Trump Tantrums After Maryland Governor Goes Around Feds, Gets 500K Test Kits From South Korea


Donald Trump attacked Gov. Larry Hogan (R-MD) on Monday after the Maryland governor went around the federal government and secured 500,000 coronavirus test kits from South Korea.

Trump’s decision to take a swipe at Gov. Hogan comes a day after the GOP governor called out the White House for lying about states’ testing capacity.

“Some of the governors, like as an example the governor from Maryland, didn’t really understand,” Trump said of Gov. Hogan’s testing concerns. “He didn’t really understand what was going on.”



Trump also took a shot at Illinois Democratic Gov. J. B. Pritzker, saying the governor “did not understand his [testing] capacity.”

Gov. Hogan got 500,000 tests without Trump’s help

Despite Donald Trump’s claim that Gov. Hogan doesn’t have a grasp of the testing issue in his state, the governor on Monday struck a $10 million deal with South Korea to secure half a million test kits.

So in other words, it seems like the governor of Maryland has a much better grasp of the testing issue than the president, who continues to flounder on this issue while blaming everybody else for his failures.

The coronavirus outbreak in the United States has been a full-blown disaster made worse by an incompetent president who isn’t fit to manage a lemonade stand, much less the most powerful country in the world.  As of this writing, nearly 800,000 Americans have been infected and more than 42,000 have died from the virus – the most of anywhere in the world.

If not for the governors – often the same governors Trump endlessly attacks – stepping up to take matters into their own hands, this crisis would likely be much worse.

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