Clown Exposed As Donald Trump Admits That His Campaign Speeches Are About Nothing

Trump rally in Dallas

During his rally in Dallas, TX tonight, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump admitted that his speeches are about nothing.

Video of Trump in Dallas:

Trump said, “On Fox and CNN they call it all Trump all the time. And by the way, their ratings are through the roof. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t cover me, I’ll be honest. It’s a very simple formula in entertainment, in television. If you get good ratings. If you get good ratings, and these aren’t good, they are monstrous then you are going to be on all of the time, even if you have nothing to say.”

Trump is saying nothing in his speeches, except the word great and a promise that America will also be great if he is elected president. Donald Trump is gaming the media. He gets in front of the microphone and babbles on about nothing. For example, Trump announced his plan to repeal and replace Obamacare with “something great.” In case we missed all of the details that Trump was dropping, he repeated that he was going to replace access to affordable healthcare with something great.

The media knows that they are being conned, but they continue to cover Donald Trump’s every move because they are have convinced themselves that Trump equals ratings.

The media created Donald Trump’s surge in the polls by giving him daily free media coverage. If the media stopped covering Trump tomorrow, he would plummet in the polls. While Trump’s endless media coverage about nothing is annoying, he is doing Democrats a huge favor by taking away potential media coverage from more serious candidates.

Each cable news network knows that Donald Trump’s speeches are not newsworthy, but they continue to give every one of them live coverage. Trump has no policy solutions. Trump is offering no answers. His campaign is based on the idea that America is bad right now, but he can make it great.

Trump admits that he is saying nothing, but the networks are still flocking to cover him. Because in America’s controlled corporate media, ratings are more important than informing the public.

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  1. Listen: I’ve seen this script before, where a mean mountebank with a simple routine and a lot of empty showmanship came along. His name was Ronald Reagan. Cavete viperam, nisi te mordet.

  2. I have always said the repugs would vote for a pile of crap as long as it has an (R) etched into it, well there you go, this guy is the biggest con man that has ever came down from “Jon Stewarts bullshit mountain”.

  3. for those that have not quite gotten it yet- this is the destruction of the GOP as we currently know it. enjoy the ride.

  4. I don’t think Trump knows that he’s not saying anything. In his Trump-centered world, proclaiming his greatness IS saying something important. Unfortunately, too many Americans are agreeing with him….. I hope they figure out that Emperor Trump has no clothes before November 2016.

  5. everyone needs to see the disastrous speech and q & a he had recently with the ukraine. epic clustefu*ck. shameful and disgraceful disaster- and that is before he even says one word.

  6. Beware of the viper, it may try to bite.

    Translation of Cavete viperam, nisi te mordet.

    from Carmina Burana by Carl Orff

  7. Mr. Rumpy looks to be retaining a lot of water, hes pretty bloated, looks like Hell(from where he emerged). Hes like a broken record, same bs each time, you can set your watch to it.

  8. “While Trump’s endless media coverage about nothing is annoying, he is doing Democrats a huge favor by taking away potential media coverage from more serious candidates.”

    I was unaware that there were any serious candidates on the Republican side. I just wish the media circus would stop ignoring Bernie Sanders.

  9. Trump’s speeches are ripped – word for word – from the ‘Fox & Friends’ teleprompter.

    Though Bill-o is claiming he said it first….

  10. When I saw him to the “bing bong” thing, I knew right then that he isn’t really serious about this. I’m starting to think this might be an EPIC troll on the GOP and the MSM.

  11. Thinkology! Music Man! We’ve got trouble, right here in River City. Starts with P, rhymes with T and it stands for Pool! OH,YES! We’ve got trouble! Only this time it starts with T and it stands for Trump!

  12. Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the republican base. And if they did they would just file Chapter 11.

  13. Unfortunately I said the same thing about Palin. Especially after she deliberately posed in front of a man slaughtering a turkey for one of her interviews.

    Eventually I had to admit that I was wrong and all of the craziness was unintentional. If you want a good laugh, go back to the Priebus autopsy after Romney and see all that follow-up research advice on how to revive the GOP.
    Trump is trashing the Republican party by doing just the opposite and the core supporters love it. This is what happens when a party commits suicide.

  14. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

    Hopefully, Trump will end his charade by December. He has no intention to be president. I’m not sure exactly what he’s doing, but he’s pulling attention away from SOMEthing.

  15. He is exposing the uuuge deficiencies in the other repug candidates. To see them all scurrying around like rats leaving the sinking ship, at least has been amusing.

    But the media has to do their job and expose the nothingness of Trump. I guess the idiot repug voters will need it broken down for them, eventually. Right now they are just looking to be entertained.

  16. That’s the sad state of journalism in America today, “Because in America’s controlled corporate media, ratings are more important than informing the public.” Trump is laughing at them the whole time. He doesn’t have to spend money on ads, the MSM is doing it for him 24/7. That’s the brilliant part of his clown show about nothing. Seinfeld coined the phrase, “a show about nothing”, and Trump is bringing it to reality.

  17. We need to be careful that we don’t fall into this trap. The GOP is rabid for Trump and if we do not start pushing Bernie or our own candidates, and ensuring that we get people out to the polls, we may end up with the same travesty that we got last November!!

    It’s great for us to bluster and laugh at the GOP candidates, but there is a real danger here that we can only fight by positively pushing to get common sense people to the polls!

  18. Ben Carson: Proof That Good Doctors Can Be Fucking Idiots You know, just because someone knows how to crack open a skull and mess around with the creamy middle doesn’t mean he should be making policy on immigration. But don’t tell that to people who are supporting Dr. Ben Carson for the Republican nomination for president. Oh, no. To them, his surgical prowess and his ability to tell Kellogg’s what cereals to sell as a board member there are enough experience to put him in a room with world leaders and go at it. Mostly, though, what comes through in Carson’s interviews and appearances is that he’s a fucking idiot. He doesn’t know shit about the world, and he’s a dangerous fool who sounds calm and rational, even when he’s saying the most batshit insane things. – See more at:

  19. Or is he focusing attention on what the GOP is truly about? He’s saying loudly what many of them are thinking a saying quietly. He’s exposing the GOP for what they really are and all Fox “News” and the MSM can do is try to put lipstick on it.

  20. Congratulations on not being able to think for yourself. Let me guess which “policy” of his you like…the one where he’s going to get rid of immigrants? Newsflash genius, he’s only saying what you and your fellow clan members want to hear so he’ll get your votes.

  21. My daughter goes to a majority Hispanic middle school and was telling me when they showed Trump on the morning news announcements, all of the children started collectively booing and groaning.

    Out of the mouth of babes…

  22. The Democrats have not even begun to make minced-meat out of Trump yet. If he gets nominated, all the truly ugly facts about Trump’s past… his failed business ventures, 4 bankruptcies, all the hundreds and hundreds of lawsuits against him for fraud related to his Trump properties, consumer deception, his now defunct (and very embarrassing) Trump University, all the illegal immigrants he hired, mistreated and failed to pay… the money he pocketed while making the workers who built his ice skating rink provide their services pro-bono… all these are things he is going to have to answer for. When he speaks, he sounds like Charlie Sheen when he was going through a manic bi-polar (or as Sheen put it “bi-winning”) episode. Democrats will have a field day with him.

  23. Burt Lancaster’s “Elmer Gantry” is being performed live and in person by Donald Trump. He’s selling what the people want desperately to hear and laughing all the way.

  24. “It’s a very simple formula in entertainment, in television.”

    Just what I have been saying, running for POTUS is not serious business for the GOP, its all a game to them, “entertainment.”

    while they hold the future of our lives in their hands..if one of them wins; and they are wasting our time for the next year.

  25. Trump and Sanders are the Bachmann and Tsongas of this election cycle, though Trump has more legitimacy in staying power than does Sanders.

  26. Obviously you know nothing about slavery. There is nothing in America that can compare to the issues of slavery and unless you were a slave (which I doubt), you have no right to even go there. Please refrain from using Blacks as an excuse for your ignorance.

  27. …I refer to Trump these days as “The Ring-master”…the Republican’t Potty dances to HIS tune…and they all jump when he cracks his whip…
    …whether he does it to expose the Teahadists and Teatards, attempting to really win the White House, {Dream on, Alice…You’re back in Wonderland!!!} or causing the whole Republican’t potty to violently Self-Destruct I ain’t sure…
    …but NO-BODY can do anything to or about him at this time…

  28. First of all if you get your head out of your ass you would know I was just repeating what that idiot said

    On Obama­care: “You know, Obama­care is really, I think, the worst thing that has happened in this na­tion since slavery. And it is, in a way””it is slavery in a way be­cause it is mak­ing all of us sub­ser­vi­ent to the gov­ern­ment.”

    You really need to stop being ignorant

  29. I saw that, but obviously his supporters thought he was great. Makes me really scared to think we have that many ignorant people in the world. If that had been Iran, he wouldn’t have left alive. I’m waiting for the media to address that. When put into a situation where real answers are required, this idiot don’t know crap. All he can talk about is himself, but everyone else is stupid. Wouldn’t be so quick to vote for someone who thinks he is the only smart person in the room and only says it, but intelligent americans are awaiting the proof of his smartness. So what he has 10 billion dollars-what about the man who has 100 billion-is he smarter. Guess Trump would call on the other 132 who are richer than him for advice.

  30. I always wondered how Arnie Schwartzenegger managed to get elected Governor twice in California — assumed it was because too many Californians were starstruck and that since he was married to a Kennedy (Shriver), the Dems thought he wasn’t ALL bad….but look what he did to the Repubs in CA. I agree: Trump is just putting the finishing touches on the death of the current iteration of the GOP.

  31. They aren’t. They cover Bernie a lot actually.

    But be careful what you wish for. It will not be pretty when the media start to interview the Vermont associates and skeptical collegues of his. They do not like him – not one bit. And that goes double for the left wing Vermonters who think Bernie sold out on many issues and wrote about it extensively.

    He has nothing in his 40 years of work to stand on and has no record of actual accomplishment and his ideas are laughable.

    Did you see the WSJ piece – they added up his silly proposals and it comes to

    $15 Trillion dollars… with only proposals (which will never pass) to pay for 6 Trillion of it.

    Where does the other 9 Trillion come from?

    I want my rainbow chitting unicorn right now!

  32. Someone did their homework. What ever happened to vetting people before supporting them?

    I would love to see Counterpunch rerun their hit pieces on him from a few years ago. I have seen video of his childish behavior – acting like a typical hotheaded revolutionary LWNJ rather than a possible head of our country representing us to the world. It is just not fathomable to even those who know him best, his own longtime collegues.

  33. Although I can barely stand to watch even a minute of Trump, I was visiting some friends last night, and Trump was bloviating in the background on the TV.

    I made the comment that the man talks and talks and talks for hours on end, and says absolutely NOTHING at all.

    Thanks for putting this article in the lineup this morning. You’re right!

  34. Amazing how many simpletons buy into the Trump nonsense, If Republicans do adopt him as their nominee, They may as well pour piss down the Romney rabbithole. Wait till the ads of his past behavior hit the airwaves. Sad what has happened to a party that used to help America be great.

  35. Speaking of clowns
    President Obama Provides Ben Carson With a Little Cognitive Dissonance

    By now we all know that Ben Carson’s schtick has come down to railing against political correctness. I’d venture that Monday, President Obama served up a whole helping of cognitive dissonance for Carson to chew on about all that.

    At a town hall meeting in Iowa on higher education, the President pretty effectively smacked down Carson’s proposal to cut funding to colleges that demonstrate political bias.

    The idea that you’d have somebody in government making a decision about what you should think ahead of time or what you should be taught, and if it’s not the right thought or idea or perspective or philosophy, that that person would be — that they wouldn’t get funding runs contrary to everything we believe about education. I mean, I guess that might work in the Soviet Union, but it doesn’t work here. That’s not who we are. That’s not what we’re about.
    Read More

  36. Trump is a bigot and a misogynist. He seems to despise women, belittles and makes fun of them and looks at some as sex objects. He is also a hypocrite. He NOW claims to be against abortion, but made some of his wives have abortions. He is a blowhard egotist and is telling the people what they WANT to hear, thus his popularity, If he would get elected, we would be in World War III, as he is argumentive and contentious! I am voting BLUE, as there are notnhing but silly clowns running in the GOP. Ben Carson has had several malpractice suits against him while doing brain surgery! So he is now trying to be POTUS! He is not too bright! Google some of the stupid things he has said. Oh, and he used to be a contributor on FAUX noise!!!

  37. david spiegler, Ben Carson beside his skills as a neurosurgeon is a COMPLETE IDIOT! like tRUMP! Ben still to this day even though many people have tried to correct him claims that the Nazi’s were LIBERAL.. Face/Palm! And also there are many Conservatives who claim that very same thing. The Nazi Party was CONSERVATIVE! Spains Francisco Franco was Catholic CONSERVATIVE! Mussolini’s Fascist regime was CATHOLIC CONSERVATIVE. So you think that some one who completely denies reality is a better choice than some one who thinks reality does not apply to him?! BOTH are Clueless! BOTH are TREASONOUS! And BOTH are COMPLETELY WRONG on EVERYTHING they say. But you just keep sucking Bens dick and see where it gets you…Davey!

  38. Yes and Hugh Hewitt gave Trump a complete pass on his idiocy! Hugh blamed himself for “posing the question in a wrong manner” HorseFeathers!! I KNEW the answer to the question as it was asked! More proof that Conservatives have No Intellect! No Honor! NO BALLS!!! A Conservative would sell out their own loved ones for votes or profit..

  39. The comment that he made was “… even IF you have nothing to say.”

    The key word here is the “If”. It is obvious to me that Donald Trump is not saying that he has nothing to say, but instead is saying that IF (hypothetical to follow) he had nothing to say then he would still get good ratings.

  40. Keep in mind that the Wall Street Journal is owned by Rupert Murdoch, so it is about as trustworthy on this subject as Faux Nooz.

  41. Hey the Bernie campaign wanted media attention. Be careful what you wish for
    That being said his proposals are dead in the water. From what I understand he is going to cut out the insurance industry putting a lot of people out of work, non starter. He is going to eliminate the cap on payroll taxes, non starter, And then he will try to convince Americans that if he cuts your health insurance by x amount of dollars and raise your taxes x amount of dollars you will be in the same place, Gook luck with convincing Americans on that. We are talking about a public that even though the President has lowered people’s taxes they still believe their taxes have gone up.

  42. Destroy The Donald. That threat has been coming for months from the Club for Growth, but on Tuesday the influential free-enterprise advocacy group finally put its money where its mouth has been.
    The group’s political arm is launching a $1 million advertising campaign in Iowa starting later this week, branding Trump “the worst kind of politician.” The two advertisements highlight Trump’s past statements that he identifies as a Democrat and that he has supported using eminent domain to take private property. Trump, one of the ads says, is “playing us for chumps.”

    In a small room packed with lights and TV cameras at the National Press Club, Club for Growth President David McIntosh declared: “Donald Trump has the worst [economic] record in the entire field with the possible exception of Bernie Sanders.”

  43. The one and only member didn’t look that happy during the event. How much does it cost to ‘rent a ship’? Maybe he didn’t make the big bucks he expected.
    Which is worse for trump, him knowing he was played or EVERYONE knowing he was played.
    That I might buy a ticket for!

  44. Trump will never be president he is for himself only. He has no plans or policies. He is for entertainment only. Also 5 years ago he was donating to the democrats and praising Hillary…..It’s all about the spectacle and ego enhancement. Evident in last nights debate the man is ignorant. As he slumped over the podium and blushed with embarassment.

  45. “If you get good ratings, and these aren’t good, they are monstrous then you are going to be on all of the time, even if you have nothing to say.””

    DUH! Hollywood folks and Obama get nowhere near the coverage of Trump. Hillary doesn’t come close to the Hollywood folks and Obama. Trump is honest and speaks his mind UNSCRIPTED — unlike our president. Unscripted means Trump knows what he believes. Scripted means Obama, himself, is scripted, because he demonstrate no idea of what he truly believes. Obama avoids all encounters where his personal views are exposed to the public. Same goes for Hillar Trump also is not funded by Big Business (the *donor class*). Hillary, not so much – deep connections with Wall Street and overseas *investors*.

    Think about this. Trump is only candidate running for election in Nov, 2016 that owes nothing to anyone. The ONLY candidate — Citizens United notwithstanding.

    SUMMARY: Obama is all about nothing. At least that is what he has demonstrabl…

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