Wikileaks Wanted To Publish Trump’s Tax Returns To Hide Collusion With Trump And Russia

The Wikileaks/Trump/Russia conspiracy was so intent on fooling US voters that Wikileaks asked Trump Jr. if they could publish one of Trump’s tax returns so that their attacks on Hillary Clinton would have more impact.

Here is the request via The Atlantic:

“Hey Don. We have an unusual idea,” Wikileaks wrote on October 21, 2016. “Leak us one or more of your father’s tax returns.” Wikileaks then laid out three reasons why this would benefit both the Trumps and Wikileaks. One, The New York Times had already published a fragment of Trump’s tax returns on October 1; two, the rest could come out any time “through the most biased source (e.g. NYT/MSNBC).”

It is the third reason, though, Wikileaks wrote, that “is the real kicker.” “If we publish them it will dramatically improve the perception of our impartiality,” Wikileaks explained. “That means that the vast amount of stuff that we are publishing on Clinton will have much higher impact, because it won’t be perceived as coming from a ‘pro-Trump’ ‘pro-Russia’ source.”

Anybody who ever believed Wikileaks or thought that they were only responsible for dumping the emails was played for a sucker. Assange and Wikileaks were working with the Russians and the Trump campaign to help Trump win. A member of the Trump family colluded with both Russians and Wikileaks and their plan was devious. They were willing to release bad information on their own partner for the purpose of strengthening their attacks against Hillary Clinton.

There has never been a US presidential scandal election scandal that was so sweepingly international. The Trump campaign was colluding with a variety of partners against their own country and democracy. It was the intention of Wikileaks, Russia, and the Trump campaign to spread misinformation.

The Trump campaign committed crimes against America, which is why Americans should take to the streets and chant Lock Them Up!