Ana Navarro Destroys Trump For Being A Jerk And Republicans For Normalizing Him

Ana Navarro laid into Trump for being a jerk, and Republicans for being hypocrites who criticize Democrats while normalizing Trump’s vile behavior.


The CNN panel was talking about Trump’s latest tweetstorm when Navarro said, “When decent people, decent Republicans who I knew — I know would judge Democrats differently give and normalize what Donald Trump is doing. We cannot normalize this kind of behavior from the president of the United States. He is still an example. If your six-year-old son did this he would be punished and so this 71- year-old should not be accepted. This is he being a jerk and he’s not being a president.”

Navarro was right on all points. Republicans spent eight years calling out every Obama behavior real or imagined as bad for the country, but they are now turning a blind eye towards a complete jerk of a president who is acting in a way that is beneath the dignity of the office and an embarrassment to the country.

Republicans can’t have it both ways. They can’t play moral police with Democrats and then excuse Trump’s promotion of violence against women. It doesn’t work that way. The country will be harmed if Trump’s behavior becomes the new normal. Presidents set the cultural tone for the country, and Donald Trump and his unstable behavior cannot be allowed or excused.

Trump is not normal, and those who are normalizing him are injuring their country for partisan gain.