Scandal Erupts Over Trump Using Foundation To Dodge Taxes Hours Before Debate

Hours before Trump steps on stage to debate Hillary Clinton, a new report raises questions about whether or not Trump used his foundation to avoid paying personal income taxes.

David Fahrenthold of The Washington Post showing that journalism isn’t quite dead yet:

Donald Trump’s charitable foundation has received approximately $2.3 million from companies that owed money to Trump or one of his businesses but were instructed to pay Trump’s tax-exempt foundation instead, according to people familiar with the transactions.

In cases where he diverted his own income to his foundation, tax experts said, Trump would still likely be required to pay taxes on the income. Trump has refused to release his personal tax returns. His campaign said he paid income tax on one of the donations, but did not respond to questions about the others.

It is likely that Donald Trump avoided paying personal income tax on millions of dollars of income by having his income directed to charity. The law is clear. If Trump directed that his fees be sent to his foundation than the money counts as income, and he personally was responsible for paying taxes on it. It is illegal for anyone to funnel personal income into a charity, and then use the money for personal benefit.

Donald Trump could clear any questions by releasing his tax returns, but both the nominee and the campaign has flatly refused to provide any proof that Trump paid personal income taxes on several appearance fees that he directed be sent to his charity.

The question isn’t complicated. Did Donald Trump pay taxes on his income?

Given the revelations in the new Washington Post report, this is a question that voters must get an answer to at tonight’s presidential debate.

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