Marjorie Taylor Greene testifies

Motion Filed To Use Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Martial Law Text As Evidence To Kick Her Off The Ballot

The plaintiffs in the case to get Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene disqualified from the ballot have filed a motion to use her martial law text as evidence against her.

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The motion filed by the attorneys representing Georgia voters states:

The petitioners’ motion comes after the hearing but before this Court’s decision. The text message is newly discovered in that it only became public on Monday, April 25, in media reports about the texts. The text message could not have been discovered through reasonable diligence because this Court denied the petitioners’ efforts to conduct discovery. And, finally, the text message may materially impact the case for at least two reasons.

First, it further undermines Greene’s credibility. Greene’s testimony at the hearing that she could not remember discussing martial law with anyone was already dubious. This text with President Trump’s Chief of Staff makes her testimony even more incredible because it seems like the kind of message with the kind of recipient that a reasonable person testifying truthfully would remember.

Second, the text sheds light on the meaning of her pre-January 6 statements. Eleven days after the failed insurrection, Greene was still fighting against the peaceful transfer of power by advocating extra-legal means. This text, like her statements on January 5, shows the lengths to which she was willing to go to help Mr. Trump remain in power. Under these circumstances, the Court “shall hear and receive” this evidence for inclusion in the record.

The martial law text and Greene’s odd reaction when the 1/6 pipe bombs were brought up are troubling. 

The text is evidence that Marjorie Taylor Greene lied on the stand when she was asked about asking Trump to declare martial law. The case against Greene is strong because she has provided the plaintiffs with ample evidence of her intent and conduct.

Rep. Greene has been an outspoken supporter of the insurrectionists. Her text reveals that she is trying to hide the truth from the court about her support for and aid to a seditious plot against the United States of America.

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