Draft Dodging Trump Tells Young People To Join The Military In 4th Of July Speech


Trump dodged the draft in Vietnam, but he had the nerve to tell young people to join the military during his 4th of July speech.

Trump said, “They and served with immense distinction — they and thousands before us and immense distinction. Now it is your chance to join our military and make a truly great state of life, and you should do it.”



Trump has nothing to say in this speech so he is giving a dumbed down version American history Wikipedia style while mentioning everything but the Founding Fathers and the Declaration of Independence. A man who got multiple deferments to avoid serving in Vietnam has the nerve to tell America’s young people to join the military. Trump is standing on stage boring a crowd in the National Mall while pretending to be a legitimate president.

Even though thousands of shirts bearing his name are in the crowd there has been no mention of real American hero John McCain.

Instead, it has been a speech by a hypocritical president who knows nothing but is desperate to use all the trappings of his office to look legitimate.

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