Mueller Is Investigating Trump For A Criminal Conspiracy With Russia

Robert Mueller is investigating Trump and his campaign for engaging in a criminal conspiracy with Russia that involved a quid pro quo deal on lifting Russian sanctions.

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The New York Times reported:
Comments by one of Mr. Mueller’s lead prosecutors, disclosed in a transcript of a closed-door hearing, suggest that the special counsel continues to pursue at least one theory: that starting while Russia was taking steps to bolster Mr. Trump’s candidacy, people in his orbit were discussing deals to end a dispute over Russia’s incursions into Ukraine and possibly give Moscow relief from economic sanctions imposed by the United States and its allies.


Yet Mr. Weissmann’s cryptic comments suggest that the special counsel’s investigation — which Mr. Trump has sought to dismiss as a witch hunt and which the acting attorney general, Matthew G. Whitaker, has said will wrap up soon — is still pursuing the central question of whether there was some kind of deal between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Mueller’s working theory is that Trump cut a deal with Russia to help his campaign

Robert Mueller is investigating a conspiracy. The idea is that the Trump campaign promised to drop sanctions if the Russians helped him win the election. Mueller isn’t on a “witch hunt.” The special counsel is investigating a criminal conspiracy and a crime against the American people. Mueller is investigating more than crimes committed by members of the Trump campaign. The campaign appears to be under investigation as a criminal enterprise.

Robert Mueller has a working theory based on the evidence, which suggests that the Trump campaign wasn’t corrupted. It was a conspiracy to steal the presidency.

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