Kevin McCarthy Lies About 1/6 Committee

Kevin McCarthy Throws A Fit And Lies About The 1/6 Committee

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 09:00 pm

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy omitted the truth about why there are not more Republicans on the 1/6 Committee.



McCarthy said on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures:

Nancy Pelosi has broken with the 232-year history of the House by not allowing the minority to appoint anyone to the committee. This committee does not have 13 members as the power of the House voted for it to have.

But what’s even worse about this committee is it’s beyond its legislative scope. You know, there are separations of powers. The House does not have criminal investigation, but what they’re doing in this committee is going after their political foes, their opponents.

Kevin McCarthy Lied. McCarthy Refused To Appoint Non-Coup Conspirators To The Committee.

Kevin McCarthy was allowed to choose five members of the 1/6 Committee. McCarthy consulted with Donald Trump and chose two Republicans whose role in Trump’s coup is being investigated, Reps. Jim Banks and Jim Jordan. After Pelosi rejected Banks and Jordan, McCarthy pulled all of his choices from the committee.

McCarthy’s decision meant that Pelosi got to appoint two Republicans to the committee (Cheney and Kinzinger), and there were no pro-Trump voices in the investigation. Kevin McCarthy tried to delegitimize the committee, and he failed.

The House Minority Leader created this mess for Republicans, and now he is trying to lie his way out of responsibility.


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