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Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow Explosively Exposes Putin’s Ownership Of Trump And The GOP

Rachel Maddow exposed how the Trump/Putin relationship has now consumed the Republican Party, and what it looks like Putin has taken ownership of the GOP.


Maddow said:

We don’t know why ahead of that summit, he is working to tick off all of America’s Western allies, and rushing to tick off every foreign policy box you could conceivably imagine that Russia might have in terms of a wish list from the US government, but that’s what he’s doing. And before now, I think you could reasonably say there was at least a little awkwardness. A little distance between the Republican Party, between other elected Republican officials, and president trump on his unnerving and unswerving desire to do what Russia wants all the time. All through this weird interlude in American history where the president’s ties to a foreign adversary are as yet unknown and the subject of a very serious investigation.

All through this time, President Trump’s inexplicable closeness to Russia has been a President Trump problem and not a Republican problem more broadly At best Republicans were critical of the president for his stance toward Russia. At times they were opposing him in terms of his friendliness toward Russia. At worst they were awkwardly ignoring it and pretending it wasn’t happening. Now look what happened today. A congressional delegation itself is not a bad thing. Congressional delegations happen all over the world. To countries we get along with and those we don’t. To countries we are allied with and countries we have a beef with. Here’s Richard Shelby and all the other run-of-the-mill Republican Senators, not only visiting Russia right now in a partisan visit no, Democrats allowed. But really getting on board with Trump. He literally that we don’t need to be adversaries. Sen. Shelby told the head of the Russian parliament, I’m not here to accuse Russia of this or that or so forth. That used to be something only trump would say. Now that has been stuffed into the mouth of the Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee. And everyone else on this trip. What’s going on here?

Republicans are parroting Trump’s love for Putin ahead of the midterms

The answer to what is going on here could be the Trump is trying to make good for Putin on their 2016 deal before the midterm election. Republicans are going to Russia, hat in hand, because they are hoping that the Russians attack the midterm election and keep them in power. What is going on here is that the Republican Party is now Putin’s party. Conservatism is dead. It has been replaced by Putin’s ownership via his Trump proxy.

From the information that Rachel Maddow put together, it looks like Putin is running the Republican Party, and with Republicans facing a blue wave in November, they are asking their Russian owners to rig another election.

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