Democrats Deploy Obama To Neuter Trump In Midterm

Democrats are using Barack Obama to neuter Trump’s events with rallies of his own in the same midterm swing states that Trump is visiting.

Trump was in Nevada on Saturday. Obama will be in Nevada on Monday. Trump is going to Wisconsin on Wednesday. Barack Obama will be there on Friday. It is a brilliant use of Obama that stops Trump from building any kind of momentum in key races with his barnstorming tour, which is intended to get those voters who flipped from Obama to Trump to vote for Republican candidates in the midterm.

The tour that the White House cooked up is based on the false idea that Trump alone can get Republicans out to vote. It is all designed to appeal to Trump’s ego. Trump has already said that he is going to take the credit if Republicans hang on to the House, but not the blame if they lose.


Democrats have been making a lot of the right moves in the midterm election. They have not fallen into the trap of nationalizing the election. Democrats have recruited good candidates, mobilized their supporters, and raised incredible sums of money from mostly small donors.

One of their best under the radar moves could end up being how they are using Obama.

Democrats are using Obama to negate Trump and make sure that the appeal of his rallies is limited to the core Republican base that was already going to turn out. Obama is coming to the same places to make sure that the Republican advantage of having the presidential bully pulpit is less effective.

Much like a lot of what Democrats have been doing since Trump took office, it is smart, under the radar, and laying the groundwork for victory.

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