Biden confidently says BBB will pass

Biden Shows America What A Real President Who Gets Things Done Looks Like

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 01:42 pm

In a display of total confidence, President Biden was asked what gives him the confidence Congress will pass Build Back Better. He said, “me.”


The President was asked, “Mr. President, have you gotten assurances from moderate Democrats in the House and Senate that they are going to vote for your Build Back Better plan now that what they really wanted, the infrastructure bill, has passed. 

President Biden answered, “You know I’m not going to answer that question for you because I’m not going to get into who or what made what commitments to me. I don’t negotiate in public, but I feel confident that we will have enough votes to pass the Build Back Better plan. 

When he was asked, “What gives you that confidence? “

Biden responded, “Me.”

This is what a confident president who gets things done sounds like. Donald Trump turned infrastructure week into a national joke by being unable to deliver for the American people, as he continued to promise and promise, but nothing ever happened.

Biden is reminding America of what a real president can do when they know how to use their power and platform.

Trump talked the talk, but President Biden and the Democrats delivered action and results.


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