Ted Lieu Proposes Cutting Off Trump’s Power To Start A Nuclear War With North Korea

Congressman Ted Lieu agrees with Tennessee Republican Sen. Bob Corker’s recent comments that Donald Trump is endangering the country and putting the U.S. “on the path to World War III,” but Lieu says Corker should put his money where his mouth is and actually do something.

According to Lieu, a good way for Corker and other frustrated Republicans to do that would be to curb Trump’s power to start a nuclear war.


After MSNBC’s Chris Hayes asked the Democratic congressman what “concrete” steps can be taken to mitigate Trump’s reckless behavior, Lieu said:

I would love if they’d support HR-669, which is legislation I’ve introduced with Sen. Ed Markey, that prevents the president from launching a nuclear-first strike without congressional approval – because that would be war, and only Congress can declare war. And I think Congress needs to step in and say, “Mr. President, you cannot start a war with North Korea without first coming to Congress.”

Ted Lieu’s approach to governing in the age of Trump is exactly right. Not only should members of both parties be speaking out against this president’s reckless behavior, as he repeatedly has, but they should also back up their rhetoric with real action.

Barring the unlikely scenario that Robert Mueller’s investigation wraps up quickly or leads to Donald Trump’s impeachment, we are stuck with him in the Oval Office for more than three years. Instead of complaining about Trump’s increasingly erratic and dangerous behavior, responsible Republicans and Democrats should take real, meaningful action to limit Trump’s power.

That starts by cutting off his authority to wage a war that could cost the lives of millions of people.