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Watch Bill Maher Lay Waste To Trump And His Cult Of Flying Monkeys

The Trump cult tried to come after Bill Maher this week, and the Real Time host’s response was to drop a reality bomb on the right.


Maher said in response to the Trump cultists claiming that he wants a recession:

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But this accusing me of wanting people to starve and die is pretty rich coming from the party that has never been shy about actually enacting policies that starve and kill people. Taking away health care, cutting Medicaid and food stamps and the children’s health insurance program, forcing government shutdowns. This month’s Journal of the American Medical Association says the Trump environmental agenda is likely to cost the lives of over 80,000 Americans. So there’s that. And I guess those claiming that I would come out unscathed in a recession must have missed this episode with Elizabeth Warren from the last recession. Before the crash, I had most of my savings in Lehman Brothers. I don’t have a question, I just want you to hold me. But some things are more important than money, and one of them is living in a country that reasonably resembles the one that existed from 1776 to 2016. In a situation this grave, it’s not crazy to use economic manipulation. That’s what sanctions are. We pinch countries in the pocketbook so they’ll act better, just think of this as sanctions against ourselves.

Although, again, I can’t really make a recession happen. Even with my hundred million. Recessions happen, and we always recover, but fallen republics don’t. Rome fell, and they still haven’t fixed their stadium. I’m not rooting for a disaster, the disaster is already here. If a recession is what it takes to make Donald Trump not so cute anymore, then bring it on. Because one of the problems with a roaring economy is it tends to make people put up with a bad president – it’s like great sex in a bad relationship. When the sex is good, all the annoying things your partner does are forgiven. That’s what we’re in right now: The good sex economy. I just want America to say about Trump what everybody in a relationship says when the hot sex wears off: “What the fu*k am I doing with this person?”

Bill Maher leveled the delusions of the right

Maher isn’t worth $100 million. Maher also doesn’t want a recession to hurt people. Frankly, it doesn’t matter what Maher wants. Trump’s combination of tax cuts and tariffs along with rising interest rates are likely to send the economy into a recession at some point soon. The Trump cult is resorting to the old Republican playbook of defining everyone who disagrees with them as an elite who doesn’t care about regular people.

These tactics may have worked in the past, but the facade has been blown off of the Republican Party’s agenda thanks to Trump, Ryan, and McConnell. The American people can clearly see that Republicans are trying to take away their healthcare, their Social Security, Medicare, and raising their taxes all to benefit the wealthy and corporations.

Bill Maher was right. A recession would finish the Trump presidency off, but you don’t have to root for a disaster, because Republicans have already created one.

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