Hillary Clinton Obliterates Jeb Bush For His Defense Of Hateful “Anchor Babies” Slur


The Hillary Clinton campaign came down hard on Jeb Bush after the Republican defended the use of the slur “anchor babies.”

Hillary For America Latino Outreach Director, Lorella Praeli, pulled no punches in a statement:

During a press conference today, Jeb Bush tried to outdo Donald Trump and other Republican presidential candidates by doubling down on the hateful term ‘anchor baby’ when referring to the U.S. born children of immigrants.

It’s a disgrace to see these candidates attack a group of American citizens who not only have the same rights as everybody else in this country but also represent the very values this country was built on.

If Republicans continue to wonder how to label these children, Hillary has already made it clear to them: They are not ‘anchor babies.’ They are babies. They are our neighbors. They are our families. They are part of our communities. They are American citizens. Period.

Bush was asked by reporters if he regretted using the term anchor babies during a recent radio interview, and he snapped at the reporter, “You give me a better term and I’ll use it.”

Jeb Bush knew that the term was offensive because as co-chair of the Hispanic Leadership Network, he signed off on a memo that warned conservatives that the term anchor baby could be viewed as offensive.

The biggest indicator that anchor baby is an offensive slur is that Latinos have reacted to Bush’s comments with outrage. Rep. Linda Sanchez, chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus said, “From the depths of my heart, I look at someone like Jeb Bush, who really should know better and that all I can think of is the Spanish term, sirvengüenza, which means somebody who is completely without shame to attack children this way.”

The Clinton campaign was correct. Jeb Bush’s use of the slur was a disgraceful bit of shameless political pandering in a desperate attempt to out do Donald Trump’s racism. Jeb Bush was trying to reassure Republican voters that he is a racist bigot too.

The people that Bush, Trump, and their fellow Republicans are demonizing are children. Innocent children who did not get to choose where they were born. These kids are also legal citizens of the United States of America. Republican cruelty to children is the GOP’s new family value.

Republicans can resist. They are giving in to their racist impulses and throwing away any chance that they once had of winning in 2016. The only anchor that Republicans should be talking about is the anchor of racism that is sinking their party.

16 Replies to “Hillary Clinton Obliterates Jeb Bush For His Defense Of Hateful “Anchor Babies” Slur”

  1. A Horrible Phenomenon is happening to the GOP. They have Rabble-Roused their follower’s into Frenzy-of-Rage!

    All that ‘Citizens United’ Money Has Totally Created a GOP Monster!

    Just as Mark Twain warned:
    “Anger/Hatred does more harm to the vessel in which it is stored…
    Than to anything on which it is poured”

    The Brainwashing of My Dad:

  2. What happened to that 2012 post-game review about not being the stoopid party?
    Prince Rheebus where ya at?
    *shakes head*

  3. Babies born in the US do the parents no good in terms of improving their status for permanent residence or citizenship. None.

    Every immigrant who ever came here wanted their children to have a better life than they could have elsewhere. So if we call “anchor babies” to those born here of immigrant parents today, then all of us are that – the children of immigrants born here so that our forebears and parents could see us flourish. To pretend it’s different in 2015 from 1915 is idiotic and a lie.

  4. Clinton can chew Jeb Bush up and spit him out anytime. Who knew it would not be necessary.Trump reminds me of Leslie Nielsen doing his umpire skit in The Naked Gun movie. The more the crowd reacts,the more he responds.

  5. Not all of us. Some of our ancestors were brought here as forced labor. And to think under Dred Scott, we wouldn’t even be granted citizenship. Thank God America came to her senses and ratified the 14th Amendment for ALL citizens. Immigrant and slave alike.

  6. Jeb is showing how low he can go–and it’s pretty low given that his wife and her family are Hispanic. I don’t know how the man can sleep at night. And what about the wife?! She must value being a rich Bush more than a human Hispanic.

  7. Incorrect:
    Republican cruelty to children is the GOP’s new family value.

    Republican cruelty to children is the continuous GOP’s family value.

    Compare the GOP’s policies that help children to the GOP’s policies that harm children and the results are the GOP are anti-children.

    The republicans says ‘giving people with most of the money more money creates jobs.’
    Where are the jobs?
    All I see, is richer rich people.

  8. “What comes out of the heart…” Hatred is what the GOP feeds on and hatred is what they spit out.

    Thank you, Jason Easley, for another thoughtful and very telling article.

  9. Anchor babies are the Republicans who use the term. Bush, Trump and anyone else using the term derogatorily are themselves anchor babies.

  10. Forbes has an excellent article on the myth of the anchor baby. Well with reading. Someone should send it to Jebya.

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