Katy Tur Challenged A GOP Congressman To Answer A Trump/Russia Question Without Saying Hillary Clinton. He Couldn’t Do It.

Katy Tur challenged Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) to answer a question about the Russia investigation without using Hillary Clinton’s name, and Jordan couldn’t do it.


Tur was right. Hillary Clinton isn’t the president. People don’t care about Hillary Clinton, so this attempt to sway public opinion by acting like Trump isn’t the president is a disservice to the country. According to Republicans, Clinton was such a criminal that she was unfit for the White House. Trump even had his crowds chanting lock her up. Now that Trump is president, Republicans are complaining that he should be treated like Hillary Clinton.

The argument doesn’t make sense, because it ignores the fact that Hillary Clinton never committed any crimes. Clinton never had members of her campaign indicted and pleading guilty.

The Blame Hillary smokescreen evaporated on Election Night 2016. Jordan’s answer revealed that Republicans only have one gear as a political party. They only know how to make up scandals and attack Democrats. Republicans can’t govern, and they definitely can’t defend their own president.

Hillary Clinton is not the issue. The issue is Trump and Russia, and to see Republicans try to use Clinton to attack the credibility of the FBI is disgraceful.