Not Content with Fox News, the White House is Now Putting Out Sheer Propaganda

As Donald Trump is criticized around the globe for his abuse of migrant children, the White House tweeted that he is “standing up for human rights at the U.N.”

Donald Trump did not leave the United Nations because he was standing up for human rights. In fact, on Monday June 18th, the head of the United Nations Human Rights Commission has demanded that the Trump administration immediately stop separating migrant children from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border.

On Tuesday June 19h, we reported in the early afternoon that a source said the administration would be pulling out of the Human Rights Council. By the afternoon, it was a done deal.

Meanwhile, stories about abuse and torture of children continued to surface.

The day after the Trump administration left the UN Human Rights Council, Trump was forced to reverse his own policy of separating children from their parents. But there’s no clarity about what his executive order means, or if any effort will be put into reuniting the children who are already separated. The Trump administration has already likely lost nearly 6,000 children.

The White House isn’t leaving the propaganda efforts to Fox News and Sinclair. When the Pope condemns the United States President for abuse of children, all propaganda hands are required on deck.

Donald Trump is not standing up for human rights. He has never stood up for human rights. He is an assault on human rights at every turn. Donald Trump is not fit for the office he holds. He is an international shame.