Democrats Will Go After Trump Kids Crimes If He Pushes Ukraine Conspiracy

Democrats are telling Joe Biden to get ready to punch back hard on Ukraine, and warning that the corruption of Trump’s kids will be fair game in the election.

Politico reported:

For some Democrats, the key to neutralizing the impending attacks is for Biden to turn them right back around on the president, questioning the Trump children’s many financial and business entanglements as they continue to advise their father — both formally and informally — while he’s in the White House.

“If Donald Trump wants to talk about children, let’s talk about the president’s children and the immense amount of money they’re making off of their father’s name,” said Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.), who hasn’t endorsed in the Democratic primary. “I’m Irish too, so you fight back hard. When somebody throws this kind of sleaze at you, you respond.”

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are already under investigation in the House for everything from using private email to hide government communications to security clearance violations.

The FBI has also been investigating an Ivanka Trump business deal:

If Trump keeps pushing the baseless and debunked Ukraine conspiracy theory, Democrats are going to unload on Trump with all of the crime and corruption of his adult kids.

It isn’t 2016 anymore, and this time, Democrats are ready to fight back.

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