Michele Bachmann Advising Donald Trump is the Ignorant Advising the Uninformed

Michele Bachmann has repeatedly demonstrated over the years that she does not understand the United States Constitution, which not only has an article forbidding religious tests but an amendment forbidding the establishment of religion. Needless to say, Bachmann thinks the Constitution not only establishes religion, but that it establishes her religion, and that President Obama has failed an imaginary religious test.

Appearing on Family Research Council President Tony Perkins’ “Washington Watch” radio show to spew anti-LGBT hate is certainly the right venue for Bachmann, as the FRC is a recognized hate group. That doesn’t make any more palatable (or accurate) her claim that under President Obama “our government has been perverted to be used to advance an ungodly agenda” and “undermine American values both abroad and here at home.”

Obviously, the secular United States government was never intended to advance a “godly” agenda, to the extent Bachmann’s hate-filled agenda is in any way “godly,” either here or abroad. The fact that it did, at times, do precisely that in the bad old days, does not mean that it was right or that it should do so again.

Listen courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

How does the State Department, how does the United States government bless or curse? You brought it up yourself with the State Department, where we’ve seen such evil come out of our State Department, unfortunately, where financial incentives are withheld from countries unless they advance, for instance, the gay agenda.
In a country that doesn’t believe in the gay agenda but the Obama State Department has said, ‘You have to have a gay pride parade. You have to make sure that you can show us that ministers are marching in these gay pride parades.’ What? The U.S. government is telling another government that you have to have gay pride parades? That’s unbelievable. You won’t get your PEPFAR money, you won’t get your USAID money unless you follow our radical social agenda?
You know, we laughed about this earlier. We conservatives are always blamed that we want to talk about social issues too much. That’s all the left will talk about, social issues. And yet they are willing to use U.S. tax money, in other words, your listeners’ hard-earned tax money, to beat over the head other nations to come into conformity with lifestyles and behaviors that we know can be detrimental to people and that don’t advance the American cause.

Most remarkable of all is her claim that Donald Trump, the most profane candidate in many a long year is going to somehow advance a godly agenda. And only an Evangelical could claim that persecuting everyone who isn’t a Christian is somehow not a radical agenda.

Remember that last summer Bachmann announced that God had “lifted up” Trump to defeat Hillary Clinton, and that she was advising him – clearly not on constitutional matters – Trump put her on his religious advisory board instead.

That doesn’t appear to have worked out any better for the president-elect, as Bachmann is as ignorant of her own religion as she is the Constitution. All the proof you need is her reaction to Trump’s victory: “The Lord did this.”

No, Vladimir Putin and the FBI and the Trump-normalizing mainstream media did this.

There is no doubt that Trump is getting lousy advance from the former Minnesota congresswoman. There must be a saying somewhere that says you get the advice, like the government, you deserve. After waging a taxpayer-funded decades-long culture war on anything that lifts us above the Middle Ages, Bachmann hasn’t misplaced her hypocrisy.

In the end, the idea of Michele Bachmann advising Donald Trump is the ignorant advising the uninformed. There is no good that can come of such a union, and Bachmann has provided living proof.