Trump Fired His Intel Chief Because He Gave Info To Adam Schiff

Trump fired his Director of National Intelligence because the election security office held a briefing and gave information to Rep. Adam Schiff.

The Washington Post reported:

Maguire had been considered a leading candidate to be nominated for the post of DNI, White House aides had said. But Trump’s opinion shifted last week when he heard from a GOP ally that the intelligence official in charge of election security, who works for Maguire, gave a classified briefing last Thursday to the House Intelligence Committee on 2020 election security.

It is unclear what the official, Shelby Pierson, specifically said at the briefing that angered Trump, but the president erroneously believed that she had given information exclusively to Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.), the committee chairman and that the information would be helpful to Democrats if it were released publicly, the people familiar with the matter said.

As the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff is legally entitled to information on US election security. Schiff was well within his constitutional oversight requirement to get the information, and it is revealing that none of the information was leaked out by Democrats, even though the briefing occurred a week ago,

Donald Trump is afraid of Adam Schiff, and he is also trying to punish him by withholding information that will prevent the chairman from carrying out his oversight duties.

It isn’t enough that Senate Republicans committed treason and enabled Putin with their show impeachment trial. Trump is trying to destroy any mechanism that can provide a check on his behavior.

Trump is obsessed with erasing the 2016 Russia scandal that he alerted the entire country of he and Putin’s plot to steal another election.

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