Jeb Bush Campaign Rocked by Money Woes, Loss of Three Fundraisers

Already on a rocks from a variety of self-inflicted wounds, the Bush campaign has cut staffer pay and now lost three skilled fundraisers.

John Ellis “Jeb” Bush’s campaign was already in trouble going into this weekend, simply because voters aren’t fooled by his Jeb! persona, minus the Bush. We all know who he is, even Republicans. Keep in mind, this was the GOP’s presumptive frontrunner going into the 2016 campaign cycle.

As of August 25, The New York Times editorial board was calling him a “forlorn candidate,” and by Friday, August 28, Bush was telling a crowd that Trump “is a guy that’s the front-runner, he should be treated like the front-runner.”

Bad as they were, things just got worse, with Politico reporting Saturday that “Three top Jeb Bush fundraisers abruptly parted ways with his presidential campaign on Friday, amid internal personality conflicts and questions about the strength of his candidacy.”

Donald Trump was quick to notice, and crow:

According to Politico,

There are different versions of what transpired. The Florida-based fundraising consultants — Kris Money, Trey McCarley, and Debbie Aleksander — have said that they voluntarily quit the campaign and were still working with Bush’s super PAC, Right to Rise Super PAC. Others said the three, who worked under the same contract, were let go because they were no longer needed for the current phase of the campaign.

Fox News is reporting, as told to them by Bush sources, that “Money, McCarley and Alexander will continue to work for Right to Rise.”

Whatever the truth of the details, the three are no longer with the campaign. And Jeb Bush is in trouble already. It’s no surprise, as he has really done nothing right since he decided to run. And despite the success of his Super PAC, which, according to federal records has raised $114 million in the first quarter of 2015, his campaign has, as Politico put it, had more staffers than money.

The New York Times reported on August 24 that Bush had instituted “cost-saving measures” and that some aids have had their pay cut. If his campaign has not exactly fallen apart like Rick Perry’s, these are not encouraging signs.

Jeb Bush has been an exercise in incompetence, despite the campaign’s claim, by way of Bush spokesman Tim Miller to Fox News that “Governor Bush has the widest and deepest fundraising operation of any candidate in the field.”

And Ana Navarro, who was Bush’s director of immigration policy, but now works as a “Republican strategist and CNN political analyst,” told CNN, “They’ve done a good job. That they’re still working for the super PAC tells us it’s not a Jeb issue.”

Jeb Bush clearly has his apologists. But the Bush pockets might be no deeper than the Bush intellect, and if the skill of his campaign is on a par with whatever decision-making process determined the “anchor babies” strategy, Jeb! might as well drop out now.

Trump with his fourth grade rhetoric does not come across as exactly brilliant, but Jeb is the one who, as the Times pointed out, managed to get himself lectured on “ethnic sensitivity by Donald Trump” of all people.

23 Replies to “Jeb Bush Campaign Rocked by Money Woes, Loss of Three Fundraisers”

  1. I think it’s becoming clear. The voting public doesn’t want another Bush (or Clinton) in the Presidency.

  2. If you cant manage your campaign how can you manage the economy. Typical republican. Give them money they all in for the grift and nothing gets accomplished

  3. It amazes me how much money has been spent before the first primary. It’s well past the time to take this election out of the hands of m/billionaires and make campaigns government funded. What a waste of millions!

  4. Clinton lost our entire extended family with her TPP and Bankster position.

    But, what really swung us to Sanders was that stupid, ‘You’ll find out about my position on KXL when I’m elected to office!” line.

    That statement made her look like an arrogant a**hole! She lost tens of thousands of supporters by doing that.

    If Clinton wants to show she’d be for the people, she needs to make sworn statements denouncing the three issues.

  5. Seems to me none of these bozos want the job, they just want the cash that comes with running for it…

  6. Begging for money? Dirty Socialist! Lazy, slothful bum! Scoundrel! Go and get a real job! There are street corners EVERYWHERE!!

  7. Most hopefuls would start out by throwing some red meat for the faithful and as enthusiasm builds, would ease in fuzzy topics and see how people respond. This man came out of the gate as if he has no sense whatsoever and fostered the rejection he has received. Look for more monied interests to jump ship.

  8. …I wouldn’t trust one of ’em to lead kids to the candy-store…as for JEB; he has proven since day 1 he wants to just do an extension of Le Shrubs reign…he “F”ked up in FLA, he would “F”k up the USA…and Trump took him apart like a roasted Cornish game hen…

  9. “That they’re still working for the super PAC tells us it’s not a Jeb issue.”

    *Still* working for the super PAC? I thought campaigns weren’t allowed to coördinate with super PACS. Too bad we don’t have a functioning FEC in this country…

  10. Up vote 10,000 X

    You can add the (in)Justice department and several more federal agencies responsible for ensuring fairness and equity to that comment.

  11. Reply to azportsider
    Sun, Aug 30th, 2015 at 10:58 am

    *Still* working for the super PAC? I thought campaigns weren’t allowed to coördinate with super PACS. Too bad we don’t have a functioning FEC in this country…

    Most excellent observation.
    These 3 campaign fundraisers may have compromised the required legal firewall between the Super-PACs and the Bush campaign.
    But we don’t necessarily need the FEC.
    If a good investigative reporter decides to go on a fact-finding mission, they may just stumble on the biggest story of the campaign season.

  12. just like a true GOPer…reminiscent of romney….jeb bush is already cutting the pay of his staffers…even after raking in $114 million

  13. It almost looks like Jeb was forced into running by his lack of enthusiasm and focus. Hes the ADD for the GOP(Trump’s the ASS of the GOP). No offense to attention deficit disorder sufferers. Jeb just doesnt seem to care. Please let Trump get the gop nom – a cakewalk for us dems!

  14. Granted, I have not watched that many GOPer candidates in the media. But, John Bush just seems “underwhelming” and bored of the whole process.

  15. IMO, he’s never acted (1) very bright or (2) very enthusiastic about being pres. This is all fine by me. He’d only try to ‘privatize’ SS by giving the money to his Wall Street friends in exchange for kickbacks just like he did in FL.

    BTW, why doesn’t he spend some of his own billions if he wants the job so badly?

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