Republicans Abandon Trump On Turning In Foreign Election Interference


House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) admitted that if he were contacted by a foreign government during an election, he’d send it to the FBI.

McCarthy admitted when questioned at his weekly press conference:

Q: What would you do? Would you call the FBI? Would you call the FBI?


McCarthy: Would I call the FBI about what?

Q: If a foreign adversary called you and said I have information on your opponent?

McCarthy: I would send it to the authorities, yes.


Even Lindsey Graham admitted that candidates should report foreign election interference to the FBI:

McCarthy would send the foreign election interference to the FBI because it is illegal to accept a contribution in kind from a foreign government. Rep, McCarthy tried to defend Trump, but when pressed he had to admit that he wouldn’t do what Trump suggested that it is perfectly fine to do.

Everyone outside of Donald Trump knows that taking help from a foreign government in an election is against the law.

The way McCarthy grudgingly admitted that he would do the right thing is the reason why Republicans won’t support impeaching Trump. There was a time when Republicans and Democrats would come together to put the good of the nation ahead of all else. Those days are long gone.
Republicans only care about protecting their corrupt president, so it doesn’t matter if Trump breaks the law in public. Republicans like Kevin McCarthy will defend him because it is like pulling teeth to get a member of Trump’s party to admit that would do what’s right.

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