‘Cartoon Of A President’: Chris Matthews Calls Ukraine Scheme Proof Of Trump’s Sheer Stupidity


MSNBC’s Chris Matthews said Donald Trump’s behavior when no one is watching – bribing a foreign power for dirt on Joe Biden – shows that he is nothing but a “cartoon of a president.”

Matthews said the explosive testimony from Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, which confirmed both the quid pro quo and the cover-up, proves that Trump is as dumb as most Americans thought him to be all along.

“When nobody’s listening, he really is bad as people think,” the MSNBC host said. “That’s really who he is.”



Matthews said:

This gets to the heart of those who think that Trump is a cartoon of a president. That when he’s alone, when nobody’s listening, he really is bad as people think. That he’s sitting there thinking how he can get some dirt on a political opponent, how he can export some crazy conspiracy theory of the farthest right fringe, crowd strike, that that’s really who he is.

Trump is a stupid man with limitless confidence

A majority of the American people didn’t need the Ukraine scandal to determine that Trump, despite boasting “great and unmatched wisdom,” just isn’t a very bright guy.

But what’s worse than a stupid person is a stupid person with limitless confidence, as Trump clearly possesses.

It’s why he felt it would be smart to pick up the phone and pressure a foreign power into giving him dirt on a domestic political opponent. It’s why he thought it’d be no big deal to hide details of the said call in a secret server and release a doctored transcript to the public.

It’s why even after the scandal blew up, Trump repeated his wish that Ukraine – and even China – would launch an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden.

The Ukraine extortion scheme and subsequent cover-up have confirmed that Donald Trump is, indeed, the most corrupt president in American history. But it has also shown that Trump is, to put it mildly, a very unintelligent man.

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