corporate masters are well aware of and why they so stridently oppose labor unions and higher minimum wages.

The IMF study also noted that any country that actually supports shared prosperity among all its citizens will enable their workers to form unions and ensure a living wage for all. Obviously, with the Koch brothers controlling Congress and the Supreme Court, as well as half the state legislatures in the nation, the concept of “shared prosperity” is an abomination which is why there is a robust Republican war against workers forming unions or a living wage for all Americans. It is also why the big three auto makers are considering moving their production facilities to Mexico, and why Donald Trump thought he came up with a brilliant plan to save automakers money by simply moving their production plants to Republican states with ‘right to work’ for less laws and poverty wages instead of Mexico; then moving back to Michigan to hire desperate auto workers for low wages.

Trump’s plan is closely related to the tactics Willard Romney’s company, Bain Capital, employed on a regular basis; buy a company, fire all the workers, and hire the workforce back at minimum wage and prohibit them from organizing with union representation. Many Americans just cannot comprehend why after the economy is recovering, all the proceeds have flowed directly to the top while the poor and middle class continue steadily losing ground. After the  2008 Republican crash, corporations and big business simply waited until out of work Americans became desperate for any kind of job and would work for minimum wage; a minimum wage Republicans refuse to raise because their only regard is, as the IMF reported, “a steady rise of top income shares and less redistribution” to permanently “increase overall income inequality” to benefit the rich.

It is tragic that the media finds an abundance of time reporting Donald Trump’s every utterance but ignores his typical Republican plan to increase income inequality; even if it means destroying jobs. It may be the only time that a Republican blatantly admits that the GOP supports tactics that purposely kills jobs, and unions, to increase poverty for the masses and wealth for the richest one percent even though there are some Americans who understand that is the only economic policy any Republican supports.

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  1. …”Compassionate Republican” {spits} No ‘f’ing Teahadist/NeoConArtist/Teatard even understands the MEANING o’ the word “Compassionate”…
    …they claim to be Christians, but if Jesus showed up they’d blow His brains out with an AR-15…{or try at any rate!!!}

  2. Love how he says to make America great again, all while his product is manufactured in China – hes such a hypocrite. The spray tan chemicals have rendered him unbelievably stupid and possibly pre-Altzheimers. He makes no sense at all.

  3. My last three jobs were corporate and or gov’t and the amount of work, the pressure placed on workers is astounding.

    Interviewed recently, and potential boss kept saying “I work 60 hrs. a week, that’s what it takes”.

    She was fishing to see what I would say. I did not reply, kept silent. I did not get the job, and would have turned it down if offered.

    Seriously, I can’t do it anymore. I may regret it but I can’t commit to the pressure, the hours. And they can dump us for any reason at all, get into our personal lives, background checks, drug tests, personality tests.

    Eff that.

    All to make someone else rich. No thanks.

  4. Profits over people. People just necessary evil to sociopaths like Trump, and corporations.

    And the Tea Party cheers like the morons they are. They frigging side with insurance companies. Insurance companies! Banks!

    All because they can’t grasp that the “golden years” had unions, high taxes little competition. Not to mention Glass-Steagall.

  5. Like DUMYA did???

    We lost 8.4 million jobs
    In 2008 and 2009, the U.S. labor market lost 8.4 million jobs, or 6.1% of all payroll employment. This was the most dramatic employment contraction (by far) of any recession since the Great Depression. – See more at:

    Outsourcing to China Cost U.S. 3.2 Million Jobs Since 2001

    I can’t take ANYMORE tea bag/repub BULLSHIT!!!


  6. I wonder if this was Donald Trump’s message when he spoke recently at Birch Run, Michigan, a giant outlet mall not far from the city of Flint. Probably not.

    Michigan’s economy was ripped apart by the end of 2008. It is recovering slowly, due more to the efforts of former Gov. Granholm and President Obama than to any efforts by the present GOP state government. Recovery here is fragile. Most working class people in this state own homes that still have much less value than when they were optimistically bought in the 1980’s or 1990’s.

    I have no faith in the GOP filth that is trying to take complete control of the country. Not one of them has ever worked as hard as the typical American worker/employee. These tax-paying citizens have seen their wages and benefits stripped away systematically so that millionaire owners can profit. Get lost, Donald Trump and your fellow GOP blowhards.

  7. Moreover, when the jobs are gone… who will have enough money to buy the product?
    These supposed “smart businessmen” aren’t quite looking down the road to the end result. That result may be pitchforks and guillotines.

  8. This is an example of Republican governance. The middle class is left with no money to spend which would drive the economy. Rich people do not. So disheartening to see GOP voters cut everyone’s throat.

  9. Well, what is it? Is Donald Trump a Democrat faking it as a Republican or a Republican faking it as a Democrat? You media types can’t seem to come to an agreement. I guess whatever the title you want an article to have is what Donald Trump is when you’re making your stupid crap up. Idiots.

  10. The heck with the trickle down econ nonsense.

    It’s way past time to call it what it is: tinkle down.

    No wonder folks are pissed off.

  11. Now, there you go making stuff up. It is quite clear Mr. Trump is running as a Republican, speaks as a Republican & advocates Republican ideals on the economy. Never, has any writer in Politicus wrote that Mr. Trump is a Democrat running as a Republican – they have said that Mr. Trump is a gift to the Democratic party based on his statements of stupid.

    The difference between Mr. Trump & the rest of the GOP Candidate field is that Mr. Trump does not sugar coat his disdain for the rest of us. His disdain & arrogance is out there for all of us to see by his actions, words & deeds.

    Personally, I do not understand why this is so difficult for people to see. The Donald is not running for the people, he is running for himself.

  12. “I’ll be the best jobs President God ever made.”
    …yeah right; mandatory labor at slave wages…what’s next, gas ovens for the disabled old and infirm???

  13. Question for trump about jobs

    A federal judge later found you conspired to cheat both the Polish workers, who were paid less than $5 an hour cash with no benefits, and the union health and welfare fund. You testified that you did not notice the Polish workers, whom the judge noted were easy to spot because they were the only ones on the work site without hard hats.

    What should voters make of your failure or inability to notice 150 men demolishing a multi-story building without hard hats?

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