Trump Tells The Boston Red Sox That Lincoln Lost The Civil War


Trump claimed while speaking to the Boston Red Sox at the White House that Lincoln lost the Civil War.

Trump thinks that Abe Lincoln lost the Civil War

Elaina Plott of The Atlantic tweeted:


One of the three things that Lincoln is most known for by anyone, child or adult, is winning the Civil War.

Questions about Trump’s mental state grow

Trump did call himself a student of history, but what is uncertain is what kind of history Trump is studying. Donald Trump invents history just like he created his own mythology and business success.

Lincoln did not lose the Civil War. Lincoln didn’t lose any war. Lincoln didn’t lose the Spanish-American War, The War of 1812, or World War II.

Accounts like these if true, raise concerns that Trump is not mentally lucid.

The president doesn’t know basic US history. It is true that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it, but what is unknown is what happens to a country when it is led by a president who makes up his own history?

Trump is absurd. Trump is a fool, but having someone as poorly informed and anti-democratic as him as president is also a danger to the country.

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