3 Weeks From Next Contest, Bernie Sanders Assesses Path Forward After Losses On Tuesday


After a rout of losses on Tuesday evening to former Vice President Joe Biden, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is reportedly questioning his next moves in the Democratic Party’s primary contests to determine a nominee for president.

Biden won in all three states up for grabs Tuesday, including Florida, Illinois, and Arizona. His total delegate count right now sits at 1,153, while 861 delegates are pledged to Sanders at this time.

To win the nomination outright on the first ballot, a candidate must get 1,991 delegates, a simple majority of the total that are allocated. It’s possible that Biden won’t reach that number, but could wind up with the plurality win.

Previously, when Sanders had a temporary lead in the delegate count, he said that whoever wound up with the plurality win should also win the nomination. To his credit, when he lost that lead, he stood by his previous comments.

Many have been calling for Sanders to drop out, especially in light of the current coronavirus outbreak. Sanders’ campaign manager, Faiz Shakir, said the candidate had plenty of time to think things over.

With remaining Democratic primaries likely to be diminished by coronavirus, Bernie Sanders should drop out to grant Joe Biden a clean victory and clearer path to ousting President Trump, the Sun-Times Editorial Board writes. https://t.co/jKxjTbonRk read more

Trump Claims Polls Are Saying Biden, Sanders Lose To Him — But They’re Actually Saying Just The Opposite


President Donald Trump quoted a tweet from a “Bernie or Bust” Twitter user on Tuesday, in which that user suggested Trump would defeat former Vice President Joe Biden in a head-to-head national election.

Trump agreed, but said he would also defeat Sen. Bernie Sanders as well.

“Polls say they BOTH lose to ‘Trump,'” the president wrote in his tweet.

The thing is, it doesn’t appear that many polls conducted this year so far shows Trump ahead of either Biden or Sanders. In fact, the vast majority of them show Trump losing to both candidates.

According to Real Clear Politics, which tracks polling data and compiles them into averages, Sanders has close to an average 5-point lead over Trump, if the election for president were held today. The spread is even wider for Biden, who leads Trump by 6.5 points on average, as of today.

Trump has consistently been behind both candidates, as well as a number of other Democratic hopefuls who had previously been in the race. Polling from CNN/SSRS, for example, found that he’s 10-points behind Biden in a national head-to-head contest.

Trump has, in the past, promoted polling data that have been described as outliers — frequently, he touts Rasmussen polls, a right-leaning polling outfit, that shows him with 50 percent (or higher) approval ratings, while most other polls show him in negative net-approval territory.

New Quinnipiac poll:

By 56-40, Biden is seen as better than Trump in a crisis.

Among independents, that's 59-33 (!)

Among women, that's 63-32 (!!!)

The poll is simply awful for Trump. Turns out he doesn't have magical chaos-spreading powers, after all:https://t.co/gM5vA5UTJq read more

Biden Has Double-Digit Lead Over Trump, Public Prefers A Democratic-Run Congress, Poll Finds

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Although the nomination contests to determine who Democrats will choose to be their presidential nominee have not yet completed, both candidates, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden, appear to be the favorites in head-to-head polling against incumbent President Donald Trump.

Data from a new CNN/SSRS poll showcases that, among a national electorate, Biden is ahead of Trump by 10 points. Fifty-three percent of respondents in the poll said they’d back Biden, while only 43 percent said they wanted Trump to serve a second term in office.

With Sanders taking on Trump, the poll shows the Vermont senator leading Trump 52 percent to 45 percent, respectively.

The poll found that most Democratic-leaning voters were planning to vote for or hoped that Biden would win the nomination, with 52 percent saying as much while 36 percent nationally said they preferred Sanders would win.

NEW: @JoeBiden has opened up a double-digit lead over @BernieSanders, a new CNN poll finds, with 52 percent saying they would like to see Biden become the nominee while 36 percent favor Sanders. https://t.co/I0kT1jBg1l read more

Asked If Sexism Played A Role In Warren’s Exit, Trump Responds With Sexist Trope, Calling Her ‘Mean’

warren trump 2

Responding to questions from reporters on Friday regarding Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s departure from the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination contests, President Donald Trump said that she lost confidence from voters because of how “mean” she is.

He also questioned her credentials as a candidate.

“I think lack of talent was her problem. She had a tremendous lack of talent,” Trump said, according to reporting from The Daily Beast.

Trump seemingly recognized that Warren “was a good debater” who he believed “destroyed Mike Bloomberg very quickly like it was nothing.”

TRUMP says @ewarren lost because “people don’t like her. She’s a very mean person. And people don’t like her. People don’t want that. They like a person like me, that’s not mean.”pic.twitter.com/k9mOTMaH7B read more

Elizabeth Warren To Announce She’s Exiting The Presidential Race Thursday

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren is set to announce on Thursday that she is suspending her run to be the Democratic Party’s nominee for president.

The New York Times reported the development on Thursday morning, citing sources from her campaign that detailed the planned announcement.

Warren’s campaign ignited strong support in the beginning, prior to any nominating contests within the Democratic caucuses and primaries. However, she failed to win a single early state, and had a poor showing in Super Tuesday contests as progressive voters flocked to her opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Even before the actual elections began, Warren faced difficulties, the Times reported:

Ms. Warren’s political demise was a death by a thousand cuts, not a dramatic implosion but a steady decline. Last October, according to most national polls, Ms. Warren was the national pacesetter in the Democratic field. By December, she had fallen to the edge of the top tier, wounded by a presidential debate in November where her opponents relentlessly attacked her.

Her departure leaves two remaining top-tier candidates vying for the nomination: Sanders, as well as former Vice President Joe Biden.

Sanders has done well courting the more progressive wing of the party, while Biden has successfully become the front-running candidate by simultaneously appealing to centrists as well as making the case that he’s got the best chance to beat current President Donald Trump in the fall.

This is a gut punch. I have so much appreciation & respect for the campaign she ran and the ideas she brought to the forefront of the national debate. She was the top choice of Indivisible leaders, and while she's ending her run, I know she will persist. https://t.co/WWSEnCnBiA read more

Michael Bloomberg Ends His Campaign After Dismal Super Tuesday Performance


After Super Tuesday election results showed he was only going to receive a handful of delegates, Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg announced on Wednesday that he was suspending his campaign.

As of 10:30 a.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday, Bloomberg had won just 12 delegates of the 1,338 set to be awarded out from the set of primary election races that took place the day before. Those 12 delegates represent the total number Bloomberg has won since the start of the Democratic nominating contests.

“Three months ago, I entered the race for President to defeat Donald Trump,” Bloomberg said in a statement on his campaign website. “Today, I am leaving the race for the same reason: to defeat Donald Trump — because it is clear to me that staying in would make achieving that goal more difficult.”

I'm immensely proud of the campaign we ran. I'm deeply grateful to all the Americans who voted for me, and to our dedicated staff and volunteers. I want you to stay engaged, active, and committed to our issues. I will be right there with you. And together, we will get it done. read more

Calls For Secret Service Protection Grow After Protesters Crash Joe Biden Campaign Stage

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During a campaign event hosted by former Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday evening, while celebrating early returns from Super Tuesday election results, two protesters stormed the stage and interrupted his statements.

The protesters appeared to be animal rights’ activists and started shouting, “Let dairy die!” while they were on the stage. They were immediately escorted off the platform with help from Dr. Jill Biden and senior campaign adviser Symone Sanders.

According to reporting from The Independent, both Dr. Biden and Sanders “jointly tackled” one of the protesters, pushing them out of the way and directing them to leave the area.

Sanders later tweeted about the situation, stating on Twitter that she “broke a nail” because of it.

Many on social media celebrated the way in which Sanders and Biden handled themselves.

YO, Jill Biden is FEARLESS.

These two protesters rushed the stage, and Jill had her man's back.

Nice to see that.
You'll never see Melania do that. pic.twitter.com/wG0xHobFyk read more

Elizabeth Warren: The People’s Wonk


This article is one of several profiles of women running for the democratic presidential nomination.

Throughout her career, Elizabeth Warren blended a life of experiences that many of us can relate to with the benefits of an education most people can only dream about.  That is what makes her the people’s wonk.

As 23 people vie to be the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, standing out in a sea of excellence is a challenge.   To be honest, the only thing the mainstream media frowns upon more than women running for the presidency is women who are wonky. Warren is both of those things. The minimal coverage given to her campaign and that of other women seeking the 2020 nomination is reflective of the misogyny we saw in 2016.

This isn’t merely a perception. A study by researchers at the Northeastern University School of Journalism looked at articles from the five most read on-line news outlets and concluded they were tougher on the women who are running,

The study reveals a trend that is disturbingly similar to the one that occurred in 2016. Unlike 2016, the outlets in question can’t claim this is about one woman candidate’s alleged shortcomings.

Any woman who runs for the presidency knowing the obstacles is a profile in courage. She is contributing to breaking down those barriers a second time, especially after Donald Trump. But let’s get back to Elizabeth Warren as the wonkiest of the candidates.

From the outset, Senator Warren focused on policy. She focused on policies designed to address the disastrous economic disparity that came with years of Republicans depressing wages and subsidizing their wealthy donors.

Warren understands economics and economic disparity in our economy unlike anyone else. She has a solid background in economics but her knowledge extends beyond the things you learn in books. Warren experienced it in life.

After her father’s premature death, Elizabeth’s mother had to find a way to support her children – without the skills or background to get a well-paying job. She worked for minimum wage and while that life wasn’t easy, she could support her children on minimum wage. Today, it’s impossible for a minimum wage job to provide the necessities of life for one person – let alone a family.

Elizabeth Warren married young. After divorce, Warren lived and worked as a single mother. Like the other women seeking the Democratic nomination, Warren is well educated and well accomplished. She could have stayed in academia teaching law at Harvard. Instead, she answered the call to public service.

By her policies today, you would never know that Senator Warren started out as a Republican. It was through her studies that she saw how flawed the Republican party’s philosophy on economics was. She had the integrity to change parties.

Warren is gifted in her ability to include people in economics and explaining economics in a way that captures the interest and attention of people like me. But kid you not, she has the ability to crunch and dissect the numbers like the field’s other brilliant minds.

Warren has many excellent ideas which you can review in further detail on her website.

She has detailed plan to break up social media monopolies,  Warren rolled out a plan on affordable childcare – for those of us who can’t afford to hire a staff of nannies.

Earlier in her life, Warren was a school teacher. It comes as little surprise that she has a vision about education and thoughts about the sort of person who should be secretary of education. Unlike Betsy Devos, it would be someone who actually been in a public school, taught and therefore has insight into the issues that students and teachers face.

No,  pundits, this is not socialism. Warren is a capitalist who recognizes the necessity and wisdom of regulation in order to keep things sane. As she once said,

“I believe in markets and the benefits they can produce when they work. Markets with rules can produce enormous value. So much of the work I have done—the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, my hearing-aid bill—are about making markets work for people, not making markets work for a handful of companies that scrape all the value off to themselves. I believe in competition.” read more

Opinion: Traits Consistent with Fascism Falsely Inflate Trump Support

Trump student of history

As Donald Trump continues his war with the rule of law that he used to say he believes in, there are signs that Republican support for him may be softening. Certainly, one can look at the increase in support for Trump and his Putin-first agenda and conclude the opposite. Smaller numbers with increased conformity to traits consistent with fascism gives the appearance of increased support for Trump.

A poll by the Washington Post  proves that Trump is in deep trouble because despite his 2016 promises to drain the swamp, that very swamp is the biggest beneficiary of Trump’s economic policies – and worse, people know it.

Trump cut taxes and regulations that benefitted the wealthiest people, including himself, his family and his rich friends. Aside from separating the middle and working classes from their money, Trump’s policies included separating people from clean air and water, safe food, and safe working conditions.

One especially tragic result of Trump’s tax cuts is dramatic tax increase by thousands of dollars for military families’ survivor benefits. Nothing says support for the troops like a huge tax hike on benefits to their families after they made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Understandably, the military families don’t appreciate being stuck with the tax bill for Trump, his family and rich friends.

It comes as no surprise that some voices at Trump’s dominant propaganda outlet, Fox, are increasingly critical of their party leader. The most significant voice is that of Judge Andrew Napolitano. He acknowledged that based on the facts and the law, Trump did obstruct justice – an impeachable offense as established by the Nixon and Clinton cases. Indeed trickle down MAGA rhetoric has hit some road bumps.

It’s very likely Fox viewers will be seeing a lot less of Andrew Napolitano now that he broke with the program. Right there on Fox, Napolitano spoke about the numerous times Trump obstructed justice in his analysis of the Mueller approach.

Napolitano broke ranks in two ways that are unforgivable in Trump world. He put his loyalty to the law over loyalty to Trump and he acknowledged that the Mueller report is a credible, solid analysis of the facts and the law about the Trump campaign’s involvement with Russians and Trump’s attempts to obstruct justice.

Then Napolitano doubled down by stating the obvious: Attorney-General William Barr’s absolution of Donald Trump did not reflect the Mueller report’s findings, sentiments or intentions.

[T]he dilemma for House Democrats now is whether to utilize Mueller’s evidence of obstruction for impeachment. They know from history that impeachment only succeeds if there is a broad, national, bipartisan consensus behind it, no matter the weight of the evidence or presence of sophisticated legal theories.

The president’s job is to enforce federal law. If he had ordered its violation to save innocent life or preserve human freedom, he would have a moral defense. But ordering obstruction to save himself from the consequences of his own behavior is unlawful, defenseless, and condemnable. read more