Bigoted Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore Gets A Much Deserved Suspension

"The clear purpose of Judge Moore’s January order was to direct the probate judges…to stop complying with [legally] binding federal law."

Republican Fail: Evangelical Bigots Did Not Counter President Obama’s SOTU

It is an abomination that an avowed religious bigot like Kim Davis was invited as a protest and counterweight to President Obama's message

New Report Reveals GOP-Aligned Extremists Are The Greatest Threat To Americans

There is hardly a bigger motivator than fear, and it is a fact not lost on Republicans who prey on Americans’ fear of all things not conservative, but especially those foreign “extremists.” Of course, some Americans are acutely aware that the biggest threat to their safety, and the nation, is from American extremists in the white supremacist, anti-government, and fanatical Christian movements. Whether it was the white supremacist who massacred nine African Americans in church, several predominately Black churches set on fire across the South, or armed militias seeking to start a war against the United States government, most people comprehend that homegrown extremists pose the greatest threat to America. read more

Mat Staver Says Transgender Rights Will Destroy Objective Reality

Mat Staver's "moral objectivity" is anything but objective, and seems to be based on what he needs to be true in any given situation

Religious Right Leader Argues that Supreme Court Should Overrule God

Matt Barber of liberty counsel celebrates non-existent victories while looking for SCOTUS to let us do what Jesus said not to do

Proof That Bigots Are Not the Best and Brightest

If you listen to the anti-gay rhetoric coming from the GOP, you realize just how desperately hateful and stupid these people are

Corporations Suddenly Don’t Have Religious Freedom if They Support Marriage Equality

Corporations apparently have religious freedom if they are against contraception, but they have no right to speak up about marriage equality

The GOP’s Gay Sex Obsession Hurts America – Can We Get Some Jobs?

I'm not seeing anything remotely relevant or meaningful coming out of right wing circles any time soon, until they work out their sexual frustrations

Actual Religious Freedom Creates an Anti-First Amendment Firestorm in Bible Belt

The Religious Right, which regularly mocks and profanes the beliefs of others, thinks other religions should be banned from mocking and profaning theirs

Virginia Marriage Equality Decision Exposes Religious Right’s Hatred of America

Religious Right leaders don't understand the spirit or the exact words of the Constitution, which they continually confuse with the spirit and words of the Bible they also don't understand.

The Theocratic Agenda Behind the Anti-Marriage Equality Movement

The Religious Right says legalization of same-sex marriage is like banning interracial marriage but then they think tyranny is anyone besides themselves having rights

Georgia Rep. Paul Broun Supports the Bible, Not the Constitution

Broun asks a question based on a false premise: "does it fit the Judeo-Christian Biblical principles that our nation is founded upon?"

The Religious Right Ought to Thank A&E for Suppressing a Heretic

The Religious Right gets the Bible - and Jesus - wrong again and claims Jesus would defend Phil Robertson's right to put words in his mouth

The Crazies Rally Around their Own, Ted Cruz

Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel insists "Mr. Cruz emasculated, delightfully, Obama's political yes-bots on both sides of the aisle."

Liberty Counsel Will Sue to Stop NJ Ban on Gay Conversion Therapy

What this lawsuit amounts to is that Liberty Counsel wants an exemption to the scientific underpinnings of our shared reality.

The Religious Right’s Lunatic Response to the DOMA Ruling

The Supreme Court's DOMA decision, as can be imagined, has really sent them off the deep-edge.

The Right Claims Liberals Have a Dull-Witted, Self-Defeating, Abjectly Wicked Worldview

Conservatives seem completely confused and befuddled by reality, as evidenced by Liberty Counsel's Matt Barber and his recent scree

Conflict in the Courts as Federal Judges Issue Divergent Rulings on Gay Conversion Quackery

A federal district judge has issued a temporary injunction against a new California law banning gay conversion therapy, while a second federal judge has refused to block the ban.

Just in time for Black Friday conservatives revive the War on Christmas

It is that season again - and no, I am not talking about Christmas. I am talking about the War on Christmas, which is a far more important season to religious conservatives.

America is a Christian Nation. If We Don’t Like it, We Should Get Out

Another one of the 24 percent tells the 76 percent to get out because America is THEIR country: white and Evangelical