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Trump Disrespects Hero Green Beret By Not Knowing His Name While Speaking To His Widow

Accord to Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL), who was listening in on the call, Donald Trump didn’t even know the name of the Green Beret who was killed in an ambush in Niger while speaking to his widow.

Video of Rep. Frederica Wilson on The View:

Rep. Wilson what she heard Trump say as he talked to La David Johnson’s widow, “Well, you know, I heard him say this is what he signed. I’m sure he knows this is what he signed up for, but it still hurt, and the saddest part of this. He kept referring to La David as your guy. He never called his name. It was almost as if he forgot his name, and that’s what hurt the mother so badly, his wife. She said, ‘he doesn’t even know his name.'”

Trump threw a tantrum after Rep. Wilson described how he insulted the widow of the fallen Army Sergeant to local media.

His name was La David Johnson, and he gave up his life in an effort to make this country and the world a safer place.

His family deserved to hear his sacrifice honored by the President Of The United States saying his name.

What Trump did was insult a pregnant widow, and show that he has no respect for the men and women in uniform.

His name was La David Johnson, and he deserves better than Donald Trump.

Update: The name of Rep. Frederica Wilson was incorrectly spelled in an earlier version of this story. It has been corrected.

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