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Paul Ryan: A One-Man Fiscal Cliff?

Does Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan as his running mate signal his campaign is tacking to the right again, or is Ryan tacking left? It seems the first casualty will be Ryan’s near-universally reviled budget plan, but can Mitt really defang Ryan and get him ready for primetime?


Poll: Only 2% of Democrats and 22% of Independents Support the Tea Party

The latest CBS News poll contained some interesting information about who supports the Tea Party movement. Contrary to what Tea Partiers claim, their movement is not bi-partisan. Of the 20% who considered themselves Tea Party supporters, 36% were Republicans, 18% were Independents, and only 2% were Democrats, so much for that organic bi-partisan movement to take back America. The Tea Party is really nothing more than the same old white Republicans.

The Tea Party Apocalypse Is Upon Us

The Tea Party Apocalypse Is Upon Us

There are many potential or would-be leaders for the Tea Party craze – from libertarians to conservatives to Christian dominionists like Sarah Palin. It does not seem to be only conservatives lining up for tinfoil hats but libertarians with a fear of big government who have perhaps let their imaginations run away with them. The “New World Order” phenomenon is by no means limited to conservatives and Christian apocalyptic millenialists awaiting the return of Jesus but is embraced by some libertarians as well.


The Founding Fathers Did Not Wear Tinfoil Hats

Tea Partiers present themselves as average, everyday Americans who have been pushed too far. From their perspective, they are us. They are America. But they are no America I know or am familiar with. Their America seems to be a phobic, paranoid little place rife with conspiracies intent on overthrowing “real” America. They claim to represent the ideas of the Founding Fathers, but the Founding Fathers did not wear tin foil hats.

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