Why It Will Take A Lot More Than A Protest To Stop Gun Violence

If the slaughter of 20 school children didn’t sway Republicans to support sane gun safety laws, why would a protest by House Democrats?

Bobby Jindal Is Wrong; Louisiana Mass Shooting Is The NRA Norm

No sane human being would think to regard something normal as awful, except when a common occurrence founded on a group's twisted values and behaviors is exposed for all the world to see; then it is prudent to label "normal" as awful.

Those Who Blame Obama For The Nation’s Epidemic Of Gun Violence Are Wrong

So to blame Obama for any failure to change the laws is to lash out at one of the few people willing to take on the NRA. That's not helping.

House Republicans Warn That They Will Obstruct Guns and Immigration Bills

John Boehner's conservative caucus is ready to obstruct immigration reform and gun safety legislation because it is contrary to their ideology.