A Congressman Just Called Out Trump For Being A Coreless Sociopath On National TV

Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) made Trump sound like a sociopath during an MSNBC interview where he described the President as having no moral core, and only interesting in making deals, not the content of the deals.


Connolly said, “I think, actually, we’ve had some remarkable successes in this nine month period. I agree with you, but I think that we have to be very wide eyed and realistic about what we’re dealing with. This is not somebody who has any moral core values system. This is somebody who is focused on dealmaking, irrespective of the content, and we have to tread very carefully, and we have to absolutely protect the values and principles and goals that we espouse and that we believe on behalf of the people we represent.”

What Rep. Conolly was describing in Trump were characteristics of a sociopath.

The Congressman was right to warn Democrats to be careful with what they are dealing with. Donald Trump is not a person who has shown any stability in his behavior. Trump doesn’t care about the consequences of his deals. He only wants the deal, and the “win.” The President doesn’t care who he hurts, or what it costs others.

Trump is not a stable partner or a rational actor, and he should never be trusted because he is not well.