Chris Sununu talks to CNN on New Hampshire primary day.

Gov. Chris Sununu Crumbles When Asked About Still Voting For Mentally Gone Trump

Gov. Chris Sununu (R-NH) claimed that Trump can barely form a cogent thought when he is off the teleprompter but dodged the question when asked if he would still vote for the former president.

CNN’s Dana Bash asked Gov. Sununu doing a joint interview with Nikki Haley, “You were just on another network and you said some pretty tough stuff about Donald Trump saying that he is not the Donald Trump of 2016 and he’s off the, if he’s off the teleprompter, he can barely keep a cogent thought.  But he’s still the guy that if what you’re doing here doesn’t work out, which I know you’re working very hard to make sure it does. You would vote for him for president?”

Sununu answered, “He’s just not the, and I think that’s what people are seeing. If he was the same guy in the whole nine yards, this would have been a fait accompli, but it’s not, folks want something different, which is why everybody’s coming out. They believe in a Republican Party of the future, not just litigating chaos of the past. That’s why you’re seeing so much excitement here and again, you know, if the argument is, oh, well, if Trump wins in New Hampshire, I guess this is done. Well, if Nikki wins here, is Trump done? Is that, is that, is that our argument? No, of course, New Hampshire’s biggest opportunity in every four years is to winnow down the field. We did that, Nikki did that. I mean, Nikki did that even before we got to New Hampshire. And so these first three states are to make sure that America knows there are options, 47 others to go. And it’s the voters, not the media, not Donald Trump, not even Nikki Haley, the voters that will decide who leads this party in this country.”


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Chris Sununu: Trump can’t form a cogent thought without his teleprompter.

Also, Chris Sununu, but I’ll still vote for him anyway.

Sununu’s answer reveals why the Republican primary is a farce. Even the Republicans who say out loud that Trump has cognitive issues, refuse to say that they will not vote for him, which means that all of the sounds coming out of their mouths mean nothing.

The Republican Party still refuses to get together and kick Trump to the curb.

Donald Trump could be speaking gibberish, which he is, and even those who try to position themselves as critical refuse to say that he does not have their vote.

If Republicans can’t stand up to Donald Trump, they can’t win elections in November.

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