Republican Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA)

House Republicans Are Livid And May Dump MAGA Mike Johnson

House Republicans are described as having the knives out and are angry that Speaker Mike Johnson agreed with Democrats to keep the government funding level in place.

MAGA Mike Johnson Has A Mega Problem

Who could have seen this one coming?

Punchbowl News reported:

There has been a lot — and we mean truly a lot — of private griping among House Republicans about Johnson’s deal with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to lock in the Fiscal Responsibility Act for FY2024 spending.

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Here’s what one well-plugged-in House Republican told us. And by the way, this is not a Freedom Caucus member:

“Significant concerns growing about Mike’s ability to jump to this level and deliver conservative wins. Growing feeling that he’s in way, way over his head. As much as there was valid criticism and frustration with Kevin, Mike is struggling to grow into the job and is just getting rolled even more than McCarthy did.”

Are Johnson’s days numbered? It’s too early to say that. But you should be aware that there are knives out for the speaker already.

With the House Republican majority dropping to two votes very soon, Johnson has virtually zero margin for error, and the situation could escalate quickly.

How Mike Johnson Handles The Upcoming Government Funding Deadline Could Seal His Fate

Part of the previous government funding patch that was agreed to months ago expires in ten days. Far-right House Republicans have signaled that they want the border shutdown, or they will shut down the government. If Johnson doesn’t get the border shutdown and keeps the government open, it is easy to envision a scenario where a motion to vacate is brought to the House floor, and two Republicans decide that Mike Johnson has got to go, so he does.

Mike Johnson has been a failure as speaker, but he is finding out that the job is impossible. Republicans are hopelessly divided, and with the rules that Kevin McCarthy accepted staying in place, the House has become a tyranny of the MAGA minority.

Would House Republicans fire another speaker?

I wouldn’t bet against it, especially once House Republicans realize that they are likely to lose the majority. Reality has not set in yet for the Republican conference, and if Johnson keeps trying to do basic things like keep funding agreements, House Republicans might try to save themselves by dumping another speaker, even if he is an election denier.

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